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  The Kardashians can make money even if they encounter bad things.


  In February this year, rumored that reality show star Khloé Kardashian's boyfriend and NBA player Tristan Thompson derailed again, this time with her half-sister. Good friend Jordyn Woods.

  今年2月,有传言称真人秀明星克洛依·卡戴珊(Khloé Kardashian)的男友、NBA球员特里斯坦·汤普森(Tristan Thompson)再次出轨,这次是跟她同父异母的妹妹的好友乔丁·伍兹(Jordyn Woods)。

  Jordin has a good relationship with Kylie Jenner, the youngest of Kardashian-Jenner sisters. Kylie has her own cosmetics empire, and she named several products after Jordin. line. These include the Jordin lipstick set, which includes the matching velvet liquid lipstick and raspberry red lip liner.

  乔丁与卡戴珊-詹纳姐妹中最年轻的凯莉·詹纳(Kylie Jenner)关系好到住在了一起,凯莉拥有自己的化妆品帝国,她以乔丁的名字命名了几条产品线。其中包括乔丁唇膏套装,包括配套的丝绒液态唇膏和覆盆子红的唇线笔。

  传 A few days later, Kardashian fans noticed that the Jordin lipstick set on Kelly Cosmetics website has been reduced from $ 27 to $ 13.50. Customer reviews of this product have also become angry: "This lipstick smells betrayal" and "Beware, applying this lipstick may make you revenge." At the same time it was on sale, and sold out almost instantly. And other Kelly cosmetics sales have also increased significantly.


  Chloe's emotional problems, and the conflict between Kylie and Jordin-presented to the public just like every chapter in the family's life-is expected to be released on the E! Channel on Sunday, the 16th season of "With Card "Keeping Up With the Kardashians".

  克洛依的感情问题,以及凯莉和乔丁的失和——和这家人生活中的每一个章节一样呈现在了公众面前——有望在周日E!频道开播的第16季《与卡戴珊一家同行》(Keeping Up With the Kardashians)中一一道来。

  在 On the phone a few days ago, Kelly told me that she didn't know that Jordin was on sale, and when she heard the news, she called an employee to find out. She said that a few weeks ago the company had switched the packaging from white to black, and the product was already on sale. "This is not my character. I will never do anything like this, and when I saw it, my reaction was a shock," Kelly said. "Jordin knows I didn't sell it."


  Even so, the Jordin incident is a symbol of a mature Kardashian ecosystem: messy family affairs sustain the celebrity news cycle, sparking interest in the TV show and helping to promote an increasing number of sponsors And brand products.


  In the interview, Kris Jenner, 63, a self-proclaimed "star mother", and her five daughters, Kourtney, 39, Kim, 38, Chloe, 34, Kendal, 23, and Kelly, 21-talked about the family business in detail. This is equivalent to a masterclass course to monetize influence.

  在采访中,现年63岁、自称“星妈”的克丽丝·詹纳(Kris Jenner)和她的五个女儿——39岁的考特尼(Kourtney)、38岁的金(Kim)、34的克洛依、23岁的肯德尔(Kendal)和21岁的凯莉——详细谈论了这个家族企业。这相当于一门将影响力货币化的大师班课程。

  一起 Together they changed the way they advertised diet drinks, designer handbags, music festivals that were doomed to fail, and more products, including paying for posting on their Instagram account, which cost up to $ 1 million. They dominated the sneaker industry through huge endorsement contracts with Adidas and previous contracts with Puma and Nike (the latter through King's husband Kanye West). Their power to change the digital market is amazing. After Kelly tweeted "Are other people not using Snapchat? Or am I just using ... uh, this is too sad", the market value of Snapchat has evaporated by 1.3 billion US dollars.

  她们一起改变了减肥饮料、设计师手袋、注定要失败的音乐节和更多产品的广告方式,包括她们的Instagram账号付费发帖,一条费用可达100万美元。通过和阿迪达斯的巨额代言合同,以及之前跟彪马和耐克的合同(后者是通过金的丈夫坎耶·韦斯特[Kanye West]),她们主宰了运动鞋产业。她们改变数字市场的力量大到惊人,在凯莉发推“其他人是不是不用Snapchat了?还是只有我在用……呃,这太伤心了”后,Snapchat的市值蒸发了13亿美元。

  Even if you haven't watched one of their episodes, you are likely to have bought a Kardashian endorsement or investment (Pepsi? Calvin Klein? Proactiv?). Their sisters are a media company, if it swallowed a cosmetics group, mated with fashion brands, and gave birth to sports and leisure babies. (Their only brother, 32-year-old Bob, even invested in several companies, including a novelty socks brand.)

