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  Because of the epidemic situation,many people live a different year!


  At the time of the outbreak of the war,when people were constantly reminded to"try not to go to Wuhan",some people resolutely rushed to the forefront of the epidemic!


  Among them,there are medical troops from the PLA,medical teams from all provinces,medical teams from all provinces,and journalists who are rushing to the front line to record every moment!


  At the time of family reunion,they went retrograde to the front of the epidemic and reached the core battlefield.


  At the same time,a batch of materials that gather the love of the whole nation are also pouring into Wuhan.


  Although Wuhan has implemented personnel control,Wuhan is not an isolated city!


  Gather to Wuhan!If there is war!Call back!War will win!Together,we can overcome the difficulties!


  I wish you all the best and come back safely!


  We are with you,with Wuhan!


  Late Friday night,Li Donghui,Secretary of Wuhan East Lake Scenic Area Committee,was still busy scheduling the transfer of patients.Li Donghui said that he would spare no effort to ensure that 100%of all febrile patients should be admitted,100%of them should stay and 100%of them should be referred.


  Qu Kaixin,director of the second ward of respiratory department of Funan County People's Hospital in Anhui Province,who has been fighting against the epidemic for more than ten days,said with emotion that the"four centralized"treatment principle proposed at the meeting can not only make severe patients get more scientific and effective treatment,save more lives,but also reduce the risk of cross infection.


  Zhou Xin,head of the respiratory and critical medicine group of Shanghai No.1 People's Hospital,who came to Wuhan to treat infected patients in the"main battlefield"-Jinyintan hospital,confirmed late on the 25th that the protection work of 136 team members had been implemented.I am encouraged by the central government's proposal to care for and protect the medical and health personnel,and to do a good job in the allocation of protective equipment and the implementation of protective measures.We will do our best to treat the patients.Zhou Xin said.

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  Academician Tong Xiaolin,chief researcher of the Chinese Academy of traditional Chinese medicine,who had participated in the battle against SARS,came to the front line of epidemic prevention in Wuhan."The meeting emphasized the integration of traditional Chinese and Western medicine,which will encourage the members of the expert group to give full play to the advantages of traditional Chinese medicine,explore more effective treatment plans and drugs as soon as possible,and contribute to win the battle against epidemic."Tong Xiaolin said.


  Henan medical team rushed to Wuhan.The man cried out"I love you"to see off his wife.I saw the real appearance of taking off the mask.The indentation could not cover your beauty!This is what a netizen from Beijing said.


  The people's Liberation Army,the most lovely person,stands up every time when the people are in danger,thanks to the people's Liberation Army who made contributions in my hometown during the Wenchuan earthquake,thanks to the Chinese soldiers,you are the guardians of the people!This is a message from a Wenchuan netizen.


  Wuhan is not an island!Here comes the PLA!Rapid investment in Wuhan New pneumonia rescue campaign


  Let's take care of everyone.The medical staff will come back!Wuhan will be better!Salute to all the medical staff!



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