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Andy Warhol Drove Route 66. So Did She.

Much has been made of how Andy Warhol’s glam-pop approach to everyday objects and celebrities transformed the American art world, but less has been known about how a 1963 drive from New York to Los Angeles inspired the artist’s personal metamorphosis. “Before this he was called Raggedy Andy,” said Deborah Davis, author of “The Trip,” which examines Warhol’s journey. “He dressed in chinos. He was tongue-tied. He was searching for what he should paint. Then he took this trip and realized he had to package himself differently. He dressed in black. He opened the Factory. This was when he became Warhol.”

安迪·沃霍尔(Andy Warhol)描绘日常用品和名人的波普艺术作品改变了美国艺术界,太多人对此进行了分析和解读,但鲜为人知的是,1963年的一次从纽约到洛杉矶的公路旅行,曾经触发这位艺术家的人生蜕变。“在此之前,他被叫做破布娃娃安迪,”黛博拉·戴维斯(Deborah Davis)说。她的著作《旅途》(The Trip)深入探究了沃霍尔的这趟行程。“他穿着丝光黄斜纹棉布的衣服,沉默寡言,寻找着绘画的灵感。”后来他踏上这段旅程,意识到必须重新包装自己。他开始穿黑衣。他成立了“工厂”工作室。从那时起,他才成为“沃霍尔”。

Having never traveled cross-country herself, Ms. Davis, 63, said she recognized that she “didn’t know what the landscape looked like,” and recreated the artist’s road trip. Below are edited excerpts from a conversation with Ms. Davis.


Q. How did you replicate Warhol’s itinerary?


A. I had an amazing gift from the Warhol museum — his receipts. He saved everything. I knew exactly where he went, what he bought, where he ate.


Why did he drive instead of fly?


Part of him was afraid to fly even though he had flown before. There was a famous plane crash before his trip. His mother was very opposed to him flying. There was also something in the air, in the zeitgeist, that made him want to take a road trip. I can’t tell you how prevalent they were at the time, from Jack Kerouac to the TV show “Route 66,” which was filmed on location. Everywhere you looked you were being told go see the U.S.A. I think that was part of it.

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他有点害怕坐飞机,虽然他以前坐过。他出发之前发生了一场著名的空难。他的母亲非常反对他坐飞机。当时的社会氛围、社会思潮中的某种东西,也促使他选择公路旅行。我无法告诉你公路旅行在当时是多么普遍,从杰克·凯鲁亚克(Jack Kerouac)到电视剧《66号公路》(Route 66)都能看出这一点,这部剧就是在66号公路拍摄的。无论在哪,人们都建议你去看看真正的美国。我认为这是其中的一个原因。

What was the route?


The route that we both took was to go from New York to St. Louis, where we picked up Route 66. Then we traveled through Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California.


What did Warhol take with him? What did you?


Andy packed his brand-new movie camera. Not his art supplies, his camera. He packed about 50 magazines. And he packed his tuxedo because he knew he was going to a big event in L.A. — a retrospective of Marcel Duchamp’s work.

安迪带了他全新的录像机。他没带画画的东西,而是带了录像机。他带了大约50本杂志。他还装上了礼服,因为他已经知道自己要去洛杉矶参加一场盛大的活动——马塞尔·杜尚(Marcel Duchamp)的作品回顾展。

When it was time for me to pack for my trip, I had very strict rules. All of the reading material had to be from 1963. I had all of the magazines that he had, McCall’s, the fan magazines. All the music had to be from 1963 so we listened to songs like “Be My Baby” and artists like the Beach Boys. I insisted that we roll down the windows so we could feel what it was like without air-conditioning. That didn’t last. 纽约时报中英文网 http://www.qqenglish.com

我是严格按照一些原则打包的。所有的阅读材料都必须是1963年的。我打包了他当时带的所有杂志,比如《麦考》(McCall’s),还有八卦杂志。所有的音乐也必须是1963年的,所以我们路上听的音乐包括《Be My Baby》以及“海滩男孩”(Beach Boys)的作品。我还要求摇下车窗,以便感受一下没有空调是什么感觉。但这没坚持多长时间。

You write about Jack Rittenhouse’s guide to Route 66, which was the first guidebook to the highway. Did Warhol follow it? Did you?

你在书中提到了杰克·里滕豪斯(Jack Rittenhouse)的66号公路指南,这也是第一部同类型的指南。沃霍尔是按照这本书走的吗?你呢?

It didn’t turn up in Warhol’s artifacts so I doubt it. I thought Rittenhouse was amazing. I loved his rule of the road that says you should stop at the roadside cafes where the most trucks are parked out front because you can be certain to find a good cup of coffee.


Did you follow that rule?


Absolutely. That was how we found the Midpoint Diner [in Adrian, Tex.], where we had breakfast. Steinbeck said breakfast was the best American meal when you’re on the road. He’s absolutely right. It’s all about beginnings, a new day, a new stretch of the highway.

当然了。我们正是用这个方法才找到了Midpoint Diner(位于得克萨斯州的阿德里安),我们在那里吃了早餐。斯坦贝克说,当你在美国旅行时,早餐会是最好的一餐。他说的太对了。一日之计在于晨,新的一天,新一段的旅程。

What surprised you?


There were no Americans on Route 66. It was all foreigners. They’ve all come to see the quintessential America. They’re all looking for America, but Americans aren’t. I think it should be mandatory that everyone drive cross-country. Even though every city has a Starbucks and the big towns are alike, you still get those glimpses of something more authentic. You really experience America.


Where would you like to go again?


Pittsburgh. It was the most amazing city. It is both polished and scarred. It has a cultural center that you get from having Carnegie this and Carnegie that. The food scene is enough to keep you fat and happy. And you have the Andy Warhol Museum. It’s an incredible combination.




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