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ShoreVest Capital Partners says it has launched a $750m fund to target bad loans in China. The market, known for frustrating outside investors, is attracting growing interest from foreign investors.


I cant remember a single time that my parents explicitly told me I love you. However, I can clearly remember the day I talked to my dad about King Lear.I told h

全球护照哪家强?日本护照含金量最高 中国护照升值最快

According to the Henley Passport Index, compiled by global citizenship and residence advisory firm Henley Partners Citizens, Japan now has the most powerful pa


China will cut the number of climbers attempting to scale Mount Everest from the north by a third this year as part of plans for a major clean-up on the worlds

全球最聪明国家与地区榜发布 中国排第三

Vouchercloud ranked the top 25 countries and regions in the world by intelligence.
It quantifies inte


BBC 100 Women has announced its list of 100 inspiring and influential women from around the world for 2018.

报告显示 在线投保在中国年轻人中越来越受欢迎

Online insurance is gaining popularity in China, driven by an increasing number of young people looking to cover themselves using quick, low-cost, social media-


The ranks of the richest people on the planet are no longer dominated by stuffy industrial tycoons and real estate barons with multigenerational empires.


Dont we all love a good Samaritan to tell our cold hearts that there is indeed good in all of us?

数据显示 中国老年人容易受到网络谣言的影响

Senior citizens are easy victims of false internet-based rumors in China, latest statistics show.


A frank dialogue between Chinese and U.S. defense chiefs has taken the two countries into a temporary calm period after a series of rival military moves in the


High up in the lush green mountains of Raub, you can smell them before you see them. The pungent waft in the morning breeze comes as quickly as it goes, but the


As a newly minted Beijinger, there were certain things my brain quickly scrambled to make room for: the exact time I needed to leave home in the mornings to avo

调查显示 近半数中国父母在和孩子说话时玩手机

Almost half of Chinese parents play with their mobile phones while talking with their children, according to a new survey.

苏格兰酒店为迎中国游客出奇招 全球各国将迎来“春节时间”

Hoteliers in the Scottish Highlands are being urged to learn Mandarin and provide chopsticks to capitalize on growing numbers of Chinese tourists.


Volkswagen Group China is planning to team up with partners in 2019 to invest over 4 billion euros (4.5 billion US dollars) in China, in frontier fields includi

报告显示 中国成为全球最大进口电商消费国

China has become the worlds biggest importer of e-commerce goods, with the population of cross-border e-commerce consumers increasing by 10 times over the past


A database of every pig’s face. Voice scans that detect hogs with a cough. Robots that dispense just the right amount of feed.


SHANGHAI — For years, Starbucks was the undisputed king of coffee in China.
It single-handedly created a m

世界银行报告显示 中国营商环境得到大幅改善

China is now one of the top 50 economies in the world for ease of doing business, due to a record number of reforms carried out last year, according to the Worl