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8 Hidden Tropical Island Resorts to Explore

A little outside the more popular destinations, these new or newly improved resorts in the Caribbean and Latin America can provide privacy, beauty and a sense of discovery.


The sheer effort of flying to destinations with few direct flights or enduring bumpy overland routes just a few clicks beyond standard tolerance often rewards the traveling faithful with fewer crowds, unpressured surfing breaksand habitats more frequented by beast than man. Expanding the tropical map in the Caribbean and Latin America, the following group of new or newly improved resorts returns the investment of time — and in some cases considerable money — with privacy, beauty and a sense of discovery.




巴布达岛 Barbuda

Barbuda Belle

巴布达百丽酒店(Barbuda Belle)

On the smaller partner in the two-island nation of Antigua and Barbuda, the six-bungalow Barbuda Belle opened in June on a 17-mile undeveloped stretch of pink sand beach. Wood cottages face the sea with canopy-draped four-poster beds, peaked ceilings and generous outdoor living areas with dining tables and showers. The island is frequented by up to 5,000 pairs of magnificent migratingfrigate birds, and the resort offers bird-watching and hiking as well as scuba diving, fishing and sailing and a restaurant that focuses on local ingredients. The hotel closes seasonally and will reopen Nov. 15. Rooms from $890 per night.


Information: barbudabelle.com


British Virgin Islands

英属维尔京群岛 British Virgin Islands

Guana Island

瓜勒岛(Guana Island)

There are plenty of lavish private island resorts in the Caribbean, but the 850-acre Guana Island in the British Virgin Islands appeals more to nature lovers than party people. For nearly 40 years, the family-owned resort, which encompasses 18 cottages and villas, has invited scientists to the island to conduct research, resulting in the re-establishment of roseate flamingos and bridled quail-doves in its wildlife sanctuary, among other accomplishments. Guests can explore seven beaches and numerous hiking trails on the island, take a tasting tour of the fruit orchards and, in January, participate in the resort’s first food festival, which will celebrate island-grown produce. Rates from $695, including meals.


Information: guana.com


Dominican Republic

多米尼加共和国 Dominican Republic

Playa Grande Beach Club

普拉亚格兰德海滩俱乐部(Playa Grande Beach Club)

With sprawling resort developments like Casa de Campo and Punta Cana, the Dominican Republic is hardly off the radar. But the relatively sizable country sequesters pockets appealing to explorers, including the broad, beachcomber-beckoning north coast destination Playa Grande. There, the new Playa Grande Beach Club, opening in November, will offer just nine bungalows on 2,000 acres fronting a mile-long beach (management is mum on future development). The designer Celerie Kemble modeled the cottages, filled with vintage and custom furnishings, on the vernacular wood houses of the island. Each includes a full kitchen, though the central beach club has a restaurant as well as a library and outdoor pool flanked by lattice-framed cabanas. Rates from $800.

自从建成田园之家(Casa de Campo)、蓬塔卡纳(Punta Cana)这些占地辽阔的度假村后,多米尼加共和国便很难为众多游客所忽略。但是这个面积相对来说较大的国家里,仍有几处孤地吸引着探险者的前往,包括面积开阔、巨涛拍岸的北海岸胜地普拉亚格兰德(Playa Grande)。该地新建的普拉亚格兰德海滩俱乐部将于11月份开业,共计2,000英亩的土地上,仅为游客提供9栋小屋,面对着一处一英里长的海滩(俱乐部管理层对于未来发展保持缄默)。设计师克里瑞·肯布尔(Celerie Kemble)根据该岛的乡间木屋设计了这些小屋,里面摆放着复古风格的定制家具。每栋小屋均配有设备齐全的厨房,但中央海滩俱乐部也设有餐厅以及图书馆和露天游泳池,旁边建有一溜格子式的简便小屋。客房价格每晚800美元起。

Information: playagrandebeachclub.com



格林纳达 Grenada

Laluna Resort

月亮女神度假村(Laluna Resort)

This summer, JetBlue began offering twice-weekly flights between KennedyAirport in New York and Grenada, making the so-called Spice Island slightly more accessible. There, the laid-back boutique resort Laluna has just added seven three-to-five-bedroom villas, each with an infinity pool and access to a private beach. For those whose housing requirements are more minimal, 16 Asian-accented cottages feature outdoor showers, carved teak day beds and plunge pools on the decks. The Italian owner imports olives, wine and cheeses from back home, and the hotel channels a Zen vibe with daily yoga classes in a beachfront pavilion and a three-treatment-room spa with Balinese therapists. Rates from $425.


Information: laluna.com



洪都拉斯 Honduras

Lodge at Pico Bonito

皮科波尼托旅馆(Lodge at Pico Bonito)

On the doorstep of Pico Bonito National Park near La Ceiba on Honduras’sCaribbean coast, the 15-year-old Lodge at Pico Bonito plans to add a three-room spa in December, with treehouse-like treatment cottages elevated on stilts in the forest. The jungle spa will dispense massages and other services to guests in need of post-hike recovery after exploring some of its 400 acres or the park next door. Spacious cabins with vaulted wood ceilings come stocked with organic Honduran coffee and furnished with hammocks on the porches, but the real appeal of the lodge is its proximity to the wild, where exotic mammals including jaguars and over 400 species of birds have been spotted. Rates from $225, including breakfast.

