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Hillary Clinton: Her Notable Moments

The name Hillary Rodham first appeared in the pages of The New York Times 47 years ago, in a 1969 article about her commencement address at Wellesley, the women’s college in Massachusetts. It was five years before her husband, Bill Clinton, would be mentioned in The Times.

希拉里·罗德姆(Hillary Rodham)这个名字在《纽约时报》上首次出现,是47年前的1969年,文章报道了她在马萨诸塞州女性高校卫斯理学院(Wellesley)学位颁授典礼上的讲话。她的丈夫比尔·克林顿(Bill Clinton)的名字,要再过五年才见诸时报。

Since then, The Times has covered her rise, beginning with her role as a lawyer and governor’s wife who first gained the national spotlight in Arkansas. She then became an influential first lady, United States senator, secretary of state and presidential candidate (twice).


Here are some highlights from over the years.


‘I’m Too Old to Be a Yuppie’


The country wasn’t sure what to make of Mrs. Clinton when she first burst on the national stage during the 1992 presidential campaign. A product of the feminist movement who had followed her husband to Arkansas, Mrs. Clinton seemed to be breaking the mold of candidate’s wife. And yet, talk of her hairstyle still permeated many conversations … and has ever since.


‘Saint Hillary’


Mrs. Clinton’s 1993 interview with The New York Times Magazine, in which she expounded on the “politics of meaning” and her Methodism and New Age beliefs, was met with widespread ridicule. It has often been cited as a reason for Mrs. Clinton’s reluctance to discuss her spiritual side. She even resisted wearing white for years after the magazine’s cover portrayed her as a saintly figure.

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Health Care Collapse


Soon after her husband’s inauguration, Mrs. Clinton was appointed by the president as head of a task force on health care reform. It was her first time working to develop policy on a national stage, and it “ran into a political buzzsaw,” as The Times found in a 1994 post-mortem on what critics nicknamed Hillarycare.


A New Phase


Instead of cowering after a White House scandal broadcast Bill Clinton’s infidelities around the world, Mrs. Clinton did the opposite: She ran for the Senate in New York, subjecting herself to the harsh local tabloids. Her victory was the first time a first lady was elected to public office. (Never mind that she hadn’t been living in New York.)


Glimpses of Vulnerability


As the first woman with a real shot at the presidential nomination, Mrs. Clinton wasn’t sure how to approach gender. In her 2008 campaign, she emphasized strength and experience, often at the expense of warmth. The Times’s Mark Leibovich highlighted the few times she showed a softer side, as when she spoke at her friend Diane Blair’s funeral in 2000.<-->纽约时报中英文网 http://www.qqenglish.com<-->

作为第一个真正有机会得到总统提名的女性,克林顿那时不确定该如何处理性别问题。在2008年竞选中,她强调自己的强悍和经验,时常要因此放弃一些温和。时报的马克·莱博维奇(Mark Leibovich)曾点出她有几次显露了柔和的一面,比如2000年在朋友戴安·布莱尔(Diane Blair)的葬礼上的讲话。

A Dogged Diplomat


After Mrs. Clinton lost to Barack Obama, she surprised the nation again by accepting the position of secretary of state and diving into diplomatic work. Although her tenure is now marked by controversy over her email, in the period she served as the country’s top diplomat, Mrs. Clinton enjoyed some of her highest approval ratings. Gallup consistently named her the country’s most admired woman.

输给贝拉克·奥巴马(Barack Obama)后,克林顿再次出乎所有人的意料,她接受了国务卿之职,投身到外交工作中。由于电邮事件,她在任内的表现如今被认为是有争议的,然而在任职期间,她得到了极高评价。在盖洛普(Gallup)调查中,她稳居美国最受仰慕女性的位置。

Planet Hillary


The image was of Mrs. Clinton’s facial features superimposed on a moon with the names of old Clinton friends, aides and hangers-on orbiting around her. It symbolized the challenges she would face as she considered another run for the presidency and how to organize the circle of people who hoped to tag along.


An Activist Past


As issues of race and criminal justice dominated the 2016 contest, little-known parts of Mrs. Clinton’s biography began to form a central part of her campaign’s story. Mrs. Clinton declined to be interviewed about the time in 1972 when she went undercover to investigate “segregation academies” in the South. But after an article about it ran, she and Bill Clinton talked openly about this chapter in her life, including at the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia.




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