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After Donald Trump won the US election, emerging market investors took fright. They withdrew tens of billions of dollars from investment funds concerned that the new President's policies would cause a wave of problems for the asset class.


My husband and I live in a 492-square-foot apartment in Cambridge, Mass. We live in "micro-apartments" -- sometimes called micro-houses. According to Wikipedia, homes under 500 square feet are often labeled with that distinction. This small trend we are


For many years, Chinese basketball superstar Yao Ming used his 7 '6 "height to score dunks over opponents' heads. Now he is relying on his distinctive appearance -- one of China's most recognizable -- to raise money both at home and abroad.


The stratospheric launch aircraft is huge, with a wingspan of 117 meters, more than the wingspan of any aircraft and longer than an American football field.


When China hosted the One Belt And One Road initiative summit in Beijing early last month, it not only used the summit to announce big new financing plans but also to reassure some countries that the global trade strategy would benefit China at their expe


Terry Gou, founder of Foxconn, says he has won financial backing from Apple and Amazon in his $20bn-plus bid for Toshiba's flash memory business. The Taiwanese group is trying to defuse Japanese government opposition to the deal.


A political row erupted over Saturday's attacks in London, with the city's popular mayor blaming Prime Minister Theresa May just three days before Britain's general election. Theresa May, the prime minister, has not provided the city with enough money


Two events -- one recent, the other likely soon -- are pushing investors to bet that China's smog-plagued efforts to clean up its environment will be a big trend in the stock market.


An independent measure of Growth in China's services sector rebounded last month from a near 12-month low, narrowing the gap with official measures and widening the gap with the performance of the country's manufacturing sector.


Shares in China's biggest coal producer and one of the country's biggest power generators both jumped on Monday after reports that the two were in talks to merge.


The Canadian Women's Hockey League announced Monday that it will expand to China starting next season, becoming one of the first North American professional sports leagues to build teams in Asia.


Police said the attack in Vauxhall was unrelated to the previous two attacks, in which a suspect was arrested.


Four Arab countries, led by Saudi Arabia, have severed diplomatic relations with their Gulf neighbour, Qatar. Saudi Arabia claims that Qatar's regional policies fuel extremism and terrorism.


British Prime Minister Theresa May has vowed to step up the fight against Islamist extremism. The attack followed Britain's third terrorist attack in three months in central London, which killed seven people and injured 48. "We've had enough," Mrs May


Shanghai United Real Estate, a little-known property developer, plans to invest more than A $1bn in Australia in spite of growing concerns among economists about the potential for a "housing bubble" in the country's main cities.


Dalian Wanda, the Chinese real estate group, has spent billions of dollars to dominate the entertainment industry. Now it is aggressively building a beachhead in sports.


At last year's lows, Alibaba shareholders wondered if they had been wrong about the frenzy surrounding the Chinese group's 2014 New York listing. Alibaba's shares had fallen well below their offer price. But on Thursday, any buyer's remorse vanished.


SoftBank is buying the robotics group Boston Dynamics from Alphabet, Google's parent. The company is the producer of the two-legged Atlas, the leaping Sand fleas and animal-shaped robots such as BigDog, Spot and Wildcat. It comes more than a year after A


At least 10 students have been disqualified from Harvard University after Posting "lewd facial expressions" in a private Facebook chat group, the Campus newspaper reported.


ShoreVest Capital Partners says it has launched a $750m fund to target bad loans in China. The market, known for frustrating outside investors, is attracting growing interest from foreign investors.


America is a rogue superpower. Its decision last week to withdraw from the Paris climate agreement reached in December 2015 underlines this fact. The question is how to respond.


Bond market experts in Asia are debating furiously. Some believe the region's bond markets are finally maturing, while others fear that the current boom is a blip and that Asian bond markets will return to their usual puny role compared with markets such


This is the saddest story I've read in a long time. "There is a lot of interest in the economy," said Paul Ryan, chief economist at the World Bank. President Paul Romer ordered his staff to write more clearly, shut them up as soon as they started rambl


China's Alibaba has forecast full-year revenue growth of 45-49 per cent in its 2018 fiscal year, a target 10 percentage points higher than analysts' estimates and prompting exclamations and loud applause from investors gathered at the ecommerce group's


The Court of Appeals upheld a $3m penalty imposed on Moody's, the rating agency, for marking mainland companies with red flags in a research paper it published in 2011.