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  The people of pantone know that times are tough.


  Many of us, the authority color company said of anxiety in a recent presentation, "are completely overloaded and always stressed." So what do the pantone psychologists think is the solution? Is blue. Specifically: classic blue.


  For the 21st year in a row, pantone has announced its color of the year, a trend-forecasting gimmick that has been closely watched by the news media and visual trends industries like marketing, fashion and design.


  Blue as the color of the year for 2020 is not azure (the company's first choice in 2000), water sky (2003), blue turquoise (2005), blue iris (2008), or serenity blue (along with rose quartz in 2016). It is classic blue, deeper and more familiar than its blue Cousins.

  经典蓝是蓝莓、百事可乐易拉罐和天空“在一天结束时的美丽颜色”,潘通色彩研究所(Pantone color Institute)的执行董事莱亚特丽斯·艾斯曼(Leatrice Eiseman)说,该机构研究并为企业提供有关人类对颜色反应的建议。在选择经典蓝时,该机构表示他们先研究