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  When China hosted the One Belt And One Road initiative summit in Beijing early last month, it not only used the summit to announce big new financing plans but also to reassure some countries that the global trade strategy would benefit China at their expense.
  Those misgivings have not troubled Sultan Ahmed bin Sulayem, chief executive of DP World. He sees China’s massive reimagining of ancient Silk Road trade routes as a business opportunity that could help ameliorate the effects of slowing global economic growth. “The Chinese horizon is changing,” says Mr bin Sulayem, one of Dubai’s most senior officials.
  迪拜世界港口公司(DP World)的首席执行官苏尔坦艾哈迈德本苏拉耶姆(Sultan Ahmed Bin Sulayem)没有这种担忧。他把中国大举重塑古代丝绸之路贸易路线的举动视为一个商机,可能有助于缓解全球经济增长放缓的影响。“中国的眼界正在改变,”本苏拉耶姆表示。他是迪拜级别最高的官员之一。
  DP World has, for example, just seen off the first direct freight train from the UK to China. The train left in April on its three-week journey from DP World’s London Gateway, at the mouth of the river Thames, to Yiwu in eastern China, laden with British products ranging from whisky to pharmaceuticals.
  例如,迪拜世界港口公司刚刚发出了从英国到中国的首列直达货运列车。今年4月,该列车从迪拜世界港口公司位于泰晤士河口的伦敦口岸(London Gateway)出发,满载着从威士忌酒到药品等英国产品,经过3周时间抵达中国东部城市义乌。
  DP World aims to co-ordinate its global network with China’s projected $900bn investment for the One Belt, One Road project.
  “We will work with the Chinese to prepare our ports to be ready,” Mr bin Sulayem says. “They need to build thousands of kilometres of rail network to make it work.”
  Wage costs in China are spiralling by 20 per cent a year, says DP World, which has four joint ventures in the country. Such cost rises are pushing Beijing to locate export-oriented manufacturing in cheaper locations at home, such as Urumqi in north-west China, and further afield in Myanmar, Indonesia and Cambodia.
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  “These areas are mushrooming and will produce for Europe and the west,” Mr bin Sulayem says.
  One Belt, One Road’s maritime routes link China to Southeast Asia, India, and, via the Maldives, to Africa and on to Europe through the Red Sea.
  Land connections include the main trans-Eurasian route via Kazakhstan.
  Other rail networks link China to Iran and the Gulf, as well as to Pakistan by way of Afghanistan.
  The rail routes are expected to compete with air cargo, with the sea routes used for lower-value bulk trade. “We are on all those routes,” Mr bin Sulayem says.
  DP World has about 20 terminals poised to take advantage of One Belt, One Road. These include six in South Asia and four in China, as well as others operating in Thailand, Vietnam, South Korea and Indonesia.
  DP World’s container terminals handled 64m twenty-foot equivalent units (TEU) last year, compared with capacity of 85m TEU. It hopes to expand capacity to 100m TEU by 2020, dependent on market demand.
  With plans to expand in Latin America, Russia and Africa, DP World’s focus on international markets is helping to mitigate a slowdown in its domestic activity.
  Currency fluctuations, weaker world economic growth and the fall in crude oil prices have combined to make business conditions more difficult.
  Volumes at its Jebel Ali deep port, the largest marine terminal in the Middle East, fell by about 5 per cent in 2016, as Gulf governments’ spending cuts bit into regional trade. DP World says it expects this year’s volumes at the port to be stable.
  随着海湾地区各国政府的支出削减打击区域贸易,迪拜世界港口公司旗下中东最大的港口——杰贝阿里(Jebel Ali)深水港2016年的吞吐量下滑约5%。该公司表示,预计今年该港口的吞吐量将保持稳定。
  Among its overseas projects, DP World is advising on the Khorgos Eastern Gate terminal near the Chinese border with Kazakhstan, an important point on rail routes linking China to Europe. Trains have to stop there — where the former Soviet Union meets China — as the rail gauge changes.
  在海外项目中,迪拜世界港口公司正在为哈萨克斯坦靠近中国边境的霍尔果斯东门(Khorgos Eastern Gate)无水港提供咨询。这里是连接中国与欧洲的铁路上的重要节点。由于轨距变化,火车必须在这个前苏联与中国接壤的地方停下来。
  In a similar way to how the Jebel Ali Free Zone trade area helped transform Dubai into an entrepot for global trade, DP World hopes that the Khorgos agreement will build a “new Dubai” at China’s border with Kazakhstan.
  迪拜世界港口公司希望霍尔果斯协议将打造中哈边境上的“新迪拜”,就像杰贝阿里自由区(Jebel Ali Free Zone)曾帮助迪拜成为全球贸易的集散地一样。
  However, some observers think DP World could suffer if certain terminals on China’s new Silk Road become too successful.
  “There are risks to Jebel Ali’s growth should the developments at Gwadar in Pakistan lead to that port becoming a transshipment hub,” says Simon Kitchen, head of macro strategy research at Cairo-based investment bank EFG Hermes.
  “如果巴基斯坦瓜达尔港(Gwadar)的开发项目使其成为转运中心,那么杰贝阿里的增长会有一些风险,”总部位于开罗的埃及投资银行EFG Hermes宏观策略研究主管西蒙?基钦(Simon Kitchen)表示。
  Jebel Ali port and Jebel Ali Free Zone, DP World’s prime assets, have systems and infrastructure that have made them a success, says Mr Kitchen.
  But Gwadar, being outside the Gulf, “is in a very good location, and if Pakistan can get the incentives right, it should thrive,” he adds.


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