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  You can usually treat these pesky and painful eyelid spots at home—but make sure you follow these directions for how to get rid of a stye and heal safely and soundly


  Start using warm compresses


  The first tip for how to get rid of a stye is to start treatment the second you feel a stye coming on—tenderness and a painful swollen lump along your eyelid are the first indications.“Start warm compresses if you think you may have a stye,”says optometrist Randy McLaughlin,OD,at the Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.“You should use warm compresses as hot as the eyelid can stand for five to ten minutes at a time,four times a day.”See what eye boogers indicate about your eye health.

  祛除麦粒肿的第一个建议是在其形成的第一时刻就开始治疗——眼睑边缘出现有触痛感的肿块是麦粒肿形成的早期迹象。俄亥俄州立大学韦克斯纳医学中心的视光学博士,验光师兰迪·麦克劳林(Randy McLaughlin)说:“如果感觉可能会长麦粒肿,就开始热敷。热敷温度按眼睑可以接受的最高温度,一天四次,每次五到十分钟。”点击了解眼屎暗示的眼睛健康状况。

  Toss out your eye makeup


  Unfortunately,if you’ve used your mascara or eyeliner in the days leading up to the stye,it’s probably time to toss that item and pick up a new one.Your old eye makeup may be contaminated with the same staph bacteria that caused the stye to form.


  Keep your eyelid clean


  Cleaning your eyelid regularly can help reduce the amount of bacteria and help speed healing,according to McLaughlin.He suggests cleaning the affected areas with a Q-tip and a small amount of baby shampoo,which won’t irritate your eyes.Check out these 13 tips for healthier eyes.


  Don’t wear your contacts


  For the duration of the stye,you should switch back to your eyeglasses until the eyelid heals.And Robert Melendez,MD,of the American Academy of Ophthalmology,recommends thoroughly cleaning your lenses and lens case or,ideally,switching to new lenses to prevent another infection.Beware of 18 other contact lens mistakes that could ruin your eyes.

  在麦粒肿未消除之前,换回框架眼镜,直到彻底痊愈。美国眼科学会的医学博士罗伯特·梅伦德斯(Robert Melendez)建议深度清洗隐形眼镜和镜片盒,最好换用新镜片,以防止再次感染。点击了解可能毁掉眼睛的18个隐形眼镜使用错误。

  Just say no to“popping”


  Even if a stye looks like a pimple,it can be all too tempting to squeeze the pus out of it.But that’s definitely not how to get rid of a stye—and it could lead to complications,increasing the time it takes to heal and causing a secondary skin infection that could require prescription antibiotics to clear up.Experts recommend sticking with the hot compresses and letting them work their magic.

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  Take over-the-counter meds for the pain


  They won’t help your stye heal faster,but taking an over-the-counter pain reliever could help make the time it takes to heal a whole lot less irritating for you.Learn the 13 secrets your eye doctor may be keeping from you.


  See a doctor if it doesn’t get better


  If your stye doesn’t improve after a few days of following the compress-and-cleaning method,then it’s time to consult a doctor for more advice on how to get rid of a stye.“The biggest mistake people make is waiting too long to seek treatment via an eye-care professional,”McLaughlin says.Try these 10 home remedies for dry,irritated eyes.


  Avoid behaviors that make a stye more likely


  The best advice for how to get rid of a stye is not to get one in the first place.And that means not only keeping the area around your eyes clean,but also thoroughly cleaning your hands,contact lenses,and anything else that touches your eye.Be sure to swap out your eye makeup regularly—and not sharing with others;finally,be sure to wash away your eye makeup thoroughly every night.Discover health conditions eye doctors often find first.



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