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One Dead and 22 Injured as Car Rams Into Pedestrians in Times Square

A driver with a history of drunken driving arrests plowed through crowds of pedestrians on packed sidewalks along three Times Square blocks Thursday, killing one person and injuring 22 others, officials said, touching off mayhem in one of the world’s most famous and busiest plazas.


The driver, Richard Rojas, 26, was taken into custody after a traffic agent tackled him as he fled from his car, a maroon Honda that came to a stop after ramming into stanchions at the corner of 45th Street and Broadway.

这辆栗色的本田车在45大街和百老汇拐角处撞上了柱子后停了下来,26岁的司机理查德·罗哈斯(Richard Rojas)跳车逃走时,被一名交通执法人员抓住,他现已被拘留。

The panic provoked by a car speeding on sidewalks in the heart of Manhattan immediately evoked the specter of terrorism, but law enforcement officials said they had determined that did not seem to have a role in the episode.


“Based on information we have at this moment, there is no indication that this was an act of terrorism,” Mayor Bill de Blasio told reporters at a news conference in Times Square. “We all feel deeply right now for those who were injured and for their families.”

“从目前我们掌握的情况来看,这不是恐怖主义活动,”纽约市长白思豪(Bill de Blasio)在时报广场的新闻发布会上告诉记者。“我们所有人对于伤者及其家属都感同身受。”

A few blocks away from where the mayor spoke, the Honda sat tilted on bollards, its right wheels in the air and its front hood crumpled, as detectives and investigators canvassed the area.


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Officials said that the deadly rampage had begun around noon near 42nd Street, when Mr. Rojas, traveling south on Seventh Avenue, inexplicably made a quick U-turn, mounted a curb on the west side of the one-way avenue and began to drive north against traffic.


Witnesses described their horror at seeing a car race through the area, which was thronged with tourists, workers and otherpassers-by on a sultry afternoon.


Annie Donahey, 24, had just left work on Seventh Avenue between 42nd and 43rd Streets when the car sped past her and slammed into pedestrians on the sidewalk.

24岁的安妮·多纳希(Annie Donahey)当时刚刚下班,走在第42大街和第43街之间的第七大道上,她看到那辆车疾驰而过,撞倒人行道上的行人。

“It was going at a fast rate of speed and to me it looked like it was trying to hit as many people as possible,” she said. “People were trying to jump out of the way.”


An 18-year-old woman who was walking with her 13-year-old sister on a sidewalk between 42nd and 43rd Streets was killed, officials said. The police did not provide the dead woman’s name; her sister was also injured, they said.


Four other people were critically injured after sustaining multiple fractures and traumas, Daniel P. Nigro, the fire commissioner said. They were taken to two different hospitals. Three other people were also taken to hospitals in serious condition. The other victims had less serious injuries.

消防专员丹尼尔·P·尼格罗(Daniel P. Nigro)说,另外有四人重伤,身上有多处骨折和外伤。他们被送到两家不同的医院。另外有三个被送往医院的人伤势也比较重。其他受害者伤势较轻。

Mr. Rojas, who lives in the Bronx, had not been formally charged by Thursday afternoon. He was scheduled to undergo testing for the presence of drugs or alcohol in his system, officials said.


Mr. Rojas, a Navy veteran, was arrested for drunken driving twice, in Queens in 2008, and in Manhattan in 2015, officials said. He was also recently arrested for menacing, officials said.


Sharif White, who sells T-shirts and hats at the corner of 44th Street and Seventh Avenue, stood next to a woman who was lying on her back on a sidewalk and surrounded by paramedics.

谢里夫·怀特(Sharif White)在第44街和第七大道的拐角处卖T恤和帽子,他站在一名伤者的旁边。受伤的女子仰面躺在地上,周围是医护人员。

“It hit her,” Mr. White said of the car, pointing to the woman, who was moaning in pain. “And it hit a couple of other people. Then the next thing I know it went straight down to 45th. It just was doing like about 100 miles per hour and then the car crashed.”


The car’s bumper sat nearby in the middle of the sidewalk. Magdy Tawfik, a hot dog vendor whose stand was near the corner, said the car had hit three people there.

汽车的保险杠落在人行道中间。马格迪·陶菲克(Magdy Tawfik)是一名热狗摊贩,他的小吃车也在那个拐角处附近,他说,汽车在那里撞倒了三个人。

“The car sped through here, it was moving so fast, and it crushed all these people,” he said.


A victim in a neck brace was taken away in a wheelchair.




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