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The Japanese Ministry of Defense announced on the morning of the 15th that the P-3C patrol aircraft of the Maritime Self-Defense Force found that a Chinese Navy's "East Tuning" class intelligence collection ship entered the west of Kagoshima prefecture's Nagaura Island at about 3:30 am In the territorial waters of Japan, the intelligence-gathering ship departed from the territorial waters of Japan from south of Yakushima at about 5 am. The Ministry of Defense said that Chinese intelligence vessels "trailed" two Indian ships sailing in Japanese territorial waters. The two Indian ships are participating in a joint exercise between the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force and the US and Indian navies in the waters near Okinawa.
Chinese warship sails into Japanese territorial waters
"It is extremely rare for Chinese warships to enter Japanese territorial waters," the Asahi Shimbun website quoted a message from the Japanese Ministry of Integration and Staff Supervision. Japanese Defense Minister Nakatani said to the media on the 15th that "Chinese naval ships are tracking Indian warships." Nakatani also said that he would continue to work on the surveillance of the surrounding waters and airspace and share information with the US military. With regard to whether the actions of Chinese warships were "innocent passage" permitted by international law, Nakatani stated that "analysis is ongoing." "Nihon Keizai Shimbun" said that since 2004, Chinese warships have re-entered Japan's territorial waters after 12 years. In November 2004, the Chinese Navy's nuclear submarine entered the waters around Ishigaki Island in Okinawa. At that time, Japan's maritime security operations required Chinese ships to evacuate.
“中国军舰进入日本领海的情况极为罕见,”《朝日新闻》网站引述日本统合和幕僚监督部的消息。日本防卫大臣中谷由纪夫15日对媒体表示,“中国海军舰艇正在跟踪印度军舰”,中谷由纪夫还表示,将继续致力于对周边海域和空域的监视,并与美军共享信息。对于中国军舰的行动是否是国际法允许的“无害通过”,中谷正一表示“正在进行分析”《日本经济新闻》说,自2004年以来,中国军舰在12年后重新进入日本领海。2004年11月,中国海军核潜艇进入冲绳石垣岛附近海域。当时,日本海上保安行动要求中国船只撤离。<纽约时报中英文网 http://www.qqenglish.com/>
A Japanese official was quoted by Reuters as saying that the Chinese intelligence vessel was tracking the US aircraft carrier "Stannis" in the western Pacific waters on Wednesday. The 100,000-ton class "Stannis" is carrying F-18 fighters along with 9 other ships to participate in the 8-day US-Japan-India Malabar joint military exercise in the waters near the Okinawa chain.
The Ministry of Defense is currently on alert
According to the Asahi Shimbun, the director of the Asian and Oceanian Bureau of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan, Kanji Kanyama, called the Chinese ambassador to Japan on the morning of the 15th and expressed concern over a series of activities by the Chinese Navy. However, Japanese government officials said the call was not a protest. Japan News Network said that Japan ’s Cabinet Secretary Deputy Secretary Shi Genghongcheng said at a press conference: “The Japanese government has expressed its concerns to the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs through the Embassy in Beijing.” Japan ’s TV station said on the 15th The voyage of Chinese warships "cannot be said to be harmless navigation", nor is it an action in violation of the International Law of the Sea treaty. The Ministry of Defense is currently under constant alert.
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On the 9th of this month, after a Chinese frigate sailed into the contiguous area 12 nautical miles away from the Diaoyu Islands, the Japanese government made a big fuss, and in the early morning that day, it called on Chinese ambassador to Japan Cheng Yonghua to protest. Regarding the Japanese government's response to the latest incident on the 15th, Agence France-Presse commented that the Japanese side's response was relatively modest this time. Japan ’s official deputy official Shi Genghong explained the different attitudes of the Japanese side: “On the Senkaku Islands (that is, I Diaoyu Islands), China insists on its own claims and considers its own territory, and of course there is a difference in response.” Kyodo News reports that the Japanese government has shown a more pronounced critical attitude that the Chinese side "escalated the situation" after sailing on the Diaoyu Islands adjoining area on the 9th (Japanese Minister of Foreign Affairs Kumida Fumio).
Apparently smearing China
Regardless of attitude, the Japanese side's hype is obviously suspected of discrediting China. Reporters in Japan found that after the news was released on the morning of the 15th, many media such as NHK TV, "Yomiuri Shimbun" and "Sankei Shimbun" rolled reports with titles similar to "Chinese warships invading Japan's territorial waters", giving people tension. Feeling. NHK TV also specially broadcasted footage of two local residents of Kojima Ryobu Island being interviewed, and it was titled "Residents on the island called" True Terror "".


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