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With Lincoln Continental Reborn, Ford Renews Push Into China

DETROIT — Last April, Ford Motor announced with fanfare that it would reintroduce its storied Lincoln Continental luxury sedan, with an eye on sales in the expanding Chinese market.

底特律——去年4月,福特汽车公司(Ford Motor)高调宣布,将重新推出林肯大陆(Lincoln Continental)豪华轿车,瞄准不断扩张的中国市场。

But now, as Ford prepares to put the Continental on the market, it faces a far different economic landscape.


While the car is expected to bolster Ford’s efforts to reinvigorate the Lincoln brand in the United States, its prospects in China are clouded by an upheaval in the stock market there and a general slowdown in auto sales.


At the unveiling of the production version of the Continental on Tuesday at the North American International Auto Show, Ford executives said they were undaunted by the economic troubles in China and were pressing ahead with their plans.

周二,在北美国际车展(North American International Auto Show)公布林肯大陆的量产车型时,福特高管们表示,他们,他们不畏惧中国的经济问题,依然在推进相关计划。

“We are in China for the long term,” said Kumar Galhotra, the Ford executive in charge of the Lincoln division. “It’s a very vibrant economy that’s going to have short-term ups and downs.”

“我们是要长期在中国发展的,”负责林肯品牌的高管库马尔·格赫特拉(Kumar Galhotra)说。“这是一个充满活力的经济体,会出现短期起伏。”

He said Lincoln sales in China had grown steadily since the brand entered the market in November 2014. Last year, sales topped 11,000 vehicles, but Lincoln had limited recognition among most Chinese consumers.


And despite the fluctuations in the Chinese stock market over the last six months and the ripple effect on wealthy car buyers, Mr. Galhotra said he had not seen any effect on the pace of sales.


“We are ahead both in our volume targets and our dealership targets,” he said.


In the United States, where it will also go on sale this year, the sedan has a long history, having epitomized elegance in the 1960s before it faded into obscurity and went out of production in 2002.


Ford sold 101,000 Lincolns in the United States last year, an increase of 7 percent from 2014.


The model will be a notable addition to the brand’s American lineup, but it is meant to be a linchpin in Ford’s broader ambitions for the Lincoln in China.


So far, the company has 33 Lincoln dealers in China, with a goal of 60 by the end of the year. With the addition of the Continental, Lincoln will have five models available in China, which Ford’s chief executive, Mark Fields, called “meaningful progress” for a fledgling brand.

到目前为止,该公司在中国有33家林肯经销商,福特计划在今年年底前扩展至60家。加上大陆轿车,福特在中国销售的林肯汽车将达到五款。福特首席执行官马克·菲尔茨(Mark Fields)称这对于一个新品牌来说是“颇有意义的进展”。

Because Ford dropped Continental from the Lincoln portfolio more than a decade ago, the company’s designers had unusual freedom to update the vehicle’s styling and image.


To that end, Ford chose to create a car designed as a quiet sanctuary from the outside world. Its designers went to great lengths to include creature comforts that distinguish the Continental from others in the crowded luxury sedan market, like seats that have individual leg adjustments and can provide a massage with the touch of a button.


Mr. Fields said the car would find its own niche among more established models sold by BMW and Volkswagen’s Audi brand. “We are not trying to out-German the Germans,” he said.


One analyst said Lincoln could benefit from carving out a new identity in the luxury market.


“There is absolutely a place in the market for a vehicle that promises quiet luxury,” said the analyst, Eric Lyman of the research firm TrueCar. “The challenge for Continental will be awareness and perception of the Lincoln brand.”

“能够让人安享奢华的汽车在市场中绝对会占有一席之地,”研究公司TrueCar的分析人员埃里克·莱曼(Eric Lyman)说。“对于大陆轿车来说,挑战在于人们对林肯品牌的了解和认知。”