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  Unlike its Santorini, it is worse than Tinos


  Santorini has been plagued by excessive travel problems for many years. After an eight-year economic crisis, the Greek government tried to attract tourists back, so the island became a victim of its own success. Today, this originally laid-back destination has reached saturation point.


  And in Tinos, the paradise of Cyclades, you can find a pure Greece, just like Santorini, which is still not overcrowded. This understated mysterious gem with fascinating sunsets and rough beauty is an attractive alternative.


  Tinos can be reached by a 2-hour ferry from Santorini or a half-hour ferry from Mykonos. It is a haven of rest in Greece’s high-profile tourist destinations. . Tinos is waiting for you to explore, and the dotted villages are hidden in the interior, which was caused by anti-pirate attacks in the past. There is also an unusual 18th century loft that stands above the mountains and the canyon. The Panagia Evangelistria in Chora, the capital of the capital, is built around an icon that is said to have been a miracle, and is the destination of worshippers around the world.

  从圣托里尼乘2小时或从米科诺斯岛(Mykonos)乘半小时渡轮即可抵达蒂诺斯岛,在希腊众多备受瞩目的旅游目的地中,它是后来居上的闲逸之地。蒂诺斯岛等待着你来探索,这里星罗棋布的村庄隐藏在内陆,那是往昔年代为防海盗侵袭而造成的。还有一片不寻常的18世纪鸽舍,矗立在山间与峡谷之上。首府乔拉(Chora)的帕纳基亚福音教堂(Panagia Evangelistria)是围绕一件据称显了神迹的圣像所建,是世界各地朝拜者的目的地。



  Compared with Amsterdam, it is worse than Delft and The Hague.


  In 2017, Amsterdam hosted 19 million visitors, 2 million more than the entire country. Low-budget tourists have brought particularly serious problems to the city – many people arrive in the UK, France, Germany and elsewhere on low-cost flights, live in Airbnb (the government intends to limit its services), youth hostels or their own cars. And then spend most of the time in the red light district. It was so crowded that rescuers couldn't get to the patient when there was illness or fainting on the summer weekend night.


  Last year, Amsterdam reminded visitors to pay attention to behavior (and threatened to impose heavy penalties on those who ignored warnings). In March, it began to ban the tourist route in the red light district. Since October last year, the Tourism Bureau has stopped promoting Amsterdam and is encouraging visitors to visit other destinations in the Netherlands.


  Two of these destinations can be easily combined: Delft and the 10th (about 16km) Dutch government (and royal family) in The Hague. Both are ideal for exploring quality museums, canals and undeveloped North Sea beaches, and there are no crowds.




  Unlike Barcelona, ??not as good as Valencia


  To appreciate the less mad cosmopolitan Mediterranean charm, you can travel 220 miles south of the coast to Valencia, the third largest city in Spain, with 800,000 inhabitants and only 2 million visitors a year. Valencia was originally built as a living area for veteran Roman soldiers, with many of the same features as Barcelona – all surrounded by ancient walls and huge maze-like downtown, full of Gothic and Romanesque , Renaissance and Baroque architecture. All of these styles are integrated in the Valencia Cathedral from the 13th to the 18th centuries; visitors looking for architecture don't miss the 15th-century Silk Exchange, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It reproduces the important position of the city in business.

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  Surrounding the central city is a park where the Turia River once crossed, but was diverted after a severe flood in the 1950s. Located at one end of the park is the City of the Arts and the Sciences, which looks like an opera house from outer space, a science museum and an aquarium (the largest in Europe), all by Santiago Calatrava ( Santiago Calatrava) design.

  环绕着中心城区的是一片公园,图里亚河曾穿越其中,但在20世纪50年代的一场严重洪灾后改道了。坐落在公园一端的是艺术科学城(City of the Arts and the Sciences),其中有外观像是来自外太空的歌剧院、科学博物馆和水族馆(欧洲最大),均由圣地亚哥·卡拉特拉瓦(Santiago Calatrava)设计。

  The area is known as the birthplace of Spanish gardens and paella – you can go to a Spanish paella restaurant like La Marcelina on Marvallosa Beach for lunch – there will be plenty of choices on the menu. For a serious meal, go to the Saiti restaurant in Vicente Pati?o or the Michelin two-star Ricard Camarena restaurant, which was remodeled by the old pump factory.

  该地区以西班牙菜园和海鲜饭的发源地著称——不妨去马尔瓦洛萨海滩的La Marcelina这样的西班牙海鲜饭餐厅吃顿午餐——菜单上将有很丰富的选择。要吃正经的大餐,可以去维森特·帕提诺(Vicente Pati?o)的Saiti餐厅,或者去旧泵厂改造的米其林两星的Ricard Camarena餐厅。

  For the 21st century Valencians, the beach is not a battlefield, but a tasteful lifestyle. The port was built for the 2007 and 2009 America's Cup regattas, and the Las Arenas Resort and Spa has led the revival of a noble life that continues today.

