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  Ma Yun officially retired from Alibaba. The Chinese e-commerce giant he founded has helped change the way hundreds of millions of people shop and made him one of the richest people in the world.


  But even if Alibaba held a carefully prepared celebration on Tuesday to mark his departure, Jack Ma would not go too far.


  Literally, Alibaba CEO Zhang Yong will replace Ma Yun, 55, as chairman of the board. Ma Yun has stated that he will be committed to charity, especially rural education.


  I won't stop, he said at a women entrepreneurs conference in late August. "Alibaba is just one of my dreams. I'm still young today."


  On Tuesday night, Alibaba celebrated Jack Ma's retirement with 80,000 employees at the Hangzhou Olympic Sports Center. This eastern city is home to Ali's headquarters. The day happened to be Jack Ma's birthday and the company's 20th anniversary. According to an Alibaba spokesperson, the show includes employee parade, music and skit performances.


  But Ma Yun will still be an important force for Ali. He is a lifelong member of the Alibaba Partnership, with dozens of members of the group having a huge influence on the company's board of directors and leadership, and even the bonus pool.

  但马云仍将是阿里的一股重要力量。他是阿里巴巴合伙人制度(Alibaba Partnership)的终身成员,该团体的几十名成员对公司董事会和领导层,乃至奖金池有着巨大的影响力。

  合伙 The partnership system also has control over key licenses required by Alibaba to conduct business on the mainland. Although Alibaba is listed in New York and shares are held by global investors, Beijing requires that many companies have licenses to conduct business there controlled by Chinese citizens.

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  Perhaps the most important thing is that Jack Ma will still control Alipay's parent company. Many digital markets in Alibaba use this Chinese online payment system. This business is in fierce competition with WeChat Pay, a subsidiary of Tencent Holdings, which has become a powerful force for China's online payment, which has brought Jack Ma's continuous challenges in the business field.


  Ma Yun's permanent partners are enough to control the entire Ali empire, Chinese Internet veteran and sometimes author Ali Fang Xingdong wrote on his social media WeChat account. Fang Xingdong wrote that Tuesday marked Ma's third "retirement." The first was in 2006 and the second in 2013, when Jack Ma resigned as the company's president and CEO.


  Imagine what will happen to Jack Ma's fourth retirement? He wrote.


  里 Alibaba was founded to help Chinese manufacturers connect with foreign small businesses, and succeeded in nuggling money after shifting their focus to an online market that connects Chinese sellers and consumers. Its rise coincides with the spread of Chinese Internet culture and the widespread use of smartphones later, and has realized a transformation in which Chinese consumers can purchase products, services and even invest in products at the touch of the screen.

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  The company has grown into a business giant, and it can be said that of all Chinese companies, it has the greatest impact on the Chinese economy.


  In 2014, Alibaba raised more than 21 billion US dollars in its initial public offering in New York, and consolidated its rising position. This has also consolidated Ma's personal wealth. From many statistics, he is the richest person in China. According to Hurun Report, a Shanghai-based research firm that tracks the wealth of China, his wealth is $ 38 billion.

  2014年,阿里巴巴在纽约首次公开募股筹集逾210亿美元,崛起地位得到巩固。这也使马云的个人财富得到巩固,从很多统计来看,他都是中国最富有的人。据上海追踪中国富豪情况的研究机构胡润百富(Hurun Report)估计,他的财富达380亿美元。

  Ali also owns China's largest cloud computing business, as well as one of the largest food delivery services and logistics networks. Overall, the company's growth momentum is still good.


  Ali may face more challenges. China's economy is slowing down, the United States is launching a trade war against China, and the Chinese government's role in playing private enterprises in the economy has become more contradictory. Ma Yun will also step down as chairman of the board of directors, and the world is now aware of the huge influence of technology giants on society.


  In the last century, we all pursued big and strong, Jack Ma said at a corporate event earlier this year. "Today we need to think about how to do a good job in the enterprise, to satisfy customers, to satisfy society, to satisfy employees, to satisfy themselves and to satisfy family members. Only such a good enterprise can last."




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