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The Lesson of Nordstrom: Do Business With the Trumps or Else

It is a clear violation of federal ethics rules for White House staff members, or any other federal employees, to use their official positions for private gain. But what President Trump did on Wednesday in his Twitter attack on the Nordstrom department store chain, castigating it for dropping Ms. Trump’s line, was far worse.


In sum, Nordstrom made a business decision not to do business with the president’s daughter because her clothing line was not selling well, and the president used his official position to attack the company for this decision.


The president’s tweet — posted on his personal account and then re-sent from his White House account — is an act of intimidation. Nordstrom interacts with many executive branch agencies: the Department of Labor, the Federal Trade Commission, the Securities and Exchange Commission, the Internal Revenue Service and others. Each one of these agencies will be headed by Trump appointees. Most will be staffed with other political appointees as well. The president is telling all of these people that he is very angry with Nordstrom. The message is clear, and it won’t take much for a political appointee in some agency to conceive of an ingenious way of ingratiating himself with the White House by making life difficult for the store chain.


Most important, regardless of whether such retaliation actually happens, Nordstrom and the handful of other companies that announced they, too, would drop the line have to live in fear of it for the rest of the Trump administration. And now every other department store knows that it had better not make a similar “business decision” that displeases the president. In other words, do business with the Trump family and help the Trump family promote its products, or else.


This is not the way free markets work, particularly in the United States. We fought a revolution in part against the mercantilism that prevailed in Britain, where the king and members of Parliament played favorites and people who wanted to ingratiate themselves with the government did business with companies in which powerful politicians had an interest (the South Sea Company and the East India Company were the two most notorious examples). Edmund Burke and Adam Smith railed against this type of corrupt relationship between business and government in Britain; similarly, the founders of our country did not want that type of abuse of power going on here.

这不是自由市场的运作方式,特别是在美国。我们曾发起一场革命,部分原因就是反对英国盛行的重商主义,那里的国王和议会成员对公司厚此薄彼,渴望讨好政府的人与背后有政治权贵支持的公司做生意(南海公司[South Sea Company]和东印度公司[East India Company]就是两个最著名的例子)。埃德蒙·伯克(Edmund Burke)和亚当·斯密(Adam Smith)反对英国这种腐败的政商勾结;同样,美国的奠基人也不希望这种滥用职权的行为发生。

The modern-day Tea Party movement arose in the aftermath of the Great Recession, a reaction to the perception that politicians were playing favorites in bailing out Wall Street banks and auto companies. The Republican Party for years has made a very strong case for an economy in which market actors make their own decisions free of government interference.

现代茶党运动在大衰退(Great Recession)之后兴起,是因为人们认为政界人士在帮助华尔街银行和汽车公司摆脱困境的过程中厚此薄彼。共和党多年来一直坚定地支持在经济中让市场参与者自己做决定,不受政府干预。

And now all of that — and indeed the bedrock principles of limited government power that go back to Thomas Jefferson — lies in shambles as a president seeks not only to use his official position to promote the business of the Trump family but also to retaliate against other businesses for the decisions they make in the marketplace.

现在,所有这一切,以及托马斯·杰斐逊(Thomas Jefferson)当年确立的有限政府权力基本原则,全部遭到破坏,因为有个总统不仅利用公职来帮助特朗普家族做生意,而且还要报复其他公司在市场中所做出的商业决定。

Americans have worried about losing freedoms in the Trump administration, including freedom of religion and of the press, as well as the right to be heard by an independent judiciary. We learned this week that free markets are at risk as well.