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The sharing economy is taking off in China, and you can rent anything from basketballs to apartments to umbrellas to songs.


FIFA has secured significant financial support from Vivo, the Chinese smartphone maker, with a €400m sponsorship deal. For now, western companies continue to avoid the 2018 and 2022 World Cups.


China and the European Union have formed a green alliance on climate change to counter Donald Trump's campaign against climate change. Donald Trump has withdrawn from an attempt at international action.


About 95 per cent of Swiss seed company Syngenta has accepted a $44bn takeover offer from ChemChina, ina deal that is close to turning The country into an agricultural and chemical powerhouse.


China's first cyber security law will increase costs for multinational companies, leave them vulnerable to corporate espionage and give Chinese companies an unfair competitive advantage, business representatives and analysts have warned.


A downgrade of sovereign debt in the world's second-largest economy should count as a major event, but financial markets shrugged off last week's downgrade of China's credit rating by Moody's, the rating agency. Domestic bond prices in China have held


Senator John McCain accused China of behaving like a "bully" in the Asia-Pacific region, using economic power to bully its neighbours and making territorial claims in the South China Sea that are not supported by international law.


China announced last Monday that all member states of the United Nations are welcome to cooperate with China to jointly utilize its future China Space Station (


Chinese researchers have developed the worlds first-ever 4D printing for ceramics that are mechanically robust and can have complex shapes, offering broad poten


Chinese entities filed for 530 camera and video surveillance patents last year - more than five times the number applied for in the US - as the country ramps up

报告指出 中国企业家最看好人工智能

Artificial intelligence (AI) is considered by Chinese entrepreneurs as the most promising area in the innovation economy in 2018, says a Silicon Valley Bank (SV


China’s facial recognition start-ups are attracting big investments at a time when Silicon Valley’s giants are facing a backlash over their use of the technol

传谷歌有意重返中国 测试审查版搜索引擎

Google is testing a mobile version of its search engine that would adhere to Chinas strict controls over content, a person familiar with the matter said, indica


Top German carmakers including BMW and Volkswagen have inked a series of deals to continue developing electric and self-driving cars in China.


Chinese scientists are building a low-energy and high-performance superconducting computer, aiming to complete a prototype as early as 2022, according to a medi


China’s spy agency has ordered local hackers to abstain from global hacking contests and instead report any vulnerabilities to the security ministry or the aff


OneSpace Technology, Chinas first private rocket producer, announced last Tuesday in Chongqing the maiden launch of the companys OS-X0 solid-fuel rocket is set


Chinese scientists and engineers are designing drones to help firefighters rescue trapped people, especially in high-rise building fires.


JINAN, China — On a smoggy afternoon, huge log carriers and oil tankers thundered down a highway and hurtled around a curve at the bottom of a hill. Only a sin


The General Office of the State Council of China last Wednesday announced that the name of the National Science, Technology and Education Leading Group has been