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Takeaways From The Times’s Investigation Into Trump’s War on the Inquiries Around Him

WASHINGTON — President Trump has called the Russia investigation a hoax, a witch hunt and fake news. But since he has been in office, Mr. Trump has tried to end the inquiry into his campaign’s possible coordination with Russia during the 2016 presidential election, opening himself up to questions about whether these efforts constitute attempts to obstruct justice.


A review by The New York Times found a continuous, behind-the-scenes effort by Mr. Trump to undermine multiple investigations that have touched his presidency. That includes seeking to derail federal law enforcement through targeted political appointments and a public campaign to discredit the Russia investigation, led by the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III.

《纽约时报》调查发现,特朗普一直在幕后努力破坏多项触及他总统职位的调查。这包括通过有针对性的政治任命寻求破坏联邦执法,以及通过公开活动来诋毁由特别检察官罗伯特·S·穆勒三世(Robert S. Mueller III)领导的俄罗斯调查。

Here are some takeaways from The Times report about pressure inside the Trump administration to protect the president from those inquiries.


Mr. Trump wanted to put a perceived loyalist in charge of a federal inquiry in New York related to hush money payments made by his former personal lawyer.


After subjecting his first attorney general, Jeff Sessions, to protracted humiliation over Mr. Sessions’s decision to recuse himself from the Russia investigation and then firing him, Mr. Trump asked his newly installed acting attorney general, Matthew G. Whitaker, if one of the president’s perceived allies could take control of the federal investigation in New York involving him.

特朗普的第一任司法部长杰夫·塞申斯(Jeff Sessions)因决定回避俄罗斯调查而受到他长时间的羞辱,而后被解职。在那之后,特朗普问他新任命的代理司法部长马修·G·惠特克(Matthew G. Whitaker),能否让一个被认为是总统盟友的人负责涉及他的纽约联邦调查。

Mr. Whitaker, a loyalist who had told people that his job was to protect the president, said no. The person Mr. Trump wanted, Geoffrey S. Berman, the United States attorney for the Southern District of New York, had already recused himself over another routine conflict of interest.

忠于总统、曾表示他的职责是保护总统的惠特克,拒绝了这一要求。而特朗普想要的人,即纽约南区的美国检察官杰弗里·S·伯曼(Geoffrey S. Berman)已经因另一项例行的利益冲突而回避了调查。

Mr. Whitaker has told associates that part of his job was to “jump on a grenade” for the president, a comment not previously reported. But there is no evidence that Mr. Whitaker took further steps to wrest the sprawling inquiry from career Justice Department prosecutors. Mr. Whitaker did tell some associates that the New York prosecutors needed “adult supervision.”


Mr. Trump’s public attacks on the Russia investigation have evolved from a public relations strategy to a legal strategy.


The president’s assault on investigators on Twitter and in public interviews moved beyond his typical criticism of individuals into a mosaic of efforts to undermine every facet of the investigation. That includes attacking the investigators, raising questions about the legitimacy of law enforcement investigative tools and discrediting witnesses — most of whom were close allies he once praised.


The president cheered efforts by Republican loyalists in Congress who began investigations into cases and pressed for details about confidential Justice Department investigative procedures. One loyalist, Representative Matt Gaetz, a second-term Republican from Florida, spearheaded this campaign in July 2017 while he killed time at an airport in between flights.

国会中忠于总统的人开始对案件展开调查,并要求了解司法部保密调查程序的细节,总统对此大加赞扬。2017年7月,忠于他的佛罗里达州共和党第二任期众议员马特·盖兹(Matt Gaetz)在机场消磨时间等候转机的时候,发起了这场运动。

Mr. Trump’s lawyers liked the lawmakers’ campaign to erode Americans’ confidence in the F.B.I., the federal government’s premier law enforcement agency. And they especially liked that Mr. Trump has been a persistent and public participant in it, because, the lawyers say, it is implausible that Mr. Trump could be part of a secret conspiracy.


White House lawyers wrote a confidential memo about misleading public statements after the firing of Michael T. Flynn, Mr. Trump’s first national security adviser.

特朗普的首位国家安全顾问迈克尔·T·弗林(Michael T. Flynn)遭到解雇后,白宫律师就误导性的公开声明写了一份机密备忘录。

White House lawyers were concerned about the varying public accounts of the reasons behind Mr. Flynn’s abrupt departure. Mr. Flynn resigned on Feb. 13, 2017, after it was reported that he was in touch with Russia’s ambassador to the United States at the end of 2016 and discussed recent Obama administration sanctions. Mr. Flynn said he resigned because he “inadvertently” misled Vice President Mike Pence and other senior White House officials about his discussions with the Russian ambassador.

白宫的律师们担心的是,对于弗林的突然离职,公众会有种种不同的说法。弗林于2017年2月13日辞职,此前有报道称,他在2016年底与俄罗斯驻美国大使取得了联系,并讨论了奥巴马政府近期的制裁措施。弗林说,他辞职是因为在自己与俄罗斯大使碰面一事上,“无意中”误导了副总统迈克·彭斯(Mike Pence)和其他白宫高级官员。

The next day, the president and his advisers met in the Oval Office to discuss how to explain Mr. Flynn’s departure. One of the advisers mentioned in passing that the House speaker at the time, Paul D. Ryan of Wisconsin, told reporters that the president had asked Mr. Flynn to resign. Mr. Trump liked that version better than the explanation Mr. Flynn gave in his resignation letter and instructed his press secretary at the time, Sean Spicer, to “say that” when he briefed the news media.

第二天,总统和他的顾问在椭圆形办公室碰面,讨论如何向外界解释弗林的离职。其中一名顾问随口提到,当时的众议院议长、威斯康星州的保罗·D·瑞安(Paul D. Ryan)告诉记者,总统要求弗林辞职。相比弗林自己在辞职信中给出的解释,特朗普更喜欢这个说法,他指示当时的新闻秘书肖恩·斯派塞(Sean Spicer)在向新闻媒体做简报时“要这么说”。

Mr. Trump believed he put an end to the Russia investigation when he fired Mr. Flynn.


During a lunch with one of his longtime allies, Chris Christie, the former Republican governor of New Jersey, Mr. Trump said that firing Mr. Flynn would end the Russia inquiry.

在一次与长期盟友、前新泽西州共和党州长克里斯·克里斯蒂(Chris Christie)共进午餐时,特朗普表示,解雇弗林将结束俄罗斯调查。

“This Russia thing is all over now because I fired Flynn,” Mr. Trump said, according to a new book by Mr. Christie.


Mr. Christie disagreed with that assessment. “This Russia thing is far from over,” Mr. Christie wrote that he told Mr. Trump, who responded: “What do you mean? Flynn met with the Russians. That was the problem. I fired Flynn. It’s over.”


Jared Kushner, the president’s son-in-law and senior adviser, was also at the lunch with Mr. Christie and viewed the firing the way his father-in-law did. “That’s right, firing Flynn ends the whole Russia thing,” Mr. Kushner said, according to Mr. Christie’s book.

当时一起吃午餐的总统女婿、高级顾问贾里德·库什纳(Jared Kushner)跟岳父的观点一样。根据克里斯蒂的书,库什纳说,“没错,解雇弗林结束了俄罗斯的事情。”