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House Hunting in ... France





This six-bedroom home, built in 2006, has the look and layout of a traditional farmhouse in Provence. Its design incorporates materials sourced from the area, including the stones that make up its facade. The house is on a hill between the villages of La Colle-sur-Loup and St.-Paul-de-Vence. It encompasses about 7,320 square feet, including the basement and the indoor pool, and sits on a 1.5-acre lot. The house has six full and two half baths.

这座六卧住宅建于2006年,有着普罗旺斯传统农舍的外观和布局。它在设计上采用了来自当地的建材,包括构筑门面所用的石材。此住宅坐落在卢河畔拉科尔(La Colle-sur-Loup)和圣-保罗-德旺斯村(St.-Paul-de-Vence)之间的一座小山上。住宅面积约7320平方英尺(约合680平方米),包括地下室和室内泳池,房产占地1.5英亩(约合0.61公顷)。此住宅带有全浴室六间,半浴室两间。

Built in 2006 with the look of a traditional farmhouse, the six-bedroom home is on the market for $3.9 million.

The living room has a tile floor and a large, rustic fireplace. To the right is the dining room, with ceilings that have exposed beams painted a grayish off-white. Past the dining room, on the right side of the house, the large kitchen has a central island, a stone sink and the home’s second fireplace.


The master bedroom, which has a sitting area, is to the left of the common living spaces. Its en-suite bathroom includes a shower and sauna, as do several of the other bathrooms.  A second room on the ground floor is now an office, but could be converted to a bedroom, said Jean-Nicolas Frontini of Michaël Zingraf Real Estate Christie’s, the listing agency, which has offices throughout the Côte d’Azur and Provence. That room has a half-bath, and there is another half-bath near the home’s entrance.

主卧设在公共区域左侧,自带起居区。其配套浴室带有淋浴间和桑拿间,其他浴室当中,也有好几间采用同样的配置。该住宅的挂牌经纪商法国佳士得地产(Michaël Zingraf Real Estate Christie’s) 在整个蔚蓝海岸(Côte d’Azur)和普罗旺斯都设有办事处。该公司的让-尼古拉•弗朗蒂尼(Jean-Nicolas Frontini)表示,此住宅一楼的第二个房间现在是一间办公室,但是可以改为一间卧室。这个房间设有半浴室一间,住宅门口附近另有半浴室一间。

Upstairs is a TV room and four bedrooms, each with its own bathroom. Some of the bedrooms open onto a terrace with views of the pool, the gardens and the hills beyond. The largest upstairs bedroom has high ceilings and a loft, which could be used for sleeping, as a TV room, or as a children’s play area, Mr. Frontini said. All the bedrooms have air-conditioning units, as do some of the common areas. In the basement, there is an indoor swimming pool, a large room for dancing or parties, a wine cellar and a bathroom with a shower and sauna.


There are colorful and artisanal details throughout the house. The dining room ceiling is painted with medieval-looking imagery, Mr. Frontini said. A local artist did the work, inspired by the ceiling of a restaurant in the nearby seaside city of Cagnes-sur-Mer. The room’s chandelier was custom designed in Murano to match the paintings. Furnishings and artwork are not included in the sales price, but most, including the chandelier, are negotiable.


Doors in the living and dining rooms open onto the spacious back yard, which has a second pool, terraces for dining or taking the sun, and olive and lemon trees. On the north side of the property is an independent guest studio of about 400 square feet, which has a bathroom with a shower and is now being renovated, Mr. Frontini said.


The area is full of touristic activities, including biking, hiking and historic sites. The noted hotel and restaurant La Colombe d’Or is in St.-Paul-de-Vence, less than a five-minute drive; Nice’s international airport is about a 20-minute drive, and the city’s center is about 15 minutes beyond that.

该地区有各种旅游活动,包括骑自行车、徒步旅行和历史遗迹观光。著名的酒店和餐厅La Colombe d’Or位于圣-保罗-德旺斯,距离此住宅不到五分钟的车程;尼斯(Nice)的国际机场距离此住宅约20分钟车程,而市中心距离该机场约15分钟车程。



A favorable exchange rate, low interest rates and a drop in property prices are making real estate in France an attractive investment for foreigners, agents in Provence said.


Serious buyers have returned to the region, said Philippe Boulet, director of the St.-Remy-de-Provence office of the Emile Garcin real estate company. Fredrik Lilloe, the managing director of the brokerage Knight Frank French Riviera in Mougins, near Cannes, said his agency saw a 40 percent increase in inquiries between 2014 and 2015.

