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自恋利弊剖析:自己爽 别人烦

    A narcissistic person may have an unrealistic illusion about his or her own importance, or a total lack of shame, but psychologists say that narcissists are generally happier than ordinary people.


    A continuing study by Queen's University Belfast found that narcissists, while irritating others, are less likely to bother themselves, and therefore have less stress and less depression.

    贝尔法斯特女王大学(Queen's University Belfast)一项持续展开的研究发现,自恋者们虽然会让别人烦,但却不太可能烦自己,因此也就少有压力、少有抑郁。

    Kostas Papageorgiou, a psychologist who led the study, said that the negative reaction to narcissism tends to ignore the positive benefits that narcissists themselves enjoy.

    主持这一研究的心理学家科斯塔斯·帕帕乔治亚博士(Kostas Papageorgiou)说,人们对自恋倾向的负面反应,往往使他们忽视了自恋者自身所享受到的正面好处。

    The questions researchers are trying to find include: Although narcissism tends to be “socially toxic”, why is the number of narcissists in modern society rising in politics, social media and celebrities


    Self-portrait exposure psychological secrets psychoanalyst master for your doubts

    自拍曝光心理秘密 精神分析宗师为你解疑

    The flower of narcissism is full of plague or social trends

    自恋之花怒放 是瘟疫还是社会潮流

    alert! Your boss may be a narcissist


    Lack of shame/guilt


    Researchers have defined narcissists as more likely to be "adventurous, self-respecting, overconfident, lacking empathy, little shame or guilt."


    The researchers hope to find out that since narcissists have so many negative features, why are they still everywhere, and often not only rewarded for poor people but also rewarded


    The juxtaposition of narcissism and mental illness, power and sadism is the psychological "dark character" determined by psychologists.


    However, Dr. Papa Georgia's study of 700 adults showed that although narcissism is a sad thing for society, it has many benefits for narcissists themselves.


    They may have no feelings about other people's feelings, leaving countless emotional wounds around them, but narcissists seem to have a natural protective layer, free from the negative emotions such as self-respect and self-esteem.


    Their self-confidence and high awareness of their importance seem to give them a quality of self-protection, a low level of pressure, and a low level of pressure in life.


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    "Holding power"


    Belfast researchers have previously concluded that narcissists are "more psychologically resilient" and are therefore more likely to succeed in work and social life.


    Dr. Papa Georgia also studied the different outcomes that different levels of narcissism may have.


    He said that those narcissists who are "smug and self-respecting" may be keen on power and social status and feel that they have "the importance of excessive expansion."


    But "fragile" narcissists are more prepared and tend to treat others' behavior as "hostile."


    As for their mental health and ability to deal with stress, in the view of Dr. Papa Georgia, the narcissistic self-esteem is more likely to have a "very positive" personality.


    He said: "Of course not all types of narcissism are good, but some may have positive results."


    He said that such psychological performance cannot be simply regarded as "good" or "bad", but should be regarded as a product of human evolution and a manifestation of human nature, which may be beneficial or harmful under different circumstances.


    In his view, “for the common good of mankind”, it is necessary to further study and find appropriate ways to cultivate certain positive psychological characteristics while preventing the development of certain other negative psychological characteristics.

    在他看来,“为了人类的共同利益”,有必要进一步研究,找到恰当的方式培养某些正面心理特征, 同时防止养成某些其它的负面心理特征。



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