纽约时报中英文网 www.qqenglish.com

已有15年历史的皮科波尼托旅馆,坐落在皮科波尼国家公园(Pico Bonito National Park)的入口处,邻近洪都拉的斯加勒比海岸城市拉塞瓦(La Ceiba)。旅馆计划在12月份新建一座三室的水疗中心,还有架在林木高处的树屋式理疗小屋。这座丛林水疗中心,将为在占地400英亩的旅馆或隔壁的国家公园内徒步漫游后需要恢复体力的客人,提供按摩及其他服务。宽敞的小屋采用拱形木制天花板设计,屋里存放着有机种植的洪都拉斯咖啡,门廊处架设着吊床,不过这间旅馆的真正诉求是近距离接触野外——迄今已在这里先后发现了多种外来哺乳动物,包括美洲豹和400余种鸟类。客房价格每晚225美元起,含早餐。

Information: picobonito.com


Costa Rica

哥斯达黎加 Costa Rica

Hacienda AltaGracia

阿尔塔格拉西亚精品酒店(Hacienda AltaGracia)

On nearly 900 acres in the lush southern mountains of Costa Rica, the new 50-casita Hacienda AltaGracia, which opened this summer, balances adventure and indulgence. Managed by Auberge Resorts, the property channels Costa Rica’s cowboy culture in an equestrian program featuring horses for every skill level, from beginner to wrangler, on private trails or within an enclosed riding ring. Guests can also take sightseeing trips aboard an ultralight aircraft or visit nearby Chirripó National Park, home to the tallest peak in the country. Among pampering features, the hacienda hosts a 20,000-square-foot spa with two indoor treatment rooms and four outdoors under palapas. Rates from $425, including breakfast.

今年夏天刚刚开业的阿尔塔格拉西亚精品酒店,位于哥斯达黎加郁郁葱葱的南部山区,占地近900英亩,由50间小屋构成,在冒险与放纵之间找到了一种平衡。这间隶属于奧伯奇德度假酒店集团(Auberge Resorts)的酒店,通过一个马术项目弘扬哥斯达黎加的牛仔文化,为从初学者到牧马人等不同技术程度的客人提供不同马匹,供他们在私人马道或者闭合的环形赛道上骑乘。客人还可以乘坐轻型飞机进行观光,或者参观附近的奇里波国家公园(Chirripó National Park)——该国最高峰的所在地。这座精品酒店提供多种奢侈享受,包括一间面积达2万平方英尺的水疗中心,设有两间室内理疗室和四间建在茅草屋里的室外理疗室。客房价格每晚425美元起,含早餐。

Information: altagracia­.aubergeresorts.com


Baja California Sur

墨西哥南下加利福尼亚州 Baja California Sur

Mar Adentro

玛雅登特罗酒店(Mar Adentro)

At the tip of the Baja Peninsula, the gallery-filled town of San Jose del Cabo offers a tranquil alternative to raucous Cabo San Lucas 20 miles west. In December, Mar Adentro will significantly raise the level of offerings in the San Jose area, with 205 rooms, five restaurants and a water-themed spa with steam baths, waterfalls and even water tastings. Designed and owned by the Mexican architect Miguel Ángel Aragonés, the complex will flank outdoor walkways with reflecting pools, and rooms will model a calming pale spectrum of blond wood walls and white furniture. Amenities will include three swimming pools and a beach club with plans for private homes and a shopping plaza. Rooms from $495.

在下加利福尼亚半岛(Baja Peninsula)的最南端,开满画廊的小镇圣何塞-德尔卡沃(San Jose del Cabo),为游客在西边20英里处卡博圣卢卡斯(Cabo San Lucas)的喧嚣之外,另外提供了一处宁静之地。定于12月份开业的玛雅登特罗酒店,将会大幅提升圣荷塞地区的服务水准。酒店将会提供205间客房、5间餐厅,还有一间以水为主题的水疗中心,内容包括蒸汽浴、瀑布,甚至还有水的品尝。墨西哥建筑师米格尔·安赫尔·阿拉贡内斯(Miguel Ángel Aragonés)正是这间酒店的设计师兼老板,倒影池紧挨着室外的走道,客房内的浅黄色木墙与白色家具,共同营造出一种祥和的清淡色调。酒店设施将包括三座游泳池和一间海滩俱乐部,并且计划建造数栋私人住宅和一座购物中心。客房价格每晚495美元起。

Information: maradentrocabos.com



墨西哥瓦哈卡州 Oaxaca

Manta Raya Hotel

曼塔拉亚酒店(Manta Raya Hotel)

On the Pacific coast in the state of Oaxaca, also known as the Costa Chica, about 25 minutes’ drive from the airport in Huatulco, the seven-room Manta Raya Hotel faces quiet Salchi beach with a swimming pool, beach palapas and hammocks on the guest-room terraces. The Swiss-owned hotel opened in 2011 and prides itself on its culinary focus, as reflected in new cooking classes in pastry and traditional Oaxacan mole. New fishing tours include the services of the chef who will cook your catch upon your return, and a visit to a local botanical garden includes a lesson in making hibiscus tea from flowers. Rooms from 1,200 Mexican pesos, or about $73 at 16.50 pesos to the dollar, including breakfast.

瓦哈卡州(Oaxaca)的太平洋海岸又称“小海岸”(Costa Chica),距离瓦图尔科(Huatulco)的机场大约25分钟车程,共有七间客房的曼塔拉亚酒店便坐落于此,面朝宁静的萨尔奇海滩(Salchi beach),设有游泳池,海滩茅草屋,客房的露台上还有吊床。酒店的老板是瑞士人,这里于2011开业,自诩对美食格外注重,这一点也反映在他们新设的糕点制作课和传统瓦哈卡巧克力辣沙司制作课中。新增的钓鱼观光游包含厨师服务,会在你回来后用你的垂钓收获烹饪佳肴,当地植物园观光游则包含用鲜花制作木槿茶的课程。客房价格每晚1,200墨西哥比索起,按16.50比索兑1美元计算,约合73美元,含早餐。

Information: mantaraya­-hotel.com.




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