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《2017中国人睡眠白皮书》发布 失眠人群加速年轻化

Nearly 24 percent of Chinese people suffer from insomnia, and the number of young people affected is rising, according to a report released last Wednesday.


BEIJING — A bus crash in North Korea has killed 32 Chinese tourists and four North Korean workers, Chinese officials said on Monday.


Poverty relief
An ambitious poverty reduction campaign is seeking to change this, ensuring by 2020 that no one is living in poverty - defined by the govern


For centuries farmers in southern China’s Xingang village have raised pigs, helping feed their country’s appetite for almost half the world’s pork.


5 Major Beauty Apps in China You Should Know
The proliferation of social media and interactive smartphone-based apps has demonstrat


SpaceX last Saturday launched a shipment of supplies for the astronauts living at the International Space Station (ISS), carrying for the first time an experime

一天一亿件! 中国快递量连续三年世界第一!

Chinas express delivery volume has topped the world for three consecutive years, contributing 40% to the global growth of the industry, Ma Junsheng, director ge


BEIJING — For nearly 100 days, a Chinese doctor, Tan Qindong, was jailed for an essay he wrote. He slept beside a toilet, crammed in with other suspected crimi


Planned economies attempt to control not only the “commanding heights” of industry, but also the movement of their people. The transformation of China’s econ

投资规模比肩美国 中国'脑计划'预计年底出台

China plans to launch its own version of BRAIN, or Brain Research through Advancing Innovative Neurotechnologies, by the end of this year, said Muming Poo, dire

中国'小镇青年'更愿花钱 将成未来消费主力军

So-called small-town youngsters around the country are increasingly staying in their hometowns.
They are splur

中国城市步行评价报告出炉 四川巴中位居第一

A latest report shows 95% of Chinese cities score highly on measures of walkability - how easy it is for pedestrians to get around during their daily lives.


Why are they here? China is supposed to be my private playground! Seeing other white people here makes me less special. I must be better than them. They are doi

买车更便利 中国进入网上购车时代

Global car groups are experimenting with flash sales, endorsements by celebrity fashion bloggers and car vending machines in China, to maximize online sales in


China has a problem with family businesses: a sizeable number are preparing to hand over control to the next generation. However — in a development that some s


Talking purely economical the answer is simple, China is way better.
China is cheaper, and China`s economy is growi


China has become the first country to exploit natural gas hydrate resources in the sea, and the CPC Central Committee and the State Council sent a congratulatory letter to the team in the South China Sea, according to reports last Thursday.


A Chinese company last Thursday announced plans to build an icebreaker, which will be Chinas first privately owned polar research vessel.

中国互联网教育受欢迎 催生新职业'网师'

Chinas live streaming boom has not only swept the entertainment industry but also contributed to the online education field, with top online teachers enjoying a


China has built an assembly line to mass produce cutting-edge super materials that can perform the previously impossible, according to the Chinese state broadca