  对于21世纪的巴伦西亚人,海滩不是战场,而是一种品味生活方式。这个港口为2007年和2009年的美洲杯帆船赛而建,拉斯阿雷纳斯温泉疗养度假村(Las Arenas Resort and Spa)则引领了今天仍在继续的高尚生活复兴。

  Adriatic Sea


  Unlike Dubrovnik, Kotor


  Dubrovnik, Croatia and Kotor in Montenegro are about 60 miles apart, both of which were once ruled by Venice on the Adriatic Sea and surrounded by walls. However, although the former is trapped by excessive travel, the latter is still fighting for attention.


  Dubrovnik has long been a coastal star in Croatia, attracting many visitors before the arrival of the Game of Thrones, and for fans who are eager to visit this HBO hot film location, Become the destination of “following the film and television drama tour”. But Hollywood's spotlights, combined with the expansion of the cruise industry over the past decade, have led to a record number of visitors to Dubrovnik, almost damaging the old town surrounding the city walls. In the peak season, the number of tourists who are ten times as many as the local population makes the 1,000 residents there overwhelmed. In 2016, UNESCO warned Dubrovnik that unless it takes steps to ease the pressure, its World Heritage status will not be guaranteed.

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  杜布罗夫尼克长期以来一直是克罗地亚的滨海之星,在《权力的游戏》(Game of Thrones)到来前便吸引着众多游客,此后对于渴望访问这部HBO热剧拍摄地点的粉丝们,它成为“跟着影视剧旅游”的目的地。但好莱坞的聚光灯,加上过去十年来邮轮业的扩张,使得杜布罗夫尼克的游客人数达到创纪录的数量,险些给城墙环绕的老城区造成破坏。旺季每天多达本地人口十倍的游客数量,令那里约1000名居民不堪重负。2016年,联合国教科文组织警告杜布罗夫尼克,除非采取措施缓解压力,否则其世界遗产地位恐将不保。

  The measure already exists, that is, the “Respect the City” action, which now restricts cruise passengers to 4,000 people each day and afternoon. Cruise passengers account for about 60% of the 1.2 million visitors visiting the site each year.

  措施已经有了,那就是“尊重这座城”(Respect the City)行动,这项行动如今对邮轮乘客进行了限制,将人数限定在每天上、下午各4000人。邮轮乘客占每年到访该地120万游客的约60%。

  If this number sounds too much, consider going to Kotor. Kotor is located at the end of the Bay of Kotor, similar to the fjord, surrounded by mountains. In the old town, Kotor is similar to Dubrovnik, with a fortress built between the 12th and 14th centuries, full of churches, cafes and houses with terracotta roofs. In 2018, Kotor received nearly 140,000 visitors, only a fraction of the number of visitors to Dubrovnik.


  Czech Republic


  Compared with Prague, it is not as good as Olomouc


  The capitals of few countries in Central and Eastern Europe can offer a combination like Prague: perfect architecture and an active nightlife. In the old town, there are bars that are open late or very early – depending on what you think – and the hustle and bustle of nightclubs like Le Valmont can be used all night long.

  中东欧少有国家的首都能提供像布拉格这样的组合:完美建筑和活跃的夜生活。在老城区各处,有着营业到很晚或者很早——取决于你怎么看——的酒吧,还有像Le Valmont这种颓靡的地下夜店可以通宵达旦地狂欢。

  The “City of Thousand Towers” ??is certainly worth the trip – just be prepared to catch people in places like St. Vitus Cathedral and Charles Bridge during the peak season.


  But if you can't handle so many people, consider going to Olomouc. It is about two hours from Prague and is located in the Moravia region of eastern Czech Republic. Like Prague, Olomouc is also on the UNESCO World Heritage List, with its amazing Gothic and Baroque architecture and a famous astronomical clock. Unlike Prague, there are fewer tourists here. Olomouc has 100,000 permanent residents and 21,000 college students. Here you can enjoy the history and architecture of Prague in a small place. There are also many college towns and places to enjoy food and wine.




  Compared with Florence, it is not as good as Lucca


  To see the glory of the Renaissance, and to have a little breathing space, look around 50 miles to the west, it is Lucca City.


  Located in the northwest of Tuscany, Lucca is on the banks of the Sergio River, the most famous of which is the well-preserved walls. The Renaissance fortress became a perfect circle around the center, which was later transformed into a park: a 2.5-mile-long, lush elevated avenue with views of the green walls and terracotta roofs. This beautiful town used to be a prosperous silk trade center and has served as a backdrop for many film and television dramas, from The Portrait of a Lady to one of the Top Gears. Unforgettable clips and more.

  坐落于托斯卡纳西北部的卢卡位于塞尔基奥河畔,这里最为著名的是保存完好的城墙。文艺复兴时期的堡垒绕着中心环成了一个完美的圈,这个堡垒后来被改造成了一个公园:一条2.5英里长、郁郁葱葱的高架大道,可以看到绿色城墙和赤土陶屋顶的美景。这个美丽的小镇曾经是一个繁荣的丝绸贸易中心,也曾在不少影视剧中充当背景,从《淑女本色》(The Portrait of a Lady)到《英国疯狂汽车秀》(Top Gear)的一个令人难忘的片段等等。

  But under the surface that is suitable for taking pictures, it is full of charm brought by culture and food.


  On the menu, you'll see freshly made egg pasta with rabbit bolognese – and even better summer truffles – and a raisin-filled cake called “buccellato” (a gourmet author once announced that local cuisine is The best in Tuscany).




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