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Malia Obama’s Secret Trip to Bolivia and Peru

The Bolivian guides were convinced it was the blonde. It had to be the blonde. American Embassy officials in November had told three brothers who led guided hikes across Bolivia’s majestic Cordillera Real mountain range that they would soon be hosting an important American dignitary. When a group of teenagers and a small band of American bodyguards showed up on Nov. 24, it wasn’t apparent to the guides that it was the president’s elder daughter, Malia Obama, and not a blond companion, who warranted the extraordinary security measures.

玻利维亚的导游们相信是那位金发女郎。肯定是金发女郎。美国使馆的官员在11月告诉玻利维亚的三位兄弟,他们不久后会接待一位重要的美国客人。这三位兄弟是该国雄伟的科迪勒拉雷亚尔山脉(Cordillera Real)徒步旅行线路的导游。11月24日,一群十几岁的青少年和几位美国保镖出现了,而导游们并不清楚,这样反常的安保措施是由美国总统的大女儿马莉娅·奥巴马(Malia Obama),而不是她的一位金发同伴带来的。

“There was a blond girl and we assumed she was the important one,” Gregorio Mamani, one of the guides, said in a phone interview on Wednesday.

“有一个金发女孩,我们当时以为她是那个重要的人,”导游之一格雷戈里奥·马马尼(Gregorio Mamani)在周三接受电话采访时说。

Only in recent days, after Bolivian journalists broke the story of Ms. Obama’s trip to Bolivia and Peru late last year, did the guides realize who had been in their care during a five-day trek. “She was very humble, chatty, spoke Spanish very well,” Mr. Mamani said. “She was mesmerized by the Bolivian landscape.”

直到前几天,玻利维亚记者爆出了马莉娅·奥巴马去年年底到玻利维亚和秘鲁旅行的故事,几位导游才意识到在那次为期五天的旅行途中他们照顾的是什么人。“她非常平易近人、健谈,西班牙语说得很好,”马马尼说。“她被玻利维亚的风景迷住了。”<纽约时报中英文网 http://www.qqenglish.com/>

Ms. Obama was afforded no special treatment during the arduous trek, and performed chores, including cooking, along with her fellow travelers, Mr. Mamani said.


The Bolivian news media reported that Ms. Obama, 18, who delayed starting at Harvard for a year, lived with a family in Tiquipaya, a tiny town in central Bolivia. Her trip was organized by Where There Be Dragons, a Colorado company that runs educational trips, a representative confirmed. The 83-day journey is advertised as a means for students to “examine current political trends, social movements and environmental conservation efforts in the mountains and jungles of Bolivia and Peru.”

马莉娅·奥巴马现年18岁,推迟一年进入哈佛大学就读,据玻利维亚新闻媒体报道,她来到玻利维亚中部的蒂基帕亚(Tiquipaya)小镇,与那里的一个家庭一起生活了一段时间。她的旅行是由一个名叫“有龙的地方”(Where There Be Dragons)的科罗拉多州公司主办的教育游,消息已经由该公司代表证实。旅程持续83天,宣传中说,学生们可以“在玻利维亚与秘鲁的山脉和丛林之中,审视两国当前的政治趋势、社会运动和环保工作”。

The Bolivian media reported that President Obama called President Evo Morales to request his government’s cooperation in ensuring discretion and security for his daughter’s trip. White House officials declined to comment and would not confirm that the two leaders had spoken. Mr. Morales often rails about what he calls American conspiracies to undermine leftist governments, including his own. The two countries have not exchanged ambassadors since 2008.

玻利维亚媒体报道,奥巴马总统曾致电该国总统埃沃·莫拉莱斯(Evo Morales),请求与其政府进行合作,确保女儿旅行的私密和安全。白宫官员拒绝发表评论,不肯确认两位领导人是否曾经对话。莫拉莱斯常常就他口中的美国阴谋活动展开指责,表示其意图是颠覆左翼政府,包括他的政府在内。自2008年以来,两国没有交换大使。

Mr. Morales, an indigenous leader who gained prominence organizing coca leaf growers, expressed hope that Mr. Obama’s election would pave the way for more constructive relations between Washington and Latin American populist leaders. He repeatedly expressed interest in a meeting with Mr. Obama, but was rebuffed. Still, Mr. Morales seems to have welcomed the president’s daughter.


“In spite of significant political differences with the Obama administration, he accepted the visit, understood the significance of the learning experience and respected Malia’s privacy,” Kathryn Ledebur, a Bolivia expert who is based in Cochabamba, said in an email. “It’s really an important precedent.”

“尽管与奥巴马政府有重大的政治差异,他还是接受了这次访问,他了解学习经验的重要性,也尊重了马莉娅的隐私,”现居科恰班巴的玻利维亚专家凯瑟琳·列杰布尔(Kathryn Ledebur)在电子邮件中说。“这真是一个重要的先例。”



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