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谷歌2019年热门搜索:板球、卡梅隆·博伊斯、iPhone 11

The most popular Google searches in 2019 included cricket competitions,the death of actor Cameron Boyce and the iPhone 11.

2019年最受欢迎的谷歌搜索包括板球比赛、演员卡梅隆·博伊斯之死和iPhone 11。

Google recently released its yearly ranking of worldwide search terms that had the highest growth compared to the year before.


Three of the top 10 searches related to international cricket competition,including"India vs South Africa,"which was number one.At number 4 was"Bangladesh vs India,"while"ICC Cricket World Cup"came in 10th.


Searches about the Copa America soccer competition—which decides the champion of South America—came in at number 3.


The second-highest search on the list was the name Cameron Boyce,a 20-year-old American actor who died in July.The Disney Channel star's death was connected to the disease epilepsy.

排名第二的是卡梅隆·博伊斯(Cameron Boyce),一位20岁的美国演员,今年7月去世。迪斯尼频道明星的死与癫痫病有关。

Apple's release of the iPhone 11 placed fifth in Google's worldwide search rankings.


The next three searches were related to American-produced entertainment.The highly successful HBO television series Game of Thrones was the sixth most popular search on Google.Next was the superhero movie Avengers:Endgame,followed by the long-awaited film Joker.

接下来的三次搜索与美国制作的娱乐节目有关。HBO电视剧《权力的游戏》(Game of Thrones)非常成功,是谷歌第六大热门搜索。接下来是超级英雄电影《复仇者:结局》,接下来是期待已久的电影小丑。 纽约时报中英文网 http://www.qqenglish.com

The other search term to make Google's top ten list was"Notre Dame."It demonstrated great international interest after a fire in April severely damaged the famed Roman Catholic cathedral in Paris,France.


Google also released a video with the rankings.The video centers on the year's searches for different kinds of heroes in entertainment,sports and news."Throughout history,in times of uncertainty,"the video says,"the world looks for heroes."The video continues:"In 2019,searches for heroes soared."


In the United States,the most popular 2019 search term was"Disney Plus."Disney Plus is a video streaming service launched last month.It is seen as a direct push by Disney to compete with existing services like Netflix,Hulu and Apple TV Plus.

在美国,2019年最受欢迎的搜索词是“迪斯尼Plus”。迪斯尼Plus是上个月推出的视频流服务。这被视为迪士尼与Netflix、Hulu和Apple TV Plus等现有服务竞争的直接推动力。

Other top U.S.searches included Hurricane Dorian,Notre Dame Cathedral and the Women's World Cup soccer championship.Americans also searched for information about a gathering near the U.S.military base known as Area 51.Area 51 is known in popular culture as a research center for government studies of creatures from outer space and alien spaceships.

纽约时报中英文网 http://www.qqenglish.com


Many of the search terms remained common across different parts of the world.For example,it was no surprise that the top searches in Britain involved Rugby and Cricket.This was also the case in India,Pakistan,Bangladesh and Australia.


The top vacation searches worldwide sought information about Maldives,Mexico,Japan,Bora Bora and Las Vegas,Nevada.


Under the subject"babies"Google reported that Baby Yoda and Baby Shark ranked ahead of royal baby,a search for information about the birth of a real baby to Britain's Prince Harry and his American wife Meghan Markle.

在“婴儿”这一主题下,谷歌报道说,婴儿尤达和鲨鱼宝宝排在“皇家婴儿”的前面,这是对英国哈里王子和他的美国妻子梅根·马克尔(Meghan Markle)关于一个真正婴儿出生信息的搜索。

In many nations,environmental activist Greta Thunberg topped the search list.

在许多国家,环境活动家格丽塔·桑伯格(Greta Thunberg)名列搜索榜首。

In France,searches related to Notre Dame Cathedral were the most popular,followed by news about the country's elections.


In Germany,the most popular searches included news about the death of designer Karl Lagerfeld and the European Parliament election.


In Canada,a top search question was,"Who should I vote for?"


While in South Africa,a top question searched was,"Why were cornflakes invented?"



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