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    Sri Lanka is small, and this is called "a tear in the Indian Ocean" or "a pearl in the Indian Ocean", like a tear or a pearl, like her conflicting history and beauty.


    Sri Lanka has ruled by Portugal, the Netherlands and the UK, in recent years, the civil war ceasefire, pluralistic culture attract travelers from all over the world come to visit, full of design feeling of the fashion hotel soon, flight, boutiques, cafes are visible, but with the salon, barefoot step in the mud, the squat toilet between township roads, formed the sharp contrast.


    This is a buddhist country, tour guide said, 20 million people have four ethnic groups, four religions, but the sangjaro and Buddhism account for nearly 70 percent, this is also South Asia, with Bhutan ranked as the only two buddhist countries, religious buildings can be seen everywhere. Another focal point, it is tea garden, "Ceylon black tea" carry reputation the whole world, tea garden scenery also became one of the tourist attractions must appreciate.


    ● the eighth wonder of the world at lion rock

    ●登狮子岩 世界第八大奇蹟

    The tour guide said that lion rock is the "mark" of Sri Lanka, not to have been to the country is not aware of the country.


    The road to lion rock, surrounded by lush green, was once the palace of the patricide king casapa, who built his palace on top of the stone, built a moat around it, then became a monastery, and then disappeared into history until English archaeologists discovered it in the jungle. The rock is 200 meters high, with winding stone steps reaching the top and a concave rock in the middle.


    Climbing lion rock is harder than expected. Called "the eighth wonder of the world," "machu picchu in the Indian Ocean," it fell like a boulder from the sky onto a vast plain, formed by the condensation of volcanic lava and the erosion of rain. Walk around the moat outside the site into the Water Gardens, Boulder Gardens and other sites below lion rock, and Cobra Hood Cave, named for the rock topped with a rattlesnake.

    攀登狮子岩,比想像的吃力。这裡被称作「世界第八大奇蹟」,「印度洋上的马丘比丘」,像一块从天而降的巨石,坠落在一片辽阔的平原上,它来自火山熔岩冷凝,再加上雨水侵蚀而成。沿路绕过遗址外的护城河,进入「狮子岩」下方的水庭园(Water Gardens)、巨砾庭园(Boulder Gardens)等遗址,还有一处因顶部形似响尾蛇的巨石而得名的Cobra Hood Cave。

    Overlook lionrock, climbing a mountain is the endless road, paved with iron plate back staircase drumming in the foot, the half-naked had, followed by large flat and bare rock, who is said to be the Mirror of the "king", therefore, also known as the Mirror Wall (Mirror Wall) with one thousand on graffiti to tourists, as far as dates back to the 6th century BC.

    远眺狮子岩之后,就是无止尽的登山之路,铁板铺成的迴旋梯在脚下咚咚作响,探完半裸的仕女图,接著是大片平整又光秃的岩壁,据说曾是「国王的镜子」,因此又称镜子牆 (Mirror Wall) 上有著千年来游客的涂鸦,最远可追溯到西元6世纪。

    Through the narrow walkway, the view is suddenly widened. The broad platform has a pair of sharp and thick lion claws, which is also the only symbol of "lion" left in the lion rock.


    ● the kandy statue of Buddha and British architecture in the holy city

    ●圣城康提 佛像与英式建筑

    Kandy is an ancient city, surrounded by tea gardens and lakes, and many English buildings left behind. In the middle of the European style stands a huge Buddha statue. Kandy, which means "great city" or "capital" in sinhalese, is said to have been brought into Sri Lanka by an Indian princess in the 4th century AD with a tooth from the Buddha's death hidden in her hair.

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    康提( Kandy )是座古都城,山林茶园与湖泊环绕,还有许多遗留的英式建筑,欧风之间矗立著巨大佛像,嘟嘟车叭叭叭的快驶其间,动与静巧妙相融。Kandy在僧伽罗语中意为「伟大之城」或是「首都」,据说西元4世纪,印度公主将佛陀圆寂时的一颗牙齿藏在头髮中带进斯里兰卡,至今保存在康提佛牙寺中,成为斯里兰卡最神圣的地标。

    This tooth of Buddha, which has many legends, is also the main character in many movies. People from all walks of life fight for this supreme symbol of religion and kingship. Nowadays, getting into the temple is even more difficult. You have to change into a clean and white suit and go through various security checks, including everyone taking turns to enter the small room for a thorough inspection. Then you can take off your shoes and socks and worship the Buddha in the purest heart.


