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Events of 2014, From Food to Art to Music

As 2014 gets underway, here’s a look at some of the most interesting events in the year ahead.


Where the Dishes (Lots of Them) Come to You


Each of these food festivals has its share of star wattage. But their real appeal is that they supply homegrown takes on local cuisine and manage to give back to the community by supporting emerging food producers and hunger-focused organizations.


To accommodate growing numbers, the sixth annual San Francisco Street Food Festival (sfstreetfoodfest.com; Aug. 15 to 17) moves from the Mission District this year to the up-and-coming Dogpatch neighborhood on the city’s east side. Organized by La Cocina, a local nonprofit that supports aspiring entrepreneurs, the roving event is a three-day affair: a ticketed Friday night market and fund-raiser; an all-day Saturday street festival with 80 vendors, including big-name restaurants like State Bird Provisions and Central Kitchen, that has attracted upward of 50,000 people (entry is free, though dishes are not); and a Sunday food and entrepreneurship conference. This year, Saturday vendors will have a new offering: a to-be-determined menu item that’s a unifying dish across all cuisines — a “Top Chef”-style challenge, with individual approaches by all participating chefs.

为了适应日渐增长的观众规模,2014年的第六届年度旧金山街头美食节(San Francisco Street Food Festival;sfstreetfoodfest.com; 8月15至17日)将从教会区(Mission District)转移到旧金山东部蒸蒸日上的新兴社区Dogpatch。主办方是本地的非盈利组织拉古奇那地中海味觉馆(La Cocina),为胸怀大志的创业者提供支持。这场移动的美食盛会为期三天:星期五的夜市和募捐活动,需要购票入场;星期六全天的街头美食节,有80个店铺参加,包括大名鼎鼎的餐馆State Bird Provisions和中央厨房(Central Kitchen),能吸引5万多名顾客(入场免费,但菜肴需要付钱);星期天则是美食及创业精神研讨会。今年,星期六的庆典又有新招:全市所有厨师将使用通用的菜单和统一的菜肴名称。这是一个“顶级大厨”风格的挑战,是每个厨师共同努力的结晶。

New England rules at the fifth annual Boston Local Food Festival (bostonlocalfoodfestival.org; Sept. 14), the region’s biggest one-day farmers’ market and culinary showcase, held at the Rose Kennedy Greenway. Tens of thousands have turned out for food trucks, celebrity chef demos and D.I.Y. booths on pickling and butchery. Given the geography, it’s no surprise that sustainable fish is a big focus, with a seafood cooking competition hosted by the Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance.

新英格兰举办的第五届年度波士顿乡土美食节(Boston Local Food Festival;bostonlocalfoodfestival.org;9月14日)是这片地区最大的全天候农贸集市和美食展会,举办地点在罗斯·肯尼迪绿廊(Rose Kennedy Greenway)。1万名顾客聚集于此,到处是流动餐车、明星大厨的烹饪表演和DIY小屋,你可以在小屋里亲手制作腌菜或肉食。考虑到地理因素,这里的一大亮点就是取之不尽的鱼虾,没有谁会为此惊讶。节庆期间,西北大西洋海产协会(Northwest Atlantic Marine Alliance)还将组织一场海鲜烹饪大赛。

The seventh annual Food Network New York City Wine and Food Festival (nycwff.org; Oct. 16 to 19) was inspired by a one-night benefit in 2007. Since then, the Food Network-sponsored event has raised more than $7 million for Food Bank for New York City and Share Our Strength’s No Kid Hungry campaign. Draws include tastings, cooking demonstrations, seminars and late-night parties with the likes of Masaharu Morimoto, Martha Stewart, Marcus Samuelsson and Tom Colicchio, all against the glittering waterfront backdrop of Piers 92 and 94 and other locations around the city. — BONNIE TSUI

第七节年度美食网络纽约市酒水美食节(New York City Wine and Food Festival;nycwff.org;10月16日至19日)起源于2007年的一场盛会,当年这一美食节只是夜晚的活动。从那时起,美食网络主办的盛会已经为纽约市粮食银行及携手儿童无饥饿运动募集了700多万美元的善款。它的诱人之处包括免费品尝、烹饪演出、研讨会,还可以与与国际名厨森本正治(Masaharu Morimoto)、玛莎·斯图尔特(Martha Stewart)、马库斯·萨缪尔逊(Marcus Samuelsson)及汤姆·克里吉奥(Tom Colicchio)等人一起参加深夜派对,身后就是92号及94号码头璀璨的水滨景观以及纽约市其他美不胜收的风景——BONNIE TSUI