  即便她们的节目你一集也没看过,你也很有可能买过一个有卡戴珊代言或投资的东西(百事?Calvin Klein?Proactiv?)。她们几姐妹是一间媒体公司,如果说它吞下了一个化妆品集团,与时装品牌交配,生下了运动休闲宝宝的话。(他们唯一的哥哥、32岁的鲍勃[Bob]甚至投资了几家企业,包括某新奇袜子品牌。)

  In 2007, Chris introduced a series of reality shows to producer Ryan Seacrest. The show will follow her three hard-to-find young ladies: Courtney, King, and Chloe, during which they climbed from fourth-tier stars to first-line.

  2007年,克丽丝向制片人瑞安·西克雷斯特(Ryan Seacrest)力荐一部系列真人秀。该剧将跟拍她的三个很难伺候的大小姐:考特尼、金和克洛依,在此期间她们从四线明星爬到了一线。

  She said,‘ whatever happens, we will be attacked in all aspects, and this gives me an idea, ’” said Seacrest. His production company was only recently opened, so that he had to send an employee to Best Buy to buy a camera to record Kardashian's pool party, and then put in an E! Sell ??this creative video. The cable channel was abandoned at first, but Seacrest convinced executives.  At the time, the family was not well known, but King was at least friends with Paris Hilton and had sex videos. Kris promoted the show as a modern version of Brady Bunch." (If Jan [Jan] has a sex tape). Kelly and Kendall, who now have a young fan base, were only 9 and 11 years old when the show began. "Kelly and I didn't want to be involved for a long time, we just wanted to go back to the room and chat with friends on iChat," Kendall said.

  “她说,‘无论发生什么事,我们的方方面面都会被攻击,这让我产生了一个想法,’”西克雷斯特说。他的制片公司才刚开不久,以致于得派一名员工去百思买(Best Buy)买了台摄像机,用来记录卡戴珊的泳池派对,后来放进了一部向E!推销这个创意用的劲爆影片。这个有线电视频道起初放弃了,但西克雷斯特说服了高管。

纽约时报中英文网 www.qqenglish.com

  Grandchildren are the role of show, followers of paparazzi, and stars of parents' social media streams. They are loved by fans from 160 countries who watched them grow up. "Everyone always says how I pulled Mason out!" Courtney said. "Even if fans saw Mason, they said I couldn't believe it was so long ago." As King grew to the age of abandoning the bust, this one-percent group of "Truman's World" (Truman Show) seems to continue.

  当时,这个家族并不为人所知,但金至少和帕里丝·希尔顿(Paris Hilton)是好友,并且有性爱录像。克丽丝将该节目宣传为“现代版的《布雷迪家庭》(Brady Bunch)”。(如果简[Jan]有过性爱录像带的话)。如今拥有年少一带粉丝基础的凯莉和肯德尔在节目开播时分别只有9岁和11岁。“凯莉和我在相当长时间里不想参与其中,我们只想回房间,和朋友用iChat聊天,”肯德尔说。

  The Kardashian sisters' menus are constantly expanding to provide something for everyone. Are you a self-love person? Try Chloe's Good American Cowboy. ("I didn't know I was considered fat until I became famous," Chloe told me.) Want a "working mom" lifestyle product? On Tuesday, Courtney will debut Poosh, a beauty and health collection named after her daughter Penelope. Or maybe you love wearing oversized camouflage jackets and wedge boots? Kendall + Kylie is waiting.

  孙辈是节目秀的角色、狗仔队的跟拍目标、父母社交媒体流的明星,受到看她们长大的160个国家粉丝的喜爱。“每个人总说我是怎么把梅森拽出来的!”考特尼说。“即便粉丝看到梅森,他们也说我无法相信那是那么久之前的事了。”随着金成长到抛弃围胸的年龄,这种百分之一群体的《楚门的世界》(Truman Show)看来会继续演下去。

  Because of these women's huge influence on social media, most of these brands sell almost online and have no marketing budget. In 2017, King launched her KKW Beauty series, which sold an estimated $ 14.4 million worth of products (about 300,000) within the first five minutes. According to data from Captiv8, a marketing company that connects brands and influencers, Kendall, who has become the world's highest paid model last year, recorded $ 26.5 million in just 53 Instagram sponsored posts. When Kelly was 15 years old, Kris used her to practice her idea of ??selling the same color lip gloss and eyeliner. In March, Forbes magazine called Kelly the youngest "self-made billionaire" in history, sparking heated debate over the definition of "self-made." "I can't say I did it on my own," Kelly told me while driving to a Los Angeles airport. "If they're just talking about funds, strictly speaking, I don't have any inherited money. But I've got a lot of help, and there's a lot of platforms."

