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Ivanka Trump’s Bitter Scent

The next time you hear about the sway that Ivanka Trump holds over her father and what a powerful advocate for equal opportunity she is, I want you to remember these numbers:

下次再听到有关伊万卡·特朗普(Ivanka Trump)对她父亲的影响,以及她是一个多么有影响力的均等机会倡导者的言论时,我希望你记住下面这些数字:

Twenty. That’s how many men are in, or poised to join, the president’s cabinet.


Four. That’s how many women.


Barack Obama’s first cabinet included seven. Bill Clinton’s, six. George W. Bush’s, four, same as Trump’s, but that was 16 years ago, and he didn’t have an adult daughter who styled herself as both an influential adviser and a feminist hero. Where precisely is the Ivanka Effect?

贝拉克·奥巴马(Barack Obama)的第一届内阁有七名女性成员。比尔·克林顿(Bill Clinton)的内阁六名。乔治·W·布什(George W. Bush)的内阁四名,和特朗普的一样,但那是十六年前,并且布什也没有一个已成年的女儿把自己塑造成既是一名颇有影响力的顾问,又是一个女权主义英雄的形象。伊万卡效应究竟在哪里?

She won’t be engaging this riddle in her new book, “Women Who Work,” due out in early May, and I say that not because I know what’s in it — I don’t — but because I know Ivanka, or at least I’ve been watching her closely for a while. She doesn’t take responsibility, not where dear old Dad is concerned. She takes advantage, all the while asking us to be grateful for her presence beside him.

她不会在自己将于5月初面世的新书《职场女性》(Women Who Work)中讨论这个谜团。我这么说不是因为我知道那本书的内容——我不知道——而是因为我了解伊万卡,或者说我至少密切观察过她一段时间。在涉及她亲爱的老爸的地方,她不会担起责任。她只会加以利用,并始终让我们为她父亲身边有她而心存感激。

When he behaves, word goes out that she or her husband, Jared Kushner, had his ear. When he doesn’t, word goes out that it wasn’t their fault, that they can do only so much and that if they hadn’t valiantly moved to Washington, well, think about how much worse off we’d all be.

当他表现得体时,便会传出他是听取了她或她丈夫贾里德·库什纳(Jared Kushner)的意见的消息。当他表现不得体时,又会出现那不是他们的错、他们只能做这么多以及如果不是他们勇敢地搬去了华盛顿,想想情况会更加糟糕到什么程度的说法。

There’s a big problem with this spin: His behavior wouldn’t matter if he weren’t sitting on such a lofty throne, and they helped to put him there. They empowered the mad king.


Now they want credit for mitigating the madness.


More than that, they want inoculation, so that after they’ve savored his reign, they’re spared the stain and can return without wound or shame to the social circles in which they long traveled, where Steve Bannon is no hero and Planned Parenthood no villain.

不仅如此,他们还想获得免疫,这样在享受完他的统治带来的好处后,他们的身上不会留下污点,还能毫发无损、不带任何羞愧地回到他们长期游走其中的那些社交圈子。在那些圈子里,史蒂夫·班农(Steve Bannon)不是英雄,计划生育联合会(Planned Parenthood)也不是坏蛋。

“Saturday Night Live” had something to say about that. The show’s most recent episode included a mock commercial in which Ivanka, played by Scarlett Johansson, hawks a new signature fragrance: Complicit. It’s for “the woman who could stop all this but won’t.” Ivanka looks lovingly into a mirror — and sees her father staring back.

对此,《周六夜现场》(Saturday Night Live)有话要说。最新一期《周六夜现场》里出现了一支戏仿广告。在广告里,斯嘉丽·约翰逊(Scarlett Johansson)扮演的伊万卡在推销一款新的标志性香水:同谋(Complicit)。它专为“那个能够阻止这一切但却不会这么做的女人”而设计。伊万卡温暖地看向镜子里——看到她父亲正盯着她。

I don’t think she could stop all this, and I don’t expect her to undermine him. But she’s under no obligation to prop him up.


From the moment when he announced his candidacy at Trump Tower in June 2015, her actions have far exceeded the demands of filial loyalty. And they’re not explained by some profound ideological affinity with her father, because she doesn’t spout ideology — just gauzy platitudes. Check out the “Wise Words” section of ivankatrump.com. It’s an overstuffed flea market of threadbare aphorisms (“never ever settle,” “work to become, not to acquire,” “keep your head up,” “there is enough success for everyone”) in fanciful typography and pinkish hues.

从他2015年6月在特朗普大厦(Trump Tower)宣布竞选总统那一刻起,她的行动就远远超出了子女孝顺父母的要求。它们无法用她和她父亲在思想上存在某种深刻的相似性来解释,因为她并没有滔滔不绝地谈论思想,只是一些缥缈的陈词滥调。看看ivankatrump.com上“睿智言语”一栏吧。那是一个跳蚤市场,被老一套的格言警句塞得满满当当(“永远不要安于现状”、“工作是为了成就自己,而不是获取”、“继续昂首挺胸”、“成功管够,人人有份”)。该栏目使用了浅粉色调,排版花哨。

In campaigning full-force for her father, she and her brothers seemed at once to be repaying a debt — they’d profited so enormously from the Trump name — and hopping aboard a ride to greater dividends still. But she stood out, because she in particular insisted on a veneer of virtue. She alone marketed a persona of goodness.


That persona turned her into more than just a surrogate for her father, more even than a character witness. She was his alibi. He couldn’t be guilty of vileness toward women because he had produced a woman as enlightened and gracious as Ivanka, who not only stood with him but spoke up for him at the Republican National Convention, assuring the world of his benevolence.

这种表象让她不仅是她父亲的代理人,甚至不仅仅是品德证人。她是他不在犯罪现场的证人。他不会因为对待女性态度恶劣而被定罪,因为他培养出了一个像伊万卡这么有见识的优雅女性。她不仅常伴其左右,还在共和党全国大会(Republican National Convention)上为他辩护,向世人保证他的宅心仁厚。

The next day her Twitter account plugged the dress she’d worn, part of the Ivanka Trump Collection. The company’s website posted a montage of photos from the convention with links to the white leather satchel that was draped over her arm at one point and to the pumps she was wearing at another. And thus a daughter’s love became a huckster’s boon.

第二天,她的Twitter账号就对她穿的那条属于伊万卡·特朗普系列(Ivanka Trump Collection)的裙子进行了宣传。该公司的网站还贴出了一组来自共和党全国大会的照片,并给出了她在某个时刻挎在手臂上的白色皮包,和她在另一个场合穿的高跟鞋的链接。于是,女儿的孝顺变成了商人的福利。

The children of other presidents have readily, even greedily, reaped the fruits of nepotism, but how many have done so while simultaneously suggesting that they’re around to provide crucial ballast, performing an invaluable service for the American people?


Maybe her conversations with lawmakers really will yield legislation to lessen the cost of child care and to help working mothers, though it’s a long shot. Maybe she’ll do some targeted good. I don’t doubt that she’d like to.


But that’s hardly the sum of her motivations, and it almost certainly isn’t the essence. Her meticulously groomed Twitter and Instagram accounts give her away. They’re exercises in self-affirmation, placing her in a Washington without pores or protests. It looks like she’s having the airbrushed adventure of a lifetime.


And it smells, yes, like complicity.