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  Dumbarton, Scotland - "I thought she was dead," Lottie Mackinnon said quietly.

  苏格兰敦巴顿——“我以为她死定了,”洛蒂·麦金农(Lottie Mackinnon)平静地说。

  McKinnon and her two children huddled in the corner of the cafe, sipping hot chocolate, describing the day three years ago, she and her border collie Bonnie in Overton, Dunbarton, Scotland Take a walk on the bridge.


  As soon as we approached the bridge, Bonnie seemed to be controlled by something, McKinnon said. "At the beginning she was there, but then she seemed to be possessed by a strange energy, running and jumping off the railing."


  A dog is confused by evil forces and jumps from the bridge? It sounds like a ridiculous scene in the TV series Twilignt Zone.

  一条狗被邪恶力量迷惑,从桥上跳下去?听起来像是电视剧《迷离时空》(Twilignt Zone)里的荒谬场景。

  But the Scots insist that since the 1950s, hundreds of dogs have been suddenly driven and jumped from this Gothic stone bridge, McKinnon's dog is one of them. Many dogs died in the depths of the valley under the bridge covered with rugged rocks.


  Residents of Dumbarton, northwest of Glasgow, called the 100-year-old bridge Overton, a 50-foot canyon, a "dog suicide bridge."


  McKinnon grew up in the nearby Milton Village, recalling that she had rushed down the canyon, through the woods and bushes, and desperately looking for Bonnie's experience. But as she approached, Bonnie began to whimper and tried to stand up.


  It is a miracle that she can survive, she said.


  In this land of superstition, mythology and monsters - Scotland is, after all, the place where the legend of Loch Ness was created - this bridge is at the heart of a long-lasting mystery. Why are so many dogs jumping?


  According to local researchers, more than 300 dogs have jumped from the bridge; the tabloid reported that it was 600. It is said that at least 50 dogs have died.


  Some people provide some rational explanations about the terrain of the canyon, and the smell of mammals in the canyon can make the dog crazy.


  There are also some explanations with supernatural colors.

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  The location of the bridge is exceptionally quiet, tree-lined, and sometimes even makes people feel that everything is still, completely in line with the so-called "thinness" of the Kyle scribes - a place that is fascinating, heaven and earth Convergence here.


  “The people in Dunbarton are very superstitious,” said local taxi driver Alastair Dutton. "We played at this place in Overton from an early age. We believe there are ghosts here because we all see or feel ghosts here."

  “敦巴顿的人非常迷信,”当地出租车司机阿拉斯泰尔·达顿(Alastair Dutton)说。“我们从小在奥弗顿这片地方玩耍,我们相信这儿有鬼魂,因为我们都在这里看到或感觉到幽灵。”

  These jump bridge events inspired the episode of the American TV series The Unexplained Files. There is also a book devoted to this phenomenon.

  这些跳桥事件为美国电视剧《未解之谜》(The Unexplained Files)的一集提供了灵感。还有一本书是专门探讨这个现象的。

  However, despite so much attention, this mystery still exists and has not been resolved.


  From a distance, this gorgeous bridge built in the Victorian era of 1895 seems to be just a stretch of adjacent 19th-century manor, built by wealthy businessman James White in Dumbarton.

  从远处看,这座建于1895年维多利亚时代的华丽桥梁,似乎只是毗邻的一栋19世纪庄园的车道延伸,该庄园由富有的实业家詹姆斯·怀特(James White)在敦巴顿建造。

  The bridge spans the little Overton Bourne River and walks closer, you can see its three arches. Standing between the black granite walls of the bridge, it is easy to forget that the bridge is a deep canyon.


  In a nearby manor, current tenant Bob Hill said he and his wife have seen it since moving into the property called Overtoun House more than 17 years ago. The dog suddenly jumped off the bridge.

  在附近的庄园里,目前的租户鲍勃·希尔(Bob Hill)说,自从17多年前搬进这处如今名为奥弗顿庄园(Overtoun House)的房产以来,他和妻子曾看到几只狗突然从桥上跳下去。

  Hill is a pastor from Texas who runs a distressed women's aid center in the area. He provides a very practical explanation: small animals sprint in the canyon under the bridge, the smell of the dog makes the dog crazy, then They got rid of the dog leash - if they were being led - jumped down the bridge.


  These dogs will jump on the guardrail of the bridge when they smell the leeches, pines or other mammals, Hill said. "Because the guardrails are pointed, they will fall."


  However, he admits that the area of ??Overton is "a more exotic place."


  “Scotland is a place with many supernatural phenomena that are common in people's lives,” he added.


  Paul Owens, a religious and philosophical teacher in Glasgow, grew up in a small town near the bridge and recently published a book about the mystery. In explaining the phenomenon of dog jumping, he stood firmly in the supernatural camp.

  保罗·欧文斯(Paul Owens)是格拉斯哥的一名宗教和哲学教师,他在这座桥附近的一个小镇长大,最近出版了一本关于这个谜团的书。在对狗跳桥现象作出解释时,他坚定地站在超自然的阵营。

  After 11 years of research, I am sure that there is a ghost behind everything, he said outside a bar in a rainy day in Glasgow.


  Owens's theory is very popular among some local residents. They grew up listening to the story of "White Lady of Overtoun", the son of James, John White. The grief of the will.

  欧文斯的理论在一些当地居民中很受欢迎,他们从小就听着“奥弗顿的怀特女士”(White Lady of Overtoun)的故事长大,这位女士是詹姆斯之子约翰·怀特(John White)的悲痛遗孀。

  After the death of her husband in 1908, this woman spent more than 30 years in sorrow alone, said Dunbarton resident Marion Murray. "Since then, her ghost has been in this area. People have seen her appear by the window and still move around."

  “1908年丈夫去世后,这个女人在悲伤中独自度过了30多年,”敦巴顿居民玛丽昂·穆雷(Marion Murray)说。“自那以后,她的幽灵就一直在这一带徘徊。人们看到过她出现在窗户边,还在四周走动。”

  One day, Emma Dunlop, who said she had heard the "horror story," went to Overton with her Labrador Retriever Ginger anyway.

  有一天,说自己听到过“恐怖故事”的艾玛·邓洛普(Emma Dunlop)无论如何带着她的拉布拉多猎犬金杰(Ginger)去奥弗顿走了一遭。

  She did not let him out of her wagon until he was tied with a rope.


  He never tried to jump down, she said. "But sometimes when he walks on the bridge, he will stop or squat, so I have been very careful."


  Jin Jie jumped out of the car, ran around the owner, then went straight to the Overton Bridge and ran to the other end without hesitation.


  But then Jin Jie stunned and looked back at what was on the bridge, but the human eye seemed to see nothing.


  Ah, she is there - that white girl, Dunlop said with a smile, suggesting that Jin Jie saw the ghost on the bridge.


  Then they went on a walk.




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