  卡戴珊姐妹的菜单不断扩充,为每个人都提供了些东西。你是身体自爱人士吗?试试克洛依的Good American牛仔吧。(“我直到成名后才知道我被认为是胖子,”克洛依告诉我说。)想要“职场妈妈”生活方式产品吗?周二,考特尼将首发Poosh——用她女儿佩妮洛普(Penelope)命名的美容与健康系列。或者也许你爱穿超大款迷彩夹克和楔形靴子?Kendall + Kylie随时恭候。

  But people still tend to dismiss the Kardashian sisters with a "famous for their fame" argument rather than an entrepreneur whose influence and reach may be second only to the reality star in the Oval Office. Maybe it's because they didn't hide their materialism. (Croey recently posted a picture of her ten-month-old daughter "True" on Instagram, surrounded by a pile of $ 160,000 perkin package). Or maybe because they are empowered women, but they also care about drawing perfect smokey makeup?

  由于这几位女人在社交媒体上的巨大影响力,这些品牌大多几乎只在线销售,基本无营销预算。2017年,金推出她的KKW Beauty系列,最初五分钟之内便售出了估计价值1440万美元的产品(约有30万件)。据帮品牌与网红牵线的营销公司Captiv8的数据,去年,已成为世界上薪资最高模特的肯德尔仅凭53条Instagram的赞助帖,便入账2650万美元。凯莉15岁时,克丽丝便用她来实践自己的同色系唇蜜和眼线搭配销售的想法。3月份,《福布斯》杂志(Forbes)称凯莉是史上最年轻的“白手起家亿万富豪”,引发了对于“白手起家”定义的激烈争论。“我不能说我是靠自己做的,”凯莉在开车前往洛杉矶某机场的路上告诉我。“如果他们只是在说资金,严格来说是的,我没有任何继承的钱。但我得到了相当多帮助,还有很大的平台。”

  In her living room, King said that she and Kanye have been making a "mood board": some of the looks they like, or the improvements they want to make to Jin's makeup, fragrance and accessories collection. Unfortunately, she can't always appear everywhere. So in Tel Aviv on the other side of the globe, the perfect replica of King's face—the lush false eyelashes on the big almond eyes and the thick contours of his cheeks—sit in the eyewear designer Carolina Lemke Lemke) 's office.

  但人们仍倾向于不屑一顾地以“因为出名而出名”的论调来谈论卡戴珊姐妹,而非影响力和触及面可能仅次于椭圆形办公室里那位真人秀明星的企业家。或许这是因为她们毫不掩饰自己的物质主义(克洛依最近在Instagram上发了张她十个月大女儿“楚”(True)的照片,周围是一堆价值16万美元的各色柏金包)。又或许是因为她们是赋权女性,但同样很在意画出完美烟熏妆?<-->纽约时报中英文网 http://www.qqenglish.com<-->

  4In April of this year, Carolina Lemke will launch the Kim Kardashian West sunglasses series, which is the first collection launched by the brand in the United States. These gigantic black sunglasses, dotted with rhinestones, have appeared on Kim's Instagram several times. Her friend, Israeli supermodel Bar Refaeli, came up with the idea. "She showed me some of the ads she took for them, and I thought they were cute and well done. She said, 'We should launch in the United States, you should do it here!'" King said.

  在自己的起居室里,金说,她和坎耶一直在做一种“情绪板”:那是一些他们喜欢的造型,或他们想给金的化妆、香氛和饰品系列做出的改进。可惜,她总不能同时出现在所有地方。于是在地球另一端的特拉维夫,金的面孔的完美复制品——大杏仁眼上繁茂的假睫毛,面颊有浓重的轮廓线——就端坐在眼镜设计师卡罗莱娜·莱姆克(Carolina Lemke)的办公室里。

  Wu Jin emphasized that she did more than name these projects. She designed the sunglasses, went deep into the production process, and gave instructions on how the package would look (and then said it again after Kanye gave her opinion). "It's not like,‘ hey, can you do an endorsement for us and then walk into our world, ’” King said. "Instead,‘ what do you want this to be? '”

  今年4月,卡罗莱娜·莱姆克将推出金·卡戴珊·韦斯特太阳镜系列,这是品牌在美国推出的第一个系列。这些硕大的黑色墨镜有一些点缀着水钻,已经在金的Instagram上出现了几次。她的朋友、以色列超模芭儿·拉法莉(Bar Refaeli)想出了这个主意。“她给我看了她给他们拍的一些广告,我觉得很可爱,做得很好,她说‘我们应该在美国推出,你应该到这里做!’”金说。

  说 She said that she participated in KKW beauty, KKW perfume and the extremely downloaded mobile game "Kim Kardashian: Hollywood". "If I change my hairstyle, I'll let them know-‘ Hey guys, I ’m going to dye a hair ’or‘ be a pink-haired character ’,” she said in frequent conversations with her app developer.


