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China’s official gauge of manufacturing activity for February suffered its largest drop since 2011, an unexpectedly sharp slowdown that left it near the zero-g


The Chinese Peoples Liberation Army (PLA) Air Force released promotional video and commemorative envelopes, recapping its recent flights over Chinas island of T

英国一博物馆遭小偷洗劫 数件中国文物被盗

A police investigation is underway after four masked men broke into a museum in the city of Bath in Southwest England and stole more than 40 Chinese artifacts i


Netflix has acquired the animated movie “Next Gen” for $30 million out of this year’s Cannes Film Festival.


Nobel laureates Bernard L Feringa and Kurt Wuthrich have filed applications for permanent residency in Shanghai and are expected to be granted Chinese green car


Chinese researchers have completed the aerodynamic design for the countrys Mars probe and are now conducting testing and experiments.


BEIJING — China said on Thursday that it is prepared to help get to the bottom of a mysterious illness that has sickened Americans working at the United States


Xiaomi’s initial public offering was pitched as the first in a wave of stock market debuts by Chinese tech giants. It didn’t go well — but there are reasons


In a prelude to an easing of trade tensions between Washington and Beijing, Chinese officials ended a monthslong delay by approving Toshiba’s sale of a majorit

沃尔玛在中国西部弃用支付宝 转用微信支付

Walmart, the US retailer, has ditched Alipay in favour of Tencents mobile payments app in western China, dealing a fresh blow to Alibaba in the battle between t

报告预测 今明两年中国经济增速有望保持6.5%以上

China will likely maintain a steady economic growth rate of above 6.5% in two years, with economic deleveraging and preventing financial risks top priorities fo


After 14 months in office Donald Trump is delivering on his campaign promise to crack down on what he has long labelled China’s unfair trade practices by rolli

中国互联网发展水平仅次于美国 高居全球第二位

China ranked second after the US in an internet development index that gauges six dimensions from infrastructure to internet application among 38 countries.


Two decades ago, Rider College was hailed as a savior in the music world when it acquired neighboring Westminster Choir College, a beloved but struggling instit

胡润发布白手起家女富豪榜 中国女性继续统治

China has once again dominated a list of global self-made woman billionaires.
The top four women in the report


As American and Chinese officials meet this week in Washington to defuse trade tensions, both sides are trying to find common ground. It won’t be easy.

35次! 2018年中国航天发射次数有望创历史新高!

China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation (CASC) said that the corporation would conduct 35 aerospace launches in 2018, the most missions in its histor


XIAOWUSILI, China — For all its economic might, China hasn’t been able to solve a crucial problem.


Chinese bank regulators are wresting the punchbowl from lenders drunk on off-balance sheet funding. To rehydrate, securities issuance rather than strong green t

报告显示 2017年中国出口跨境电商增长强劲

Chinas e-commerce exports rose 14.5% year-on-year to 6.3 trillion yuan in 2017, according to a report released by the E-commerce Research Center (ECRC).