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Chinas securities regulator released a statement on amended rules related to the criteria for delisting companies on its stock exchanges.


Chinese growers have the answer to a question that has been baffling scientists for three centuries: Can electricity boost plant growth?


China could reduce imports of soybeans by more than 10 million tons this year -- down more than 10% from last year -- because of domestic production and the pro

中国进博会闭幕 累计意向成交578.3亿美元

The six-day China International Import Expo ended in Shanghai last Saturday, with the value of intended deals topping over $57.8 billion, according to the CIIE


“The stories of these ten people capture some of the most memorable scientific events in 2018,” says Natures chief features editor, Rich Monastersky, “and th


China will cut tariffs on certain industrial products including textiles, ceramics, glass, machinery, steel and metal products starting from November 1, a state


The Chinese high-speed rails have a quality all on its own, because it’s so massive.
There are more than twice as many h

纪念改革开放40周年 中国人民银行发布精致纪念币!

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of reform and opening-up, the Peoples Bank of China has issued a set of reform and opening-up coins including 1 gold coin, 5 s

抓紧中国市场 乐高集团将新开两家旗舰店

Toymaker The Lego Group said it plans to accelerate its expansion in China, building on the strong foundation of double-digit revenue growth in the first half o


Chinas two largest digital payments services, Alipay and WeChat Pay, have warned that thieves are using compromised Apple IDs to make purchases with peoples acc

数据显示 中国汽车进口量在7月份激增

Chinas imports of automobiles surged in July after lower tariff rates went into effect, data showed.
In July

中国将在明年取代美国 成为全球最大时尚市场

In 2019, China is poised to reach a milestone that signals how the rebalancing of economic power in the world is reshaping industries with it.


Around 100,000 people and 70 parade floats will pass Tiananmen Square on Chinas 70th birthday on Tuesday to showcase the nations socioeconomic accomplishments,


Google is finally going on the record with its once-secret Project Dragonfly, a censorship-friendly search engine for the people of China.


India is set to overtake China as the worlds most populous country in less than a decade, according to a new United Nations report.


China has begun rolling out new surveillance software capable of recognising people simply by the way that they walk.


Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba cashed a record 213.5bn yuan (£24bn) in sales on Sunday during its 24-hour online retail frenzy Singles Day, but the events annu

中国3颗'人造月亮'拟2022年升空 亮度可达月光8倍

Chinas man-made moon conception is expected to be realized in 2022, the Science and Technology Daily reported.


The rich are getting richer and more numerous.
The world added 332 billionaires last year, with their cumulative wealth inc


China is expected to demand 200 new air-cargo freighters and 470 converted freighters over the next 20 years, said a senior official of Boeing.