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  NEW YORK – When Frankie Celenza feels hungry at home and doesn't want to cook, he only needs to take an elevator and take an escalator to find a place to fill his stomach.

  纽约——当弗兰基·切伦扎(Frankie Celenza)在家里感到肚子饿了,又不想做饭的时候,他只需乘一次电梯、再乘一次自动扶梯就可找到填饱肚子的地方。

  This is a faster trip to the Grubhub to bring him to the DeKalb Market Hall, where there are a variety of sandwich shops and noodle shops. Cerenza is on the basement level of the City Tower, where the house rented in downtown Brooklyn, New York.

  这趟比在Grubhub(美国外卖平台,译注)上订餐更快的出行将他带进迪卡尔布食品集市(DeKalb Market Hall),这里有各种各样的三明治店和面条店,而且就位于切伦扎在纽约布鲁克林闹市区租的房子所在的“城市大厦”(City Tower)的地下一层。

  Indeed, living under the same roof as the food market is a bit strange, he said, but this one-stop shopping is very attractive.


  “Sometimes I want to go somewhere and go to the next block to buy things,” says Cerenza, who is 32 years old and a chef and host of an online cooking show. "But there are thousands of things that can be tasted in this place. And everyone can find what he wants, so why not?"


  The amenities are a place for developers to compete. The weapons they used were yoga studios, underground wine cellars and pet spas, but these days food markets are becoming the weapon of choice.


  These food markets are reminiscent of the food courts of shopping malls, but they are simpler and the lighting is darker. They are just springing up inside and around some development projects, and developers hope to attract buyers and renters.


  “They are definitely a sales factor,” said Rohan Mehra, co-founder of the development company Prusik Group, which is building a super-large mixed-use project in the Lower East Side of New York City, Essex Crossing. ) part of the shopping area.

  “它们绝对是一个销售因素,”开发公司Prusik集团的联合创始人罗汉·梅拉(Rohan Mehra)说,该公司正在建设纽约市下东区的一个超大型综合用途项目埃塞克斯十字(Essex Crossing)的购物区部分。

  The project has nine buildings, one of which is the Essex Market, which was moved this spring from its old address, which is a few decades old across Essex Street. It occupies several low-rise buildings on the 26-storey Essex building on Delancey Street. The building has 195 units ranging from single rooms to three-bedroom units. A spokesperson for the project said that the market price unit, which accounts for half of the total number of building units, has been leased by about 80% within five months of the opening. The developers of this project also include BFC Partners, L+M Development Partners, Taconic Investment Partners. And Goldman Sachs.

  这个项目有九栋大楼,其中的配套商店之一是埃塞克斯市场(Essex Market),这个食品集市是今年春天从其在埃塞克斯街对面有几十年历史的老地址搬过来的,占据了地兰西街(Delancey Street)上26层高的租赁楼盘埃塞克斯大厦的几个低层,这座大厦共有195个单元,从单间到三居室不等。项目的一名发言人说,占大厦单元总数一半的市价单元在开盘五个月内,已租出了约80%,这个项目的开发商还包括BFC Partners、L+M Development Partners、Taconic Investment Partners,以及高盛。

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  The rent for a one-bedroom apartment in the Essex building that has not been rented is about $4,500 per month (about 30,000 yuan). The rental units for other Essex Cross projects are nearby and there are more units to be built soon.


  The food market has wide walkways, flat floors and uniform logos. At first glance, this 37,000-square-foot market is reminiscent of Whole Foods. Modern supermarket. The orderly design also makes this food market very different from its layout in the old places. The vendors in the old places are messy and sometimes look like a pile of ones.

  这个食品集市有宽阔的走道、平坦的地板和统一的标识,乍看起来,这个总面积3.7万平方英尺(约合3400平方米)的集市设计让人想起像全食(Whole Foods)那样的现代化超市。有序的设计也让这个食品集市与它在老地方的布局截然不同,老地方的摊贩杂乱无章,有时看起来像是一个堆一个上面似的。

  But compared to everyday grocery stores, there are more choices in food markets. In new places in the Essex market, customers can choose Moroccan, Italian, or Dominican, and buy turmeric and other spices in ounces. There are also small grocery stores selling more mundane goods, selling toilet paper, aspirin and potato chips. On the second floor of the market there is a glass-walled kitchen with free cooking classes. On the most recent morning, several students studied “How to store green leafy vegetables” and the teachers taught them in English and Spanish.


