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  Lansing, mich. -- Lawrence g. Nassar, a former gymnastics team doctor, was sentenced on Wednesday to 40 to 175 years in prison for multiple sex crimes, capping a stunning seven-day hearing. At the hearing, more than 150 young women confronted him publicly about the abuse they had suffered.

  密歇根州兰辛市——周三,前美国体操队队医劳伦斯·G·纳萨尔(Lawrence G. Nassar)因多次性犯罪被判处40至175年有期徒刑,为一场为时七天的惊人听证会画上了句号。在听证会上,有150名多年轻女性与他公开对质,说出她们所遭受的虐待。

  Judge Rosemarie Aquilina welcomed the young women, who included several prominent olympians, to testify. She made no bones about the possibility that Dr. Nassar, 54, would die in prison.

  此案法官罗斯玛丽·阿奎利纳(Rosemarie Aquilina)欢迎这些年轻女人出庭作证,她们当中包括几位著名奥运选手。她直言不讳地表示,现年54岁的纳萨尔医生很有可能死在狱中。

  I have just signed your death warrant, she said at the sentencing.


  Nassar, who was given a chance to address the court before the verdict, apologized to the young women, turning from time to time to their seats in court and saying, "your words over the last few days have had a powerful effect on me, shaking me to the core. I will remember your words for the rest of my life." As he faced them, some women sighed with resentment and sobbed softly as he spoke.


  Before announcing nassar's sentence, the judge read a letter he submitted to the court last week that contrasted sharply with his confession. In it, he complained about his treatment in a separate federal case involving child pornography and said plaintiffs in the case were pursuing media attention and money. "Hell hath no fury like a rejected woman," he wrote, apparently eliciting a gasp from the gallery as the judge read out the words.


  After reading the excerpt, judge aquilina, who had previously shown strong support for women, expressed outrage at nassar.


  This letter tells me that you have not acknowledged what you have done, she said. "You still think you're right, you're a doctor, you have rights, so you don't have to listen. You have a cure, Sir, and I won't give you my dog."


  Nassar, 54, is accused of sexually assaulting the girls for years under the pretext of examinations or medical treatment. Some girls are as young as six. Many of them are Olympic gymnasts. In November, he pleaded guilty to sexually abusing seven girls. He had already been sentenced to 60 years in federal prison on child pornography charges.


  The case and its aftermath are far from over. It caused outrage inside and outside the sports world, leading to the resignation this week of the President and several members of U.S.A. Gymnastics, the body that governs American Gymnastics. Last week, the group ended its partnership with a private training center on a remote Texas farm where some of the abuse took place.

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  此案及其后果远未结束。它在体育界内外引起了极大的愤慨,导致管理美国体操界的机构美国体操协会(U.S.A. Gymnastics)的主席和几位成员于本周辞职。上周,该组织终止了与位于德克萨斯州一处偏远农场的一家私人培训中心的合作关系,其中一些虐待事件就是在那里发生的。

  There have also been calls for the resignation of the President of Michigan State University, where Mr. Nassar spent decades treating its athletes and some members of the national gymnastics team. Within hours of his sentencing, members of the Michigan house of representatives called on the school's President, Lou Anna Simon, to resign.

  还有人呼吁密歇根州立大学(Michigan State University)校长辞职,纳萨尔曾在该校工作数十年时间,医治该校运动员和美国国家体操队的一些队员。在他被判刑几小时后,密歇根州众议院的议员呼吁该校校长卢·安娜·西蒙(Lou Anna Simon)辞职。

  On Tuesday, the national collegiate athletic association (NCAA) formally opened an investigation into Michigan state's conduct.


  Some young women have accused the U.S. Olympic committee of not doing enough to protect them when they joined the Olympic gymnastics team, forcing them to continue receiving nassar's treatment. On Wednesday, the ioc said it was taking action.


