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红毯之外,一个你从未见过的Met Gala

  At some point before the sundial, six people with naked upper body and muscular men were shouldering a suede sofa bed, watching the people across the street across the roadblock. Lady Gaga performed some sort of elegant art striptease, taking off one dress and one long dress until her fourth and final dress, and the next show is about to debut.

  日暮之前某刻,在街对面隔着路障的人群注视下,六名赤裸上身、肌肉发达的男人肩扛着一张绒面沙发床。Lady Gaga表演了某种高雅艺术版的脱衣舞,脱掉一件又一件长裙,直到她的第四件、也是最后一身装扮,而下一场表演已然即将登场。

  Lying on the sofa, it seems to be a golden statue - a serene king. In some ways, it is: it is Billy Porter, an actor who truly understands the opportunities given by the occasions - so followers follow.

  斜躺在沙发上的,似乎是尊金色的神像——一位安详的君王。从某些方面讲,的确是:那是比利·波特(Billy Porter),一个真正理解场合所赋予的机会的演员——所以有随从跟着。

  The fierce men lowered the sofa and let him go. He unfolded the golden wings and gestured to the crowd, which made him burst into cheers. Later, he boarded the steps of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, which was paved with pink carpets for the event – ??heading into Met Gala, the biggest event of the fashion industry of the year.

  猛男们将沙发放低让他走下来,他展开金色的双翼,向众人摆起姿势,引得阵阵欢呼。随后,他登上了纽约大都会艺术博物馆的台阶——上面专为此次活动铺设了桃红色地毯——一头扎进了Met Gala,时尚行业年度最大的盛会。

  Met Gala is the annual fundraising event of the Metropolitan Fashion Institute and is associated with the Spring Fashion Show. This year's theme is "Camp: Notes on Fashion" to commemorate the wide influence of Camp. As for this topic, it’s not enough. It’s up to the co-chairs of the evening. In addition to Gaga, there are also Vogue magazine editor Anna Wintour and Gucci’s Alessandro Mickey. Alessandro Michele, Serena Williams and Harry Styles – and the guests they invited.

  Met Gala是大都会时装学院的年度筹款活动,与春季时装展相关联。今年的主题定为“坎普:时尚札记”(Camp: Notes on Fashion),以此纪念坎普的广泛影响。至于这个主题够不够格,就要看当晚的联席主席——除Gaga之外还有《Vogue》杂志主编安娜·温图尔(Anna Wintour)、古驰(Gucci)的亚历山德罗·米凯莱(Alessandro Michele)、塞雷娜·威廉姆斯(Serena Williams)和哈利·斯泰尔斯(Harry Styles)——及他们邀请的嘉宾的了。

  “What I appreciate is that this restores this form to dignity,” Potter said. "Fancy show off, Camp - most of the time, this is a derogatory term. And this is a proper name."


  He himself is using the New York brand Blondes for the name of Camp. Porter said that the styling began with "Ryan Murphy telling me that you should have all the five shapes in Mahogany." He finally chose one.

  他自己则在用纽约品牌Blonds为坎普正名。波特说这个造型始于“莱恩·墨菲(Ryan Murphy)跟我说,你应该把《桃花心木》(Mahogany)里的五个造型全都来一遍”。他最后选了一个。

  As far as fashion is concerned, Camp is not easy to handle. It is often that people with Camp are not aware of themselves. It admires artistic skills and exaggerated creations, gorgeous display and drama, but once it is intentional, it has no effect.


  It turned out that it was not a small challenge to many of the guests on the scene, even though they appeared in the luxury version. “What exactly is Camp?” Celine Dion asked, wearing a tassel pendant curtain and a peacock feather headdress from Oscar de la Renta. "I am very confused."

  结果证明,它对现场许多嘉宾的挑战一点也不小,尽管他们纷纷以奢华版的自己亮相。“究竟什么是坎普?”席琳·迪翁(Celine Dion)问道,她穿着一身Oscar de la Renta的流苏坠株帘和一件孔雀羽毛头饰抵达现场。“我可是很困惑。”

  She paused and then slammed it forward. "And more than one." 纽约时报中英文网 http://www.qqenglish.com


  Is Camp a cheese burger, like Katy Perry, dressed in a crystal-filled "hamburger outfit"? (Reloaded: She wore a chandelier that was lit up all over the body.) Nothing, just a little safety hazard. "Are you a small sandwich? I will eat you!" Lizzo, a rap star who met near the entrance, shouted with delight. "I hope you are vegan."

  坎普是个奶酪汉堡吗,就像凯蒂·佩里(Katy Perry)那样,身着布满水晶的“汉堡装”?(换装了:她穿成了全身点亮的枝形吊灯。)没事,只是有点安全隐患而已。“你是个小三明治吗?我来把你吃掉!”在入口附近碰到的说唱新星Lizzo欣喜地喊道。“希望你是纯素的。”

  “This is an Impossible Burger,” said Perry, a meat-free alternative.

  “这是只‘不可能汉堡’(Impossible Burger),”一个不含肉的替代品,佩里答道。

  Is Camp a copy of his head everywhere, like Jared Leto? Not necessarily, too creepy, although it is quite good to use. Derek Blasberg took a picture with two Leto.

  坎普是到处举着自己头颅的复制品么,就像杰瑞德·莱托(Jared Leto)那样?不见得,太毛骨悚然了,虽然用来自拍挺不错的。德里克·布拉斯伯格(Derek Blasberg)就和两个莱托拍了一张。

  Is Camp a Joan Collins? The winner was revealed. Of course, she "really" resonated with the theme, Collins said, wearing the white feathers of Valentino and the La Simille silks to walk through the cosmopolitan Petri Sculpture Park.

  坎普是琼·柯林斯(Joan Collins)么?获胜者揭晓了。当然是了,她“当然”和这个主题有共鸣,柯林斯说,她身着Valentino的白羽毛和拉西米尔丝绸装款款走过大都会的佩特里雕塑园。

  Collins is known as the Camp legend, not to mention that she also became Alexis Carrington of "Dynasty" and was regarded as a model by other guests - "This is Alexis." · Carrington's shoulder pads," Glaman magazine editor Samantha Barry commented on her style - Collins accepted this acclaim with the eternal queen's elegance.

  柯林斯堪称坎普传奇,更何况她还化身为《王朝》(Dynasty)的亚历克西斯·卡灵顿(Alexis Carrington),被其他宾客奉为典范——“这是亚历克西斯·卡灵顿的垫肩,”《Glamour》杂志主编萨曼莎·巴里(Samantha Barry)这样评价她的造型——柯林斯带着永恒女王般的优雅接受了这样的赞誉。

  “I am often said to be Camp,” she said. "Kamp is awesome."


  The crowds in the yard were shoulder-to-shoulder, the noise was dizzying, and the long dresses came and went. “It’s really awful,” Max Hollein, the new curator of the Metropolitan Museum, praised his first grand event. “Of course, it’s very different.”

  院子里拥挤的人群摩肩接踵,嘈杂声令人晕眩,长长的礼服裙摆来来往往。“真是不得了,”大都会博物馆新任馆长马克斯·霍林(Max Hollein)赞美他参加的第一次盛会,“当然,非常与众不同。”

  Even in the world of high-end fundraising, it’s hard to see Amazon’s billionaire founder Jeff Bezos and “Ocean’s 8” and “Crazy Asian Rich” Ocwafina, the new star in Crazy Rich Asians, chats together. ("The sky is over the sea: the beauty plan" is a spoof comedy, telling the story of robbing the Metropolitan Museum of Art, it is like an art photo into life). "You are too conspicuous!" Bezos said happily to her.

  即使是在高端募捐会的世界里,也很难看到亚马逊(Amazon)的亿万富翁创始人杰夫·贝佐斯(Jeff Bezos)与《瞒天过海:美人计》(Ocean’s 8)和《疯狂的亚洲富人》(Crazy Rich Asians)中的新星奥卡菲娜(Ocwafina)在一起闲聊。(《瞒天过海:美人计》是一部恶搞喜剧,讲的是抢劫大都会艺术博物馆的故事,真像是艺术照进生活)。“你太显眼了!”贝佐斯愉快地对她说。

  Unbelievable connections can be seen everywhere. Here, pop star Shawn Mendes chats with YouTube's beauty blogger James Charles, who wears a chain mail safety pin shirt. Over there, comedian Tiffany Haddish took the fried chicken from the bag and gave it to everyone; designer Gabriela Hearst took the piece with enthusiasm.

  到处都能看到不可思议的联系。在这边,流行歌星肖恩·门德斯(Shawn Mendes)和YouTube的美容博主詹姆斯·查尔斯(James Charles)聊天,后者穿着一件锁子甲安全别针衬衫。在那边,喜剧演员蒂芙尼·哈迪什(Tiffany Haddish)从包里掏出炸鸡分给大家;设计师加布里埃拉·赫斯特(Gabriela Hearst)热情地拿过一块。

  Whether it is necessary to wear a formal dress party, "I am always ready, baby," Hadish said. "I have peace of mind when you are here. It's all done by myself, baby."


  In the distance is Lena Dunham, wearing a skirt with the words "Rubber" (Russian lover) and a very eye-catching sequin. “Yes, my dream in my life is to mix sequins with Astroglide lubricant and spread it all over the body,” she said. "I want to use my body to harass private messages."

  远处是莉娜·达南(Lena Dunham),她穿着一件写着“橡胶迷恋者”(RUBBERIST)的裙子,上面还有非常醒目的亮片。“没错,我这辈子的梦想就是把亮片和Astroglide润滑剂混在一起,然后涂满全身,”她说。“我想用身体给人发骚扰私信。”

  In such a place, even those who are usually unable to avoid attention can do it at least in a short period of time. Gigi Hadid and Michael Kors, along with Hadish and Bette Midler, wearing a sequined hat and spider The white false eyelashes are almost unrecognizable. “Everyone thinks I am Bella,” she whispered, referring to her sister who is as ubiquitous as her. "That's great."

  在这样的地方,即使是那些通常无法逃避关注的人,至少在短时间内也能做到。吉吉·哈迪德(Gigi Hadid)和迈克尔·科尔斯(Michael Kors)同来,还有哈迪什和贝蒂·米德勒(Bette Midler),后者戴着一顶亮片帽子和蜘蛛般的白色假睫毛,已经几乎认不出来。“所有人都以为我是贝拉(Bella),”她低声说,指的是和她一样无处不在的姊妹。“真是太棒了。”

  Dinner started, but people are still pouring in: Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen, Kanye and Kim Kardashian West), Nicki Minaj. Cardi B took four people with her long red skirt; Zendaya collaborated with the magician stylist, the godfather, Law Roach, to faithfully reproduce the gray The girl’s blue dress, waving her wand.

  晚餐开始了,但是人们还在不断涌入:汤姆·布兰迪(Tom Brady)和吉赛尔·邦辰(Gisele Bündchen)、坎耶和金·卡戴珊·韦斯特(Kanye and Kim Kardashian West)、妮琪·米娜(Nicki Minaj)。卡迪·B(Cardi B)带着四个人提着她长长的红色裙裾;赞达亚(Zendaya)与有魔法的造型师-教父洛·罗奇(Law Roach)合作,忠实再现了灰姑娘的蓝色礼裙,挥舞着魔杖。

  The wand sprayed white smoke to create an atmosphere. "Oh, I really like your fog machine," Kate Moss said to her. "It's a genius idea."

  魔杖喷出白烟制造气氛。“哦,我真喜欢你这个烟雾机,”凯特·莫斯(Kate Moss)对她说,“真是天才的主意。”

  This is also a Camp. "Kamp needs more than just a skirt," Gucci's creative director, Michele, said at the beginning of the night. "You need to present yourself, are you?"


  In addition to himself, there are several tables of guests presented by him: one table is his own guest, the other is the guest of his partner Dapper Dan, including Leto and his other head. , Florence Welch, actor Hari Nef and screenwriter Jeremy O. Harris. But Michele only designed clothing for Stiles, who wore a transparent shirt with pearl earrings and pants as tall as a corset.

  除了自己,还有好几桌客人是他呈现的:一桌是他自己的客人,另一桌是他的合作伙伴达帕·丹(Dapper Dan)的客人,其中包括莱托和他的另一个头、弗洛伦斯·韦尔奇(Florence Welch)、演员哈莉·尼夫(Hari Nef)和编剧杰里米·O·哈里斯(Jeremy O. Harris)等人。但米凯莱只为斯泰尔斯一人设计了服装,后者穿着透明衬衫,垂着珍珠耳环,裤子像束胸衣一样高高系在身上。

  Maybe this is the beginning of a new look? "Yes, this is the beginning," Styles said. "But I believe him. I think clothing should be fun. Camp is just to make yourself happy."




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