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  葡萄、石榴、核桃、香菜...这些都是通过“一带一路”进入中国的  A bite of Belt and Road  2000多年前,张骞出使西域,连接起了中国与外部世界沟通的&ldquo


  How do the Japanese people react when they are mistaken as being Chinese by Westerners?  当日本人被西方人认错成中国人时有什么反应?  获得3.8k好评的回答@M


  China on Monday announced that it will raise the rate of additional tariffs imposed on some of the imported US products from June 1. China had earlier impos


  获得6.4k好评的回答@Robin Daverman  The Chinese high-speed rails have a quality all on its own, because it’s so massive.  中国高铁的质量独树一帜,因


  UNIQLO has become a mainstay for casual fashion around the world. How do its prices compare internationally?  优衣库已经成为全球休闲时尚的主流。它在国际上


  啤酒是人类最古老的酒精饮料,是水和茶之后世界上消耗量排名第三的饮品。关于啤酒的起源你知道多少?最古老的啤酒又是如何酿造出来的呢?   Humans have had a long histo

《龙猫》今日国内上映 中国版海报“暗藏玄机”

  宫崎骏经典动画《龙猫》今天在国内公映了,虽然距离这部电影在日本首映已经过去了三十年,但是作为首部在中国大幅上映的宫崎骏动画,依然吸引了许多目光。   很多国人小时


  2018年,中国登上了无人敢去的月球暗面,建成了港珠澳跨海大桥,还诞生了全世界第一个人工智能播音员。   这些引人瞩目的成就,不但打破了纪录,征服了世界,而且还相当有趣。一

“全球最聪明国家与地区榜”发布  中国位列第三


中国“两会”吸引世界目光 这些热词引发外国专家热议

  “两会是观察了解中国发展的绝佳时机”,这已成为世界各国有识之士的共鸣。   当今世界正处于百年未有之大变局,全球治理体系面临深刻重塑。值此关键时刻,世界的目光聚焦


Shopping websites that post false advertisements for their products will face heavy fines under China's newly revised anti-unfair competition law.


A new law that took effect in September has boosted investor interest in China's higher education sector. The law, approved by The Standing Committee of the National People's Congress last November, allows universities and high schools to become for-pro


Stronger Chinese economic growth will push global greenhouse gas emissions to a record high in 2017 after three years of flat growth, dashing early hopes that the world's efforts to curb climate change have reached a turning point.


A rebound in China's greenhouse gas emissions could be good news for U.S. LNG exporters. Three years of falling coal consumption had raised hopes that China's carbon dioxide emissions might have peaked in 2016. But coal consumption has been rebounding t


Volkswagen will invest €10bn in new energy vehicles in China by 2025, the company's China head announced on Thursday.


China's outbound non-financial investment fell 40.9 per cent year on year in the first 10 months of the year, according to official data, reflecting the continuing impact of Beijing's strict capital controls.


Chinese property developers have made a big return to Asia's dollar debt market as the country's top economic planning body cleared more offshore deals.


Chinese tech companies are redefining shopping with brick-and-mortar stores: stores where you can buy fresh goods like Alaskan crabs and take them with you, or have them processed on-site for later consumption, or have them delivered to your door. These c


China has become a growing talent pool and is attracting talent like a magnet, according to a report released in Shanghai.

收购优步中国业务后 滴滴主导了全国的叫车行业

On-demand mobility company Didi said it has attracted more than 21 million people to become didi drivers.

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