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China was among the top 20 most-innovative economies in the annual Global Innovation Index ranking published last Tuesday by Cornell University and the World In


Brand value of Chinese firms, especially those from the technology, education and logistics sectors, have seen a sharp surge in the latest ranking released last

迈向国际! 中国制造的地铁驶进美国波士顿!

The subway system in the US city of Boston will soon be equipped with train cars Made in China, which will be shipped to the city in December.


The top four places in the list of the worlds 1,000 largest banks have been claimed by banks from China.


Foreign investors have emerged as the biggest buyers of government bonds in Chinas domestic market this year, a surprise development that is largely due to the


China plans to finish its fifth station in the Antarctic in next five years, said Yang Huigen, director of the Polar Research Institute of China.


Li Wenyan was unable to afford medical bills for her seven-month-old daughter’s rare disease, which could cause her heart to fail within months. So she turned


BEIJING — As tensions rise between the United States and China in the high-tech realm, even a merger of two American wireless providers has become entangled in


Chinese pharmaceutical companies are stepping up their push into the US generic drugs market with the number of approvals for copycat medicines almost doubling


Chinese cities rolled out new measures for the second quarter in a bid to rein in their property markets, as National Bureau of Statistics figures showed new re

中国内地31城开通轨道交通 53城开工建设

As of the end of June, 31 cities on the Chinese mainland had urban rail transit in operation, with a total length of 3,965 km, according to the China Associatio


A mysterious, bulging turret fitted on the bow of a Chinese navy ship has provoked speculation that Beijing is testing a hypersonic “rail gun”, in what would

澳大利亚发布外交白皮书 警告中国威胁

Australia should strengthen its alliance with the US to counter growing Chinese power in the Indo-Pacific region amid tensions over maritime disputes, according


China’s largest ever naval manoeuvres in the disputed South China Sea were a routine training exercise, the defence ministry said in its first comments about a


A Chinese consortium is to buy an Australian condom maker for $600m, betting on China's growing demand for contraceptives. In China, consumers are becoming more concerned about their sexual health and are upgrading to higher-end brands.


According to youth.cn on May 19, a report by the School of Public Health of Peking University shows that by 2020, the myopia rate of the Chinese population will reach 50 percent and 70 million people will suffer from severe myopia.


The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is expected to have 85 members by the end of this year, its President Jin Liqun has said.


Last Wednesday, two Chinese nationals were kidnapped in Quetta Jinnah, the capital of Pakistan's Baluchistan province.


China's central bank is to change the way it guides the value of the renminbi in a move aimed at increasing the government's ability to stop the currency from falling in value. Chinese officials are still worried about capital flight.


ChemChina has revealed the latest ina series of backers to back its $44bn takeover of Swiss agribusiness Syngenta, with investors including Morgan Stanley and Bank of China buying a total of $20bn in permanent bonds and preferred shares in the deal.