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Hotel Review: The Marlton in New York City



Basic rooms start at $295.




During its bohemian heyday, scores of artists and writers stayed at the Marlton House, built in 1900 and beloved for its prime Greenwich Village location and cheap rates. Jack Kerouac drafted “The Subterraneans” and “Tristessa” there, and when she shot Andy Warhol, the radical feminist writer Valerie Solanas called the Marlton home. Decades later, after the Marlton’s stint as a New School dorm, the hotelier Sean MacPherson and his partners spent at least $10 million transforming it into a “baby grand hotel,” opening last September. Previous ventures include the Bowery, Jane and Maritime hotels.


A room at the Marlton Hotel, near Washington Square Park.



The nine-story Marlton is on Fifth Avenue and West Eighth Street in the heart of Greenwich Village with its many restaurants and charming residential blocks. Washington Square Park is one block south; Fifth Avenue shopping is about a 10-minute walk north.

九层的马尔顿酒店坐落在第五大道和西8街交汇处,这里是格林威治村的心脏地段,云集着许多餐馆和迷人的住宅区。华盛顿广场公园(Washington Square Park) 就在它南边一个街区外;去第五大道购物区,则往北走10分钟可达。

The Room


Narrow hallways with Persian runners led to my compact but gorgeous Queen Room, the least expensive option, on the sixth floor. The first of many French details greeted me upon entry: a chicken wire closet door, behind which was a minibar stocked with Champagne, Brooklyn-made Moonshine and Emergen-C, a vitamin boost for any resulting hangover. Brass reading lights flanked a gilded bed frame, whose blue fabric headboard provided a pop of color. Draped across the bed was a faux-fur blanket that I loved for its substantial weight. A black, spidery light fixture dangling from the ceiling added a contemporary twist to the vintage vibe. The cozy room with oak herringbone floors and delicate crown moldings gave me the feeling of being in someone’s brownstone.

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The Bathroom


The black-and-white tile floors and accordion wall mirror had character, but there was no getting around the size. It was perhaps the smallest hotel bathroom I’ve encountered. On the upside: The shower provided great water pressure and there were luxury Côté Bastide products.

浴室里铺着黑白两色瓷砖,还安着一面折叠式墙镜,颇有个性;不过空间不怎么宽敞,这可能是我住过的酒店里浴室最小的了。优点是:淋浴的水压很不错,还提供了高档的Côté Bastide沐浴用品。



Although the hotel provides complimentary breakfast, it doesn’t offer in-room dining. On a Saturday evening in January, I ventured downstairs to explore the buzzy bar and restaurant Margaux, a 98-seat cafe with a spectacular skylight and floral tiles Mr. MacPherson hand-selected in Argentina. Both spots were packed by 7 p.m. (as they were on a more recent visit), and I hadn’t made a reservation, but the hostess put my group on the top of the list when I said I was a hotel guest. During our brief wait, we sampled house-made cocktails, including the spicy Tijuana Zebra (tequila, grenadine and ginger beer). Service was slow in the restaurant, but the quality of our meal made up for the delay. We tried a vegetarian farmer’s board (avocado hummus, spicy sweet potato and quinoa tabbouleh, $19); wild mushroom risotto ($17); spicy kale salad sprinkled with fresh jalapeños ($10); and a cheeseburger ($14). The risotto and kale salad were standouts. The next morning, I skipped breakfast at Margaux, grabbing a latte and fresh kale Cheddar scone from the lobby coffee shop and sprawled out in the lounge.

虽然这家酒店附赠免费早餐,但不提供客房就餐服务。在1月的一个周六晚上,我下楼想看看他们喧闹的酒吧和那间名为Margaux的餐厅里有些什么。这家98座的咖啡厅里有一扇壮观的天窗,还铺着麦克福尔森从阿根廷亲手挑选来的花砖。这两处地点在晚7点前都是满员,而我没有预先定位。不过当我说自己住在酒店时,女老板把我们排在了等位名单的最前面。在短暂的等待中,我们品尝了本店自制的鸡尾酒,包括辛辣的Tijuana Zebra(龙舌兰,红石榴汁和姜味啤酒)。餐厅里上菜很慢,但是我们所点的菜品弥补了这一不足。我们尝试了一份素食者农夫拼盘(牛油果鹰嘴豆泥、辣红薯和藜麦塔博勒色拉,19美元)、野生蘑菇调味饭(17美元)、鲜墨西哥胡椒汁拌辣甘蓝沙拉(10美元)和一个芝士汉堡(14元)。其中调味饭和甘蓝沙拉十分不错。第二天早上,我没去Margaux用早餐,只是从大堂的咖啡厅里带了杯拿铁咖啡和一块新鲜甘蓝切达奶酪烤饼。



Lovely seating areas and a welcoming wood-burning fire; free Wi-Fi.


Bottom Line


The Marlton is a snug and affordable alternative to larger hotels, and it’s a must for anyone seeking to replicate downtown living.




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