Rock, Ska and Electronica Extravaganzas


Music festivals seem to be growing bigger every year. If they’re not adding interactive art, Ferris wheels or all-night dance parties, they’re branching out on international tours or with offshoot events in the far corners. Even Muddy Roots, an independent down-home mash-up in Cookeville, Tenn. (muddyrootsrecords.com; Aug. 29 to 31), hosts a European edition in Waardame, Belgium (at the Cowboy Up Saloon, no less; June 20 to 22). And festivalgoers are ready and willing to go there. For fans of thumping beats, a sampling of coming festivals dynamic enough to warrant a trip might start with the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas (electricdaisycarnival.com; June 20 to 22). Just one among the recent proliferation of flat-out extravaganzas devoted to electronica, E.D.C. features a dusk-till-dawn schedule of D.J.’s, as well as an actual carnival of rides, clowns, stilt walkers, light shows and pyrotechnics to help light the Vegas strip. Look for editions in Mexico, New Jersey, London, Puerto Rico and Orlando, beginning in the spring.

音乐节的规模似乎年年看涨。人们要么增加互动艺术、摩天轮或者通宵舞会,要么举行国际巡演,或者在遥远的小城市举办分场。就连泥根音乐节(Muddy Roots)这种本来只在美国田纳西州库克威尔举办的独立乡土混搭(muddyrootsrecords.com;8月29日至31日),也有了欧洲版:这场歌舞盛会将于6月20日至22日在比利时Waardame的Cowboy Up Saloon举办,派对发烧友们应该会非常开心到现场观看。喜欢劲爆音乐的朋友可以去拉斯维加斯的电子雏菊嘉年华(Electric Daisy Carnival,简称E.D.C.;electricdaisycarnival.com;6月20日至22日),从这活力四射的起点,启程你的动感音乐之旅。近年来,电子音乐的华丽盛会层出不穷,电子雏菊嘉年华的特色是从黄昏到黎明的整夜DJ秀,更有飞车、小丑、高跷、灯光与烟火表演,照耀你的赌城之旅,不愧是一场名副其实的音乐狂欢。此外,在墨西哥、新泽西、伦敦、波多黎各和奥兰多,你也可以见识到电子雏菊嘉年华的风采,演出安排从春季开始。

A more diverse lineup can be found at Sziget in Budapest (szigetfestival.com; Aug. 11 to 18). Set on the island of Obuda, this live mix tape of musical genres draws artists as diverse as Calexico, an alt-country band from Arizona, and La Pegatina, a Catalonian ska and rumba group. Costumed entertainers roam the grounds here too, and many attendees camp on the island to make the most of the event’s 24-hour schedule.

匈牙利首都布达佩斯的Sziget音乐节(szigetfestival.com;8月11日至18日)阵容更为多元。这场精彩迭出的现场秀举办地点是Obuda岛,音乐风格五花八门,演出者包括来自亚利桑那州的另类乡村乐队Calexico和卡塔洛尼亚斯卡及伦巴乐队La Pegatina。这场盛会24小时不眠不休,盛装的演员闲庭信步,大批观众在岛上露营,将狂欢的气氛推向了极致。

Founded in a city that has become a darling of the travel world in its own right, Iceland Airwaves, an indie rock fest in Reykjavik (icelandairwaves.is; Nov. 5 to 9) is set apart by its noteworthy venues, which include the Blue Lagoon, a pool heated by a nearby geothermal power plant, and the Harpa concert hall, home to the Iceland Symphony Orchestra, as well as local bars, clubs and museums. Performers have yet to be announced but in the past have included a mix of local mainstays like Bjork and Sigur Ros and non-Icelandic alt-rockers like Florence and the Machine and TV on the Radio. — RACHEL HARRIS

冰岛的雷克雅未克是旅行者眼中的甜美之乡,而这里的独立摇滚音乐节冰岛电波(icelandairwaves.is;11月5日至9日)因坐拥绝佳地点而更具魅力。这场大型音乐节的场地包括由地热供暖的温泉蓝潟湖(Blue Lagoon)、冰岛交响乐团所在地哈珀音乐厅以及城里无数酒吧、俱乐部和博物馆。演出阵容虽然还没公开,但在过去,有本地的顶梁柱如比约克(Bjork)、胜利玫瑰(Sigur Ros)及非冰岛裔的另类摇滚乐队,包括英国的佛罗伦丝与机器(Florence and the Machine)和美国的电视电台(TV on the Radio)——Rachel Harris

Catching the Games or the Match


Sports are an often overlooked window into local cultures, and in 2014, travelers have an opportunity to experience the world’s two grandest international sporting events — the Olympic Games and the World Cup — in exotic locations where winter sports and soccer aren’t mere pastimes.


