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A Ticket to Hell

Donald Trump has spent his whole life overselling an overinflated vision of himself and his success.

唐纳德·特朗普(Donald Trump)一辈子都在大肆兜售有关他和他的成功的言过其实的想象。

He was the outer-borough boy whose father’s “boxlike office” was on Avenue Z in Brooklyn; he always dreamed of making it to Manhattan and breaking into the big league.

他当年是一个外城男孩,他父亲那像盒子一样的办公室位于布鲁克林的Z大道上(Avenue Z)上;他一直梦想到曼哈顿去,闯进那个顶尖精英的世界。

With a hustler’s spirit and some sleight of hand, he made it, but not in total.


He made the move, made the money and made his mark on New York’s skyline, but he never quite made it into the inner sanctum of New York high society.


I’m convinced that this is part of his obsession with former President Barack Obama. Obama was quickly granted the thing Trump never had: upper-class acceptance and adulation.

我相信这是前任总统贝拉克·奥巴马(Barack Obama)让他感到耿耿于怀的一个地方。奥巴马很快就获得了特朗普一直不曾得到的东西:上流社会的接纳和赞誉。

For Trump’s part, his sin was even worse than being new-money: He was tacky rich.


No amount of money or success could completely rid him of the odiousness of being coarse and crass.


He upset social conventions.


For him, things had to be gilded to be glamorous. All modesty — either real or contrived to guard against exposure — was absent from the man. He was a glutton for attention and adoration. He chased the spotlight and pimped celebrity for profit. He valued flaunting over philanthropy.


In New York City’s elite social circles, Trump was persona non grata.


As many others have pointed out, he became the idiot’s image of an intellectual, the coward’s image of a courageous man and the pauper’s image of a prosperous man.


But rather than being crimped by his ostracism, he wore it as a badge of honor.


He became the Everyman of rich men. He was the outsider, too authentic and even acerbic to be tamed by the convention of the elites. He was the populist billionaire, still engaged in the rough and tumble, at home on reality television just as he was in overpriced real estate.


He was impolitic in the way that many average Joes would be if they came into wealth and not from it.


He swept into politics at just the time that message had its greatest resonance, when there were enough people leery of institutions and weary of the establishment; the wealthy, social, cultural and intellectual elites were on the outs, and there was an opening for an outsider who knew how to work his way in.


The elites who had rejected Trump were now the rejected class. They were the 1 percent, the Wall Street barons, the manifestation of the evils of income inequality. This was the time for a populist, or at least someone who could pretend to be one.


It was in that environment that Trump swept into the presidential election, with the same bluster and bravado, aggression and subversion that had worked well for him in business.


He was not book smart or well mannered. He was all gut and elbow and verbal barbs. For too many, he was refreshingly anti-polish and anti-convention.


And, as is Trump’s wont and calling card, he oversold his voters a bill of goods that he would never be able to deliver. The Pied Piper of pipe dreams did in politics what he had done in business: He got people to buy into a success mythology in which he was a wizard. In this mythology, ethics, honor and truth are casualties.

如同他一贯的标志性做法,特朗普向选民兜售了一大堆他将永远无法兑现的好处。这位编造白日梦的“花衣吹笛人”(Pied Piper)在政界做了他在商界曾经做过的事:让人们相信一种成功神话,而他就是其中的法师。在这个神话中,道德、节操和真相都是被牺牲的对象。

Everything is going to be the greatest and the best and the most successful simply because he deems it so.


But now, the legend of Trump, the one most rigid in his own mind, is rubbing up against the harsh reality of presidential politics, where cooperation is needed and accountability is demanded. In this new world, Trumpism appears brittle, hollow and impotent.


No matter your politics, Trump’s first weeks in office have been a disaster, as his rush to action, lack of focus and absence of acuity have led him to calamitous missteps and conspiratorial misstatements.


And now his oversold promises are being exposed for the lies they were — draining the swamp in Washington, forcing Mexico to pay for his ridiculous southern border wall, the incredibly defective Obamacare repeal and replacement proposal.


In January, Trump oversold again in an interview with The Washington Post about what he would deliver. The Post reported Trump’s comments this way:


“We’re going to have insurance for everybody,” Trump said. “There was a philosophy in some circles that if you can’t pay for it, you don’t get it. That’s not going to happen with us.” People covered under the law “can expect to have great health care. It will be in a much simplified form. Much less expensive and much better.”


But the plan just announced and endorsed by Trump doesn’t even come close to delivering on this promise. Not only would prices most likely rise for many Trump voters, but millions of Americans would be at risk of losing coverage under the plan.


Not only that, but as NBC reported last month:


“Donald Trump’s most ardent supporters are likely to be hit the hardest if he makes good on his promise to dismantle the Affordable Care Act and embark on trade wars with China and Mexico.”

“如果唐纳德·特朗普兑现承诺,废除《平价医疗费用法案》(Affordable Care Act,简称ACA),与中国和墨西哥发生贸易战,他最热情的支持者有可能是受打击最大的群体。”

The report continued:


“An analysis by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that 6.3 million of the 11.5 million Americans who used the A.C.A. marketplace to buy their insurance last year live in Republican congressional districts. Policy analysts say that a rollback of the A.C.A. would hurt older and rural Americans — two populations that favored Donald Trump over Hillary Clinton in the presidential election.”

“凯泽家族基金会(Kaiser Family Foundation)的一项分析发现,在去年利用ACA市场购买保险的1150万美国人中,有630万生活在共和党国会选区。政策分析人士表示,废除ACA将损害年长的美国人和乡村美国人的利益,也就是大选中更支持唐纳德·特朗普而非希拉里·克林顿(Hillary Clinton)两个群体。”

As he has done his whole life, Trump has sold those who follow him as some sort of money-drenched messiah a bill of goods, but this time the lie is likely to manifest in loss of life, as sick people lose coverage.


Donald Trump has sold his supporters — and by extension, this country — a ticket to hell.