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Hillary Clinton: My Plan for Helping America’s Poor

The true measure of any society is how we take care of our children. With all of our country’s resources, no child should ever have to grow up in poverty. Yet every single night, all across America, kids go to sleep hungry or without a place to call home.


We have to do better. Advocating for children and families has been the cause of my life, starting with my first job as a young attorney at the Children’s Defense Fund, and if I have the honor of serving as president, it will be the driving mission of my administration.

我们必须改变这种情况。维护儿童及家庭的权益是我毕生的事业,我在儿童保护基金会(Children’s Defense Fund)担任年轻律师的首份工作就是这个事业的开端,如果我能有幸当选总统,这将是我的政府的主要任务。

The good news is that we’re making progress, thanks to the hard work of the American people and President Obama. The global poverty rate has been cut in half in recent decades. In the United States, a new report from the Census Bureau found that there were 3.5 million fewer people living in poverty in 2015 than just a year before.


Median incomes rose by 5.2 percent, the fastest growth on record. Households at all income levels saw gains, with the largest going to those struggling the most. The census report makes clear that when hard-working Americans get a small boost — like food stamps and health insurance thanks to the Affordable Care Act — they can climb out of poverty.

美国人的收入中位数上升了5.2%,创下了有记录以来的最快增速。各种收入水平的家庭都看到了收入的增加,其中增长最多的是那些最艰苦的家庭。这份普查报告明确地显示,当辛勤工作的美国人稍微得到一点帮助时——比如食品券和《平价医疗法案》(Affordable Care Act)提供的健康保险——他们就能够摆脱贫困。

But make no mistake: We still have work to do. Families across the country were devastated by the Great Recession.


Nearly 40 percent of Americans between the ages of 25 and 60 will experience a year in poverty at some point. The best way to help families lift themselves out of poverty is to make it easier to find good-paying jobs. As president, one of my top priorities will be increasing economic growth that’s strong, fair and lasting. I will work with Democrats and Republicans to make a historic investment in good-paying jobs — jobs in infrastructure and manufacturing, technology and innovation, small businesses and clean energy. And we need to make sure that hard work is rewarded by raising the minimum wage and finally guaranteeing equal pay for women.

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If we want to get serious about poverty, we also need a national commitment to create more affordable housing. This issue doesn’t get much election-year coverage, but it’s a big deal to the 11.4 million American households that spend more than half their incomes on rent. Too many people are putting off saving for their children or retirement just to keep a roof over their families’ heads.


My plan would expand Low Income Housing Tax Credits in high-cost areas to increase our affordable housing supply, and fuel broader community development. So if you are a family living in an expensive city, you would be able to find an affordable place to call home and have access to the transportation you need to get to good jobs and quality schools.

我的方案会在高生活费地区扩大低收入者住房费用从税中扣除(Low Income Housing Tax Credits)的适用范围,以增加经济适用住房的供应量,推动更广泛的社区发展。所以,如果你的家庭居住在物价较高的城市的话,你也能够找到价格比较实惠的住房,也能获得你去好的工作岗位上班、送子女上好学校的交通工具。

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We also need to ensure that our investments are reaching the communities suffering the most from decades of neglect. We have got to acknowledge that even though poverty overall has fallen, extreme poverty has increased. Tim Kaine and I will model our anti-poverty strategy on Congressman Jim Clyburn’s 10-20-30 plan, directing 10 percent of federal investments to communities where 20 percent of the population has been living below the poverty line for 30 years. And we’ll put special emphasis on minority communities that have been held back for too long by barriers of systemic racism.

我们还需要确保这些投资可以覆盖到这几十年来最受忽视的群体。我们必须承认,虽然贫困人口总数在下降,但极端贫困人口的数量却有所增长。蒂姆·凯恩(Tim Kaine)和我的反贫困策略,将以众议员吉姆·克莱伯恩(Jim Clyburn)的“10-20-30计划”为模板,即把10%的联邦投资投给那些有20%的人口生活在贫困线下长达30年之久的社区。我们将重点关照少数族裔社区,他们已经遭受了太久的系统性种族主义障碍的阻挡。

As president, I will continue my life’s work focused on creating opportunities for children and fairness for families. We need to expand access to high-quality child care and guarantee paid leave so parents at all income levels can balance their jobs and lives. And we will work to double investments in Early Head Start and make preschool available to every 4-year-old because our children deserve the best possible start in life.

如果当选总统,我将继续我毕生工作的重点,为儿童创造机会,为家庭争取公平。我们需要让更多的孩子能够进入优质幼儿园,需要让家长能带薪休假,让各种收入水平的家长都能在工作和生活之间找到平衡。我们将把早期开端计划(Early Head Start)的投资提高一倍,让所有的4岁儿童都能上学前班,因为我们的孩子应该享有人生最好的开端。

Donald J. Trump has a different approach. He divides America into winners and losers. And he doesn’t seem to spend much time worrying about people in poverty. In fact, his economic plans would overwhelmingly benefit the wealthiest Americans, and would include an estimated $4 billion tax cut for his own family just by eliminating the estate tax. He has actually said that wages are too high. One independent economic analysis revealed that with Mr. Trump’s proposals in place, our economy would fall back into recession and inevitably push more families into poverty.

唐纳德·J·特朗普(Donald J. Trump)有一套不同的做法。他把美国人分为赢家和输家。他似乎并不花太多时间为贫困人口着想。事实是,他的经济方案将极大地惠及最富有的美国人,而且仅仅通过免去遗产税这一条,就可以为他自己的家庭省下估计是40亿美元的纳税。他竟然说工资水平太高。一份独立的经济分析显示,如果实行特朗普所建议的东西,美国经济将重新陷入衰退,这必然会让更多的家庭陷入贫困。

This November, the American people will have to choose between an economy that works for everyone and an economy that benefits the well off at the expense of everyone else. The choice couldn’t be clearer.




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