埃米尔•加尔辛房地产公司(Emile Garcin) 普罗旺斯地区圣雷米 (St.-Remy-de-Provence)办事处的负责人菲利普•博利特(Philippe Boulet)表示,有兴趣的购房者已经重返该地区。房地产经纪商莱坊法国里维埃拉(Knight Frank French Riviera)位于戛纳附近的穆然(Mougins),该公司总经理弗雷德里克•利洛(Fredrik Lilloe)表示, 2014年至2015年间,该公司收到的询价增加了40%。

For years, the asking prices for luxury homes were out of touch with reality, Mr. Boulet said.


“Many properties were overvalued,” he said. Starting in 2015, the market in Provence began to see asking prices lowered, sometimes by as much as 40 percent from their peak in 2008, he said.


Asking prices fell because, after holding out, sellers realized “the only way forward was drop their price,” he said.

要价之所以下跌,是因为滞销之后,卖房者意识到“把房子脱手的唯一办法就是降价。” 博利特表示。

Mr. Lilloe said sales prices of properties in France have been declining since 2009, and they are now as much as 30 percent lower than they were during the peak. Provence, which is a seasonal destination, was harder hit than the neighboring Côte d’Azur, which has more year-round appeal, he said.


Agencies have begun seeing increased interest in luxury properties, agents said. While the inventory of luxury homes is large, they said, the number of homes that both are high quality and reflect a reasonable value is significantly smaller. Prices for homes in the region vary widely, agents said. Mr. Boulet gave a range of 1,000 to 20,000 euros per square meter, or about $105 to $2,100 per square foot, depending on the type of property, its location and its condition. Mr. Lilloe said a luxury villa in Provence could cost between 6,000 and 10,000 euros per square meter (roughly $630 to $1,050 per square foot).


Provence has traditionally been more affordable than the neighboring Côte d’Azur, Mr. Lilloe added. Luxury homes in the coastal zone mostly range from about $1.7 to $5.7 million, with transactions of more than $11 million not uncommon, he said. In inland Provence, the core market for luxury homes is from roughly $1.1 million to $3.4 million.




American buyers are starting to return to Provence after losing interest during the global recession and the years of a strong euro.


“In fact, they still do love France and were still visiting here through rental or hotel vacations,” Mr. Boulet wrote in an email. “With a higher buying power, they are back almost as during the ’90s.”


Buyers also come from Britain, Germany, Scandinavia, the Netherlands and the United Arab Emirates, agents said.


Mr. Lilloe said most foreign buyers in Provence were buying homes to use for family vacations, with plans to keep the home for their eventual retirement.




No legal restrictions apply to foreigners purchasing property in France. Buyers who are in bankruptcy, whether or not they are foreign, are not permitted to buy property, said Fabien Cordiez, a partner with ECD Avocats & Solicitors, a law firm based in Aix-en-Provence.

没有法律限制外国人在法国购买房产。普罗旺斯地区艾克斯(Aix-en-Provence)的律师事务所ECD Avocats & Solicitors的合伙人法比安•科狄兹(Fabien Cordiez)表示,破产者无论是不是外国人,都不允许购买房产。

Purchases are typically handled by notaries. Buyers should expect to pay between 7.5 percent and 8.5 percent of the purchase price for taxes and notary fees, Mr. Cordiez said.


Mr. Cordiez recommended that buyers also retain an English-speaking lawyer who is licensed and established in France. Lawyers can protect buyers in situations where the powers of notaries are limited, or in the case of negligence or misconduct on the part of a notary. In the event of problems, a lawyer can cancel a sale or reclaim a deposit, he said.


“Before signing on the dotted line, purchasers should have the legal paperwork reviewed and finalized by their own independent French attorney,” Mr. Cordiez said.


The French government has imposed some taxes and complicated laws in recent years that affect property purchases, agents said. Mr. Boulet said the country’s stamp duty was raised several years ago. A wealth tax increased by the former administration and kept by the Socialist government of President François Hollande affects property owners with net assets of more than around $1.5 million, though ways can be found to mitigate that tax, Mr. Boulet said.

中介表示,近年来,法国政府征收了一些税费,出台了一些复杂的法律来影响购房。博利特表示,法国的印花税在几年前已经上涨。他指出,财产税由前政府抬高,并被弗朗索瓦•奥朗德(François Hollande)总统的社会党政府维持下来,它会影响到净资产约在150万美元(约合人民币978万元)以上的购房者,不过可以找到方法减税。



Regional tourism: tourismepaca.fr




French; euro (1 euro = $1.13)

法语;欧元(1欧元= 1.13美元,约合人民币7.17元)



The home’s annual property taxes are about $13,100 (around 11,600 euros).




Jean-Nicolas Frontini, Michaël Zingraf Real Estate Christie’s, (011-33) 493 323232; michaelzingraf.com

Jean-Nicolas Frontini, Michaël Zingraf Real Estate Christie’s, (011-33) 493 323232; michaelzingraf.com