  Brand reliance on personal charm means that if fans are disappointed, sales may decline. Analysts said that early last year, when Kelly tried to hide news of her pregnancy and reduce the number of posts on social media, the discussion surrounding her brand calmed down.

  她说,她参与了KKW美妆、KKW香水以及下载量极高的手机游戏“金·卡戴珊:好莱坞”(Kim Kardashian: Hollywood)。“如果我换了发型,我会让他们知道——‘嘿大家,我要染个头发’或者‘做个粉色头发的角色’,”她在和自己的应用开发者频繁的交流中说。

  Yes, a large part of my business is on social media, Kelly said. "But it's also important to keep this private time."-Except those that were filmed?


  She smiled. "Apart from going on national TV, I take privacy very seriously."


  However, Chloe and her sisters are still launching sponsored ads for HiSmile Teeth Whitening Kit, Flat Tummy Diet Tea, and Lollipop to suppress appetite. Chloe has recently posted a post in which she wore a pink bra, showing off her gutted abs, and trying to sell medically suspicious meal replacement shakes. Later, actor Jameela Jamil, who often criticized the Kardashian sisters, made angry comments.


  If you are too irresponsible to do it: 1. Recognize the fact that you are relying on personal trainers, nutritionists, and possibly chefs and surgeons to achieve your beauty, not this laxative ... ,2,  Kris is optimistic about such criticism. I don't live in that negative energy space," she said. "90% of people will look forward to knowing this family, our journey, and who we are." The full-fitting Crowe said she has never been a chef She posted all her personal workout sessions to Snapchat, and she knew that not everyone could afford such a luxury. "Well, listen, I'm going to show you what to do, fool, repeat 15 times, three groups, this is the action ..." she explained.

  然而克洛依和她的姐妹们仍然在发布HiSmile牙齿美白套装、Flat Tummy减肥茶和抑制食欲的棒棒糖的赞助广告。克洛依最近发表了一篇帖子,照片上,她身穿粉色胸罩,炫耀着沟壑分明的腹肌,极力推销医学上效果可疑的代餐奶昔。之后,经常批评卡戴珊姐妹的演员贾米拉·贾米尔(Jameela Jamil)发表了愤怒的评论。

  He Jin defended the product endorsements of his family. Teeth whitening? "I don't have a dental patch. People really think so!" Girdle? "I'll give it to friends who have just given birth!" Kendall's Proactiv endorsement was widely mocked after Kris tweeted that it was "brave and fragile"? "Because of her acne, she never thought she could be a model," King said.


  She also said that she had rejected more invitations than accepted ones. When a fast-moving consumer goods brand bid $ 1 million for her to post only one Instagram post, Kanye advised her not to do it, saying, "These companies will copy my stuff." King then refused. Thanks, Kanye gave her $ 1 million on Mother's Day. "He wrote me a check with that number and said,‘ Thank you so much for supporting me without posting, ’” she said.


  However, despite these small mistakes, you have to admire Kris and Kim to turn the sex video that could have been a shameful scarlet letter into entertainment gold, forming a sufficiently powerful platform for King to visit the White House and generate criminal justice reform. Impact has included persuading President Donald Trump to reduce his sentence to 63-year-old Alice Marie Johnson, who was sentenced to life imprisonment for non-violent drug crimes.


  I asked Kim if she had considered running for office.


  No, I don't think so, she said. "That will most likely be the most stressful job in the world, and I don't think it will work for me."

  不过,虽有这些小差错,你得佩服克丽丝和金把本可成为耻辱红字的性爱录像带变成了娱乐黄金,形成了一个足够强大的平台,让金得以造访白宫并对刑事司法改革产生了影响,包括说服唐纳德·特朗普总统对因非暴力毒品犯罪被判终生监禁的63岁的爱丽丝·玛丽·约翰逊(Alice Marie Johnson)减刑。

  Kanye Kardashians and Swift told people about the side effects, then let me do it, "and she listed the side effects of this product.






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