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  Trash itself is a lens through which I can see what is happening in Chatham.


  ——Andy Patrican


  On July 5, 2017, in the resort town of Chatham, Massachusetts, USA, it was the hottest day of the day. My partner Benjamin and I appeared in the huge backyards of adjoining seaside houses, carrying large green trash cans, and dumping garbage into the back of the garbage truck. I jumped on the pedal after the car and was ready to go to the next station, thinking that despite sweating, sore body, many insect bite wounds and waste water, this job made me extremely happy.


  Like many children, I fell in love with garbage trucks when I was walking. Unlike most children, I have never given up on this obsession. When I was 8 years old, I joined a community “trashmonster26” on YouTube, where a group of like-minded people posted various videos related to garbage trucks.


  Over the next nine years, I spent quite a lot of time looking for garbage trucks of various models-not only in my hometown of San Diego, but also using my family to spend time on vacations in Sacramento and Boston, chasing all kinds of watching Less than garbage truck.


  I know these cars well, and with just a glance, I can tell the brand, model and year of almost all garbage trucks in China. Over the past few years, the channel has accumulated more than 6,000 subscribers and 4 million views. Most of my friends who have the same interest as me and are older than me are growing up doing garbage collection, which my parents strongly opposed. 纽约时报中英文网 http://www.qqenglish.com


  I knew that I would go to college after graduating from high school, but I still wanted to experience working in a truck. Although few transportation companies hire people under the age of 18, I know that there is a small family business called Benjamin T. Nickerson Inc. near my grandparents' house on the East Coast that could break the norm Find a seasonal helper. I called their office and after several emails perseveringly, I was hired as a summer job.

  我从小就知道高中毕业后要上大学,但我仍然想要体验在卡车上的工作。虽然几乎没有哪家运输公司会雇佣18岁以下的人,但我知道东海岸我祖父母家附近有一家名叫本杰明·尼克森公司(Benjamin T. Nickerson Inc.)的小型家族企业,可能会打破常规,找一些季节性帮工。我给他们的办公室打了电话,在坚持不懈地发了几封邮件之后,我被录用为暑期工。

  For my classmates, running to a small fishing village to dispose of the garbage of others all day sounds like a very unpleasant summer. For me, it was one of the freest experiences of my life.


  My day begins at dawn, well before the time when vacationers in this area want to get up. I got rid of the shackles of the classroom and the shackles of my parents. Only me and an empty road.


  Trash is a shot in itself, through which I see what is happening in Chatham. On July 5th, I saw the American flag and the finished fireworks. The worst stop of the day was the dumpster at Fish Terminal, which smelled heavier than Chatham's garbage transfer station. The Chatham Interchange is an industrial building where we dump that day's rubbish and they are then transferred to a landfill a few miles away. In a shipyard, a dangerous combination of sawdust and reactive chemicals caused a small fire on a garbage truck.


  There are few similarities between my classmates at High Tech High and my clients in Chatham. The children in my class come from different backgrounds and cultural groups in San Diego. Almost all the people cooling off in Chatham were wealthy whites.

  我在高科技高中(High Tech High)的同班同学和我在查塔姆的客户之间几乎没有相似之处。我班上的孩子来自圣地亚哥不同的背景和文化群体。在查塔姆消暑的人群几乎都是富裕的白人。

  At least in my opinion, the only thing that makes them consistent is that they don't want to do my job. My classmates think of air-conditioned cinemas and retail stores when they are looking for work, rather than heavy physical work.


  I thought about entering a field related to waste management, such as civil engineering, but I think I might pursue another hobby of mine, such as criminal law or political science. I know that no matter which path I choose, this experience will be part of my ultimate success.




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