    The temple was built in the 15th century and expanded by successive Kings. Surrounded by the temple river, the temple has two layers, hall set hall, complex structure, among them, the most important building is the central hall, stone, wood, ivory carving, gold and silver casting ornaments, walls, beams and even the ceiling are full of color painting, like an art museum.


    A heavy pass, strange music sounds, sentient beings respect. Waiting for the completion of rites and music, and then around into the second floor of the inner temple, is also the center of the temple, the middle of the hall dedicated to a sitting Buddha, left dark room is the place for the tooth worship. But even into the temple of Buddha tooth, also do not see the Buddha tooth, it is protected by seven layers of golden urn, the tower is full of gemstones, layers of golden urn phase cover, the last small pagoda less than one meter high, the tower has a golden lotus flower, stamens have jade ring, the Buddha tooth is placed in the jade ring. It is said that the seven layers of the golden urn has a total of 19 keys, usually by the hereditary 19 directors custody, must all to all to open the golden urn. Every year, during the Buddha's tooth festival around the full moon in July or August, elephants are carried around the city.


    ● hidden in the town panting grotto temple

    ●隐于小镇 气喘吁吁石窟寺

    Tucked into the "golden triangle of culture", Dambulla is an undistinguished town that receives a constant stream of tourists thanks to its "grotto temple".


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    Grotto temple is located in the high ground, got off the car, all the way up the hill, still no sign of the temple. Until breathless, according to the order off shoes and socks, barefoot trampling on the smooth stone ground, only to see the temple eaves.


    According to documents, king Valagamba of anuradpura was usurped in the first century BC and fled there for 14 years. When he regained power, he turned the cave into a temple, which Kings built and centuries later became a center of faith.


    It is also the largest and best preserved cave buddhist temple in Sri Lanka. The whole cave temple is built along the cliff and divided into five caves. There are about 150 Buddha paintings and Buddha statues of different sizes and poses. Like "grotto no. 1," a 15-meter-long reservior Buddha built in a narrow stone cave that requires one side to the other to pass through, the guide warned that the Buddha had lotus flowers on the soles of its feet, but the dim light, age and the push of tourists made it difficult to look carefully. There are also many colorful murals, such as the largest "no. 2 grotto". Almost every corner is full of vivid buddhist stories.


    ● the world heritage fishing experience is more than just fun

    ●不只世遗 立钓体验超有趣

    Sri Lanka can be said to be almost a day of death, most of which are related to religion and history. If you want to experience something fun, Sri Lanka has all the hot air balloons, elephant rides, ayurvedic experiences, whale watching, etc. Apart from welcoming new students, there are also traditional interests, "vertical fishing" is one of them.


    "Stand fishing" as the name suggests is standing fishing. In the sea, the bamboo poles stand upright and the fishermen stand or sit on the poles and fish with fishing rods. This is the traditional vertical fishing in Sri Lanka. Lonely planet Sri Lanka, a travel book, took this as the cover and the traditional fishing became an instant hit.

    「立钓」顾名思义是站著钓鱼。大海中,一根根直立而起的竹竿,钓者或站或坐于竿上,手持渔竿钓鱼,这是斯里兰卡传统的立钓,旅游书lonely planet斯里兰卡一书就以此为封面,传统钓鱼瞬间暴红。

    Vertical fishing in Sri Lanka has been very few, most of the "design" for tourists to experience. Trampling on the beach, from afar, a picture of the scene can not help but hold your breath, standing between the sky and the sea, wearing a hat, dark skin, the expression of concentration of the fishermen in the sunset as a statue.


    This traditional fishing method has been handed down from generation to generation since the second world war and has become a unique cultural landscape along the southern coast of Sri Lanka. Fishermen say the wood in the sea lasts about four months and is replaced when it rots. The daily income is about three or four dollars.


    Vertical fishing may seem easy, but it is not. It is not easy to climb up the bare bamboo pole, and you have to cross your legs to keep balance and sit on the pole. Besides, there is no bait on the hook, so you have to hook the fish in the water with your skills.


    ● if you want to go


    Visa: electronic visa is available


    Season: the annual temperature is about 27 ℃. Except the rainy season in April, may, October and November, all other months are tourist seasons


    Dress wear: give priority to with light summer dress, enter temple unfavorable wear expose, knickers or skirt and slipper to wait, had better have on a complete white dress pants




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