  Immediately after nassar's conviction, the ioc issued a statement demanding the resignation of the entire board of USA gymnastics and promising to take further steps to investigate nassar's actions and ensure that no further harm would be done to athletes in the future. Scott Blackmun, the chief executive of the United Nations Olympic committee, apologized for missing the hearing after gymnasts sharply criticized the committee for not giving them enough support.

  纳萨尔一案宣判之后,奥委会马上发表了声明,要求美国体操协会理事会全体辞职,并承诺采取进一步措施调查纳萨尔的行为,确保将来运动员不会再受到伤害。由于体操运动员曾经措辞严厉地指责美国奥委会没有给予她们足够支持,奥委会首席执行官斯科特·布莱克门(Scott Blackmun)特意为没有出席听证会而道歉。

  A number of civil cases have been filed.


  The sentencing hearing, which was webcast over several days, drew national attention as it allowed a number of minor and adult women who said they had been molested by nassar for years to make victim impact statements. Many of the victims had not previously been publicly identified. The hearing, originally planned for four days, was postponed as more women came forward.

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  His accusers include Olympic gold medalists Aly Raisman, McKayla Maroney, Gabby Douglas, Jordyn Wieber and Simone Biles.

  指控他的人当中包括奥运金牌得主艾莉·雷斯曼(Aly Raisman)、麦凯拉·马罗尼(McKayla Maroney)、盖比·道格拉斯(Gabby Douglas)、乔汀·韦伯(Jordyn Wieber)和西蒙·拜尔斯(Simone Biles)。

  The last three victims spoke on Wednesday. Rachael Denhollander, one of the first women to publicly accuse nassar, was the last person to speak at the sentencing hearing. "Larry is the most dangerous kind of abuser," she said. "He was able to manipulate his victims with ruthless calculation and careful planning, deliberately creating the healthiest and most caring exterior image as a way to ensure he had a steady stream of young children to abuse."

  最后三名受害者于周三发言。蕾切尔·丹霍兰德(Rachael Denhollander)是第一批公开指控纳萨尔的女性之一,也是在量刑听证会上发言的最后一个人。“拉里是最危险的那种虐待者,”她说。“他能够通过冷酷算计、精心酝酿的方法来操纵受害者,刻意打造最最健康和充满关爱的外部形象,以此为手段,确保有源源不断的幼童供他侵犯。”

  Judge aquilina praised Dan Holland for opening the floodgates. She said, "you are the bravest person I have ever seen in court."


  Under the terms of the plea agreement, the sentence included 40 years in prison; But the judge recommended that if nassar unexpectedly outlives anyone and applies for parole after serving his federal and state sentences, his time in state prison should be extended to 175 years.


  In November, nassar pleaded guilty to three other counts of sexual assault in a neighboring county. Sentencing is expected later this month.


  The young women's statements over the past week have been very convincing and sometimes painful.


  Imagine feeling that you don't have the power and you don't have a voice, Mr. Resman said in court on Friday. "Well, you know what, larry? I have the power and the voice, and I'm only using them now. All these brave women have power, and we will use our voice to make sure that you are punished as you deserve: to play back in your head the words of this powerful team of survivors for the rest of your life."


  As part of the settlement, Ms. Maloney had signed a confidentiality agreement with U.S.A. Gymnastics. She can be fined more than $100,000 if she talks about being assaulted. She was able to testify after a number of celebrities offered to pay her fines and USA gymnastics said it would not fine her.

  作为诉讼和解的一部分,马罗尼曾与美国体操协会(U.S.A. Gymnastics)签署过一份保密协议。如果谈论被侵犯的经历,她会被罚款逾10万美元。在多位名人提出为她支付罚款后,美国体操协会表示不会对她进行罚款处理,她才得以作证。

  Nassar is not a doctor, she said. "He is, was and always will be a child sex offender, a demon in human form."


  But in the end, judge aquilina gave the final summary.


  Your decision to invade was well-planned, manipulative, cunning and despicable, she told nassar. "I don't need to say more, because your victims have said it, and I don't want to repeat it. You will not return their innocence, their youth."




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