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According to Vietnam ’s national television report on the 29th, Vietnamese police smashed an underground illegal online gambling den and arrested more than 380 Chinese people involved in the case. The Ministry of Public Security of Vietnam said that it was the largest illegal gambling network in the history of Vietnam in terms of the number of foreigners involved and the amount of transactions conducted in Vietnam. The Vietnam Express website states that as Vietnam and China have signed an extradition treaty, Vietnamese authorities will hand over the arrested suspects to the Chinese police.
Arrest more than 380 suspects
Vietnam ’s Ministry of Public Security stated in a statement on its official website that Vietnamese police found the location of the crime in Haiphong, about 100 kilometers from the capital Hanoi. On the night of the 28th, about 500 police raided the place and arrested more than 380 suspects. The suspects are between 18 and 24 years old and are Chinese. According to the statement, the crime was located in a heavily guarded community in Haiphong. The suspect operated an online gambling site in more than 100 rooms and helped Chinese gamblers place bets on sports games and illegal lotteries via the Internet. The total transaction amount was about 30. 100 million yuan. Police also confiscated 2,000 smartphones and 530 computers, as well as a large number of bank cards and cash.
越南公安部在其官方网站上发表声明说,越南警方在距首都河内约100公里的海防发现了案发地点。28日晚,约500名警察突袭该地,逮捕了380多名嫌疑人。嫌犯年龄在18至24岁之间,是中国人。根据声明,犯罪地点位于海防一个戒备森严的社区。嫌犯在100多个房间经营一个在线赌博网站,并帮助中国赌徒通过互联网在体育游戏和非法彩票上下注。交易总额约为30英镑。1亿元。警方还没收了2000部智能手机和530台电脑,以及大量银行卡和现金。<-->纽约时报中英文网 http://www.qqenglish.com<-->
Close to 30,000 yuan per person per month
According to the Vietnam News website, the above-mentioned criminal gang is a high-tech complex criminal organization that uses foreign investment companies in Vietnam as a "cover" to commit crimes in cyberspace. It is reported that more than 380 arrested suspects are divided into several groups to work shifts 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that someone is "working" at any time. They have almost no activity other than operating a gambling site, and have little contact with the outside world. Even if these people leave the community, they can only move within the limits of the city. It is understood that the monthly salary of each of these suspects is close to 30,000 yuan. At the time of their arrest, they were “focusing on” operating online gambling sites online. Judging from the photos, a computer was placed in the place of the crime neatly, and each room was like a large internet cafe.
纽约时报中英文网 http://www.qqenglish.com/

A hotbed of outlaws online gambling
According to Reuters, gambling in Vietnam is illegal in most cases, but some foreigners are allowed to legally gamble in some local casinos, such as Da Nang casinos that gather a lot of foreign tourists. Tolerance of foreigners' gambling has led Vietnam in recent years to be regarded as a breeding ground for illegal online gaming operations. In 2018, Vietnam announced a trial plan to relax restrictions on Vietnamese gambling, allowing some Vietnamese citizens to enter certain casinos, but illegal gambling cases are still growing rapidly due to the huge profits, which forced the government to launch a "clean-up operation". Vietnamese media said that in November last year, two senior Vietnamese police officers were exploded to participate in the behind-the-scenes operation of an underground gambling house and were eventually sentenced to prison. The criminal group involved millions of dollars.


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