Even if you aren’t a fan of the beautiful game, it’s hard not to be enticed by the prospect of experiencing the World Cup in futebol-crazy Brazil, which is hosting the 32-nation tournament for the first time since 1950. Fans can apply for tickets until Jan. 30 on the FIFA website, or book a package tour that includes tickets.


The Winter Games in Sochi (Feb. 7 to 23) have taken a beating in the court of public opinion on a variety of fronts. But Sochi is a lively Black Sea resort town with a temperate, subtropical climate in easy striking distance of world-class skiing, and Aeroflot is offering surprisingly competitive fares from New York to Sochi via Moscow for some dates during the Games. Russian authorities have promised expedited visa processing for Olympic travelers, and although you don’t need a hotel reservation or an invitation letter to get a visa, you need to buy an event ticket (available from CoSport, the official American ticket vendor for the Olympics) and apply for a spectator pass.


You don’t need tickets to check out the Kontxako Bandera, a festive rowing regatta that’s been held the first two Sundays in September in San Sebastián, Spain, almost every year since 1879. Teams from throughout the Basque Country compete for regional bragging rights, and the pageantry and street parties attract more than 100,000 revelers who line the steep hills surrounding the city’s lively old town to get the best views of the action. 纽约时报中英文网 http://www.qqenglish.com

欢声震天的赛艇大会Kontxako Bandera自从1879年以来,几乎每年9月的前两个星期天都会在西班牙的圣巴斯蒂安举行,游客不需要检票就可以参加。参赛队伍来自西班牙巴斯克地区各地,运动员为家乡的荣誉奋力拼搏。街头派对和壮丽的游行活动会吸引10万名以上的赛艇发烧友,他们坐在活力古城周围陡峭山坡上的观众席上大饱眼福,欢呼雀跃。

If you don’t have the budget or time to head overseas, consider making the trip to balmy San Diego to watch the United States and Britain renew the oldest Davis Cup tennis rivalry at intimate Petco Park Jan. 31 to Feb. 2. The United States Tennis Association chose to host the matches (called a “tie” in Davis Cup parlance) on a red-clay court for the first time in more than 20 years. The court and about 6,500 temporary seats will be set up in the outfield of the stadium. Ticket packages for the three-session, best-of-five series start at just $90 for the weekend. — DAVE SEMINARA

如果你预算有限或时间不足,不能去美国以外的地方观战,那么可以考虑去往芳香的圣地亚哥,观赏美国和英国运动员为最古老的戴维斯杯(Davis Cup)网球公开赛增添活力。地点在宁静宜人的派特克公园(Petco Park),时间是1月31日至2月2日。美国网球协会组织球员在红土场上展开鏖战,这在二十多年间还是第一次。体育馆将临时增建一座球场及6500多个临时座位。球赛套票含三场比赛(五局三胜),周末票价80美元起——DAVE SEMINARA

Calling All Collectors: Art Fairs From London to Santa Fe


For globe-trotting collectors, the 2014 season begins in London with the annual London Art Fair (londonartfair.co.uk; Jan. 15 to 19), opening with an exhibition dedicated to the artist Barbara Hepworth and British Modernism. Cape Town, designated the World Design Capital of 2014 by the International Council of Societies of Industrial Design, will host Guild (guilddesignfair.com; Feb. 28 to March 9), the city’s first international design fair, featuring art and functional objects from nine exhibitors headlined by the Dutch designer Nacho Carbonell.

在全球各地的收藏家眼中,2014艺术季始于伦敦。一年一度的伦敦艺术展(londonartfair.co.uk)1月15日至19日举行,开场是艺术家芭芭拉·赫普沃斯(Barbara Hepworth)作品及英国现代主义艺术主题展。国际工业设计协会指定的2014工业设计之都开普敦将举办Guild设计展(guilddesignfair.com;2月28日至3月9日),这是开普敦举行的第一场国际设计展,会上将展出荷兰设计大师纳克·卡波奈尔(Nacho Carbonell)推崇的九家参展商的艺术和功能作品。

Breaking from its association with traditional art and craft, San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, will host the third SMART, or San Miguel Art, festival (smartsanmiguel.com; May 31 to June 2) with a focus on contemporary art from Latin America.

在墨西哥圣米格尔德阿连德(San Miguel de Allende)举办的第三届圣米格尔艺术节(San Miguel Art,简称SMART;smartsanmiguel.com;5月31日至6月2日)将聚焦拉丁美洲当代艺术。

In Switzerland, Art Basel (artbasel.com; June 19 to 22) expects to attract over 300 international galleries.

瑞士的艺术巴塞尔大展(Art Basel;artbasel.com;6月19日至22日)有望吸引全世界300多个美术馆参加。

Collectors of folk art flock to the annual Santa Fe International Folk Art Market (folkartmarket.org; July 11 to 13), which claims to be the largest of its kind in the world; the market will fill the city’s Museum Hill plaza with works from 150 selected artists from 54 countries.

每年一度的圣达菲国际民间艺术市场(Santa Fe International Folk Art Market;folkartmarket.org;7月11至13日)都吸引了五湖四海的许多民间艺术收藏家。在同类艺术盛会中,这是规模最大的一个。举办场所是美国新墨西哥州圣达菲市的希尔博物馆(Museum Hill plaza)广场,展品包括来自54个国家的150位顶尖艺术家的杰作。

And in its 25th iteration Art Miami (art-miami.com; Dec. 2 to 7) will draw 125 galleries from around the world and tens of thousands of attendees. The concurrent Art Basel Miami Beach (artbasel.com/en/Miami-Beach; Dec. 4 to 7) recorded 75,000 visitors last year. — ELAINE GLUSAC

第25届艺术迈阿密大展(Art Miami;art-miami.com;12月2日至7日)将会吸引全世界125个艺术馆参展,上万名观众参观。巴塞尔迈阿密海滩艺术博览会(Art Basel Miami Beach;artbasel.com/en/Miami-Beach;12月4日至7日)同期进行,去年有75000名观众参加——ELAINE GLUSAC

Celebrations and Remembrances


Military remembrances headline 2014 anniversaries, beginning with the 100th-year commemoration of World War I, featuring events across Europe and, in London, new World War I galleries at the Imperial War Museum coming in July. Across the English Channel, June 6 is the 70th anniversary of D-Day, the decisive battle of the Second World War, memorialized on the beaches of Normandy in France.

军事怀旧风是2014盛典的主题。首先是各国纪念“一战”一百周年的活动,特别是在欧洲。7月份,伦敦帝国战争博物馆(Imperial War Museum)将新开张一批“一战”主题艺术馆。在英吉利海峡对岸的法国,人们将要隆重纪念诺曼底登陆70周年。诺曼底战役是“二战”中的决定性战役,每年7月6日,法国诺曼底海滩都要举行登陆主题的纪念活动。

A much older conflict, the Battle of Bannockburn, which led to Scottish independence, marks its 700th year with a new visitor center in March.

还有一场古老的战事:1314年,班诺克本(Bannockburn Bannockburn)之战直接带来了苏格兰的独立。今年3月份,苏格兰将在一座新的游客中心为它举办700周年盛典。

In the cultural world, the Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg celebrates its 250th anniversary with the opening of a new wing devoted to works of art from the 19th century to the present. Theater fans worldwide will celebrate the 450th birthday of William Shakespeare, including those in his English hometown Stratford-upon-Avon, holding a two-day party in April. Meanwhile, Wales will celebrate the centenary of its most famous writer, Dylan Thomas.

在文化界,俄罗斯圣彼得堡的东宫博物馆(Hermitage Museum)即将迎来250周年馆庆,同时新开张一座新馆,展品包括从十九世纪至今的许多艺术珍宝。世界各地的戏剧爱好者都在庆祝威廉·莎士比亚的450周年诞辰,4月份,莎翁的故乡——英格兰艾冯河畔的斯特拉福德小镇(Stratford-upon-Avon)将要举行为期两天的派对。同时,威尔士将庆祝他们最著名的作家迪伦·托马斯(Dylan Thomas)的百岁诞辰。

On this side of the ocean, several cities and states salute landmark ages with events and travel deals, including Beverly Hills, which hits the century mark, South Dakota at 125, St. Louis turning 250, and New Jersey celebrating 350. On the recreational front, SeaWorld in San Diego turns 50, the Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N.Y., is 75, and in Colorado Rocky Mountain National Park reaches 100. In Latin America, the landmark Panama Canal will hit 100 — and keep on growing, with a new channel currently under construction. — ELAINE GLUSAC

而在大洋此岸的美国,好几座城市、好几个州都要用盛会与旅行特惠活动来欢庆走开的重大诞辰,包括比佛利山的百岁大寿、南达科他州建州125周年、圣路易斯建市250周年、新泽西州建州350周年纪念。在娱乐前沿,圣地亚哥海洋公园(SeaWorld)将庆祝50岁诞辰,纽约州古柏镇的棒球名人堂(Baseball Hall of Fame)将迎来75周年庆典,科罗拉多落基山国家公园(Colorado Rocky Mountain National Park)将为自己举办百岁寿宴。在拉丁美洲,举足轻重的巴拿马海峡即将迎来100周年纪念日。巴拿马海峡还在增长,目前正在修建一道新的海峡——Elaine Glusac



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