  There are about twenty food markets in New York City, and they still fill the obvious lack of urban landscapes, such as the west side of Manhattan in the industrial area, although there are now more and more residents, but places to eat. Still very few.


  Recognizing the existence of this deficiency, the GID Development Group is building a waterfront square under the international food and beverage group Cipriani with a total area of ??28,000 square feet (about 2,600). The food market in the square meter, Waterline Plaza is a development project consisting of three towers under construction on Binhe Avenue. Upon completion, it will provide rental housing and condominium suites. The Cipriani Food Market is located in an angular glass fa?ade designed by Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates on West 61st Street. According to the renderings, there will be a French deli with meat products hanging on it, a pizza oven with a dome, and a bar area marked with tiles of different colors. There will also be outdoor seating.

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  认识到这个缺失的存在后,GID开发集团(GID Development Group)正在水线广场(Waterline Square)修建一个由国际餐饮集团奇普里亚尼(Cipriani)旗下、总面积2.8万平方英尺(约合2600平方米)的食品集市,水线广场是滨河大道上正在建设的由三座塔楼组成的开发项目,建成后将提供出租房和产权公寓套房。奇普里亚尼食品集市位于西61街的一座由KPF建筑设计所(Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates)设计的棱角分明的玻璃外墙建筑里。根据效果图,集市里将有悬挂着肉制品的法国熟食店、带圆顶的披萨烤箱,以及一个用不同颜色的地砖标示出来的酒吧区。还将有室外座位。

  This is Cipriani's first food market, which will be open to the public, but residents of the Waterline Plaza will receive preferential treatment, and they can enter from the lobby with an electronic lock. Residents living in the other two buildings of the Waterline Plaza can enter the elevator through an underground hall, and the elevator will send them directly to the food market.


  Cipriani can also send the "breakfast basket" daily to the door of the building in these buildings, said GID president James Linsley.

  奇普里亚尼还可把“早餐篮”每日送到这几栋大楼里的单元门口,GID的总裁詹姆斯·林斯利(James Linsley)说。

  In the three towers of the Waterline Plaza, the rental units are located on the floors below the condominium. Condominiums and rental houses also have different layouts and separate lobby. There are a total of 868 rental houses in the Waterline Plaza, ranging from single rooms to four-bedroom apartments, of which 599 units are market prices and will be rented this summer.


  Linsley declined to disclose the rent of the market price unit, but he said that they would be at the "high end of the market." According to Douglas Elliman Real Estate, Manhattan's average rent in April was $4,200 a month.

  林斯利拒绝透露市场价单元的租金,但他说,它们会处于“市场已有水平的高端”。据道格拉斯·艾丽曼房地产公司(Douglas Elliman Real Estate)的数据,曼哈顿4月份的平均租金为每月4200美元。

  Food markets have also begun to enter traditional grocery stores, such as the Hudson Market, which is located on the ground floor of the rental property Helena 57 West (Helena 57 West). The property is located on West 57th Street and is owned by the Durst Organization.

  食品集市也已开始进入了传统的食品杂货店,比如哈德逊市场(Hudson Market),这家市场位于租赁楼盘Helena 57 West(Helena 57 West)的底层。该楼盘位于西57街,由德斯集团(Durst Organization)所有。

  Although in many ways, the Hudson market is a standard supermarket, a stone wall and a deliberately worn picket fence – both indoors – convey the rough decoration that the food market likes. style. The storefront of the unique business sandwich and rice bowl seems to be copied and pasted.

  虽然从多方面来看,哈德逊市场是一个标准的超市,但一道石头砌的墙和故意做旧的尖桩篱笆——两者都在室内—— 传递了食品集市喜欢用的粗糙装饰风格。里面样子独特的经营三明治和盖饭的店面似乎也是复制粘贴来的。

  A new change in the grocery store seems to be also manifested in One West End, a condominium and rental building adjacent to Waterfront Plaza, a supermarket chain company Morton Williams (Morton) Williams) is planning to open a branch here. As in Cipriani, customers here can also relax with a glass of wine at the open-air table.

  食品杂货店的一个新变化看来也在One West End有所表现,One West End是紧邻水线广场的一栋产权公寓和出租房兼有的建筑,连锁超市企业莫顿·威廉姆斯(Morton Williams)正计划在这里开设分店。与在奇普里亚尼一样,这里的顾客也可以在露天餐桌边喝杯葡萄酒、放松身心。

  This is just another option, Linsley said. “The area has yet to attract the dining that it deserves to be available.”




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