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  As people age, hypertension, coronary heart disease and other chronic diseases are easy to find.


  Physical discomfort has brought a burden to themselves and their families, but the house leakage on the rainy night, a lot of people at this time personality changes, become a family in the eyes of the "eccentric".



  In fact, many people have psychological problems such as depression, which are caused by chronic diseases.


  According to the investigation, 30%~64% of patients were depressed after stroke.


  Of those with myocardial infarction, 45% had depression.



  Psychological experts said that some patients with cardiovascular disease, depression, anxiety and other psychological problems, and even develop to mental illness, often in two special stages, one is just aware of their physical problems, the second is in the treatment and rehabilitation period.


  These two stages are prone to psychological problems because patients are aware of changes in their social functioning.


  When not ill can do anything without scruple, once ill, what can not put open hands and feet, see oneself this also can't do that also can't do, health again gave a problem, psychological will produce a huge gap, easy to lead to psychological turmoil.

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  The psychological problems of patients with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases are often covered by physical symptoms, which need the family members and friends of patients to cause great concern.


  Early detection, correct diagnosis, so that it is timely and effective drug treatment is very important.


  For example, compared with patients with simple mental illness, people with coronary heart disease and psychological problems should be told to follow the advice of cardiologists, eat scientifically, exercise, sleep and take medicine.


  By regulating these aspects, the patient's physical condition can be improved, which is of great help to solve psychological problems.


  However, if there are signs, drugs should be used to combat mental illness.


  If the patient is depressed for more than two weeks, unable to work and live normally;


  Or the patient's anxiety affects life and work, lasting about 6 months, we should take it to the psychiatric department for medical treatment. 纽约时报中英文网 http://www.qqenglish.com


  Coronary heart disease and other chronic disease patients with mental illness, the large principle of drug use and simple mental illness patients.


  Have appeared the patient of disease of disease of heart and brain of mental and psychological problem, when treatment might as well adopt integrated way of traditional Chinese and western medicine.


  In addition, need to remind is, if found that the old temper suddenly changed, also can not be taken lightly, some chronic diseases will make them irritable and irritable, as children must understand.


  For example, the rise of blood sugar will cause metabolic disorders, affect the absorption of B vitamins, and even lead to the lack of B vitamins in the body.


  When the elderly lack of B vitamins, it will affect the stability of the nervous system, thus grumpy, moody and other phenomena.


  Therefore, if your temper suddenly goes bad, you should check your blood sugar level in time.


  Even when blood sugar is low, some older people can be affected by a lack of B vitamins.


  For instance the food that eats is too fine, or often drink wine, can interfere with the absorption of vitamin B1.


  In addition, if suffer from arteriosclerosis of the old man temper change, the character becomes solitary, timid, the mood is unstable, moody, have a headache, giddy, limb numbness wait for a symptom to appear at the same time, want to consider is senile period neurosis.


  Senile neurosis often presents depression, anxiety, and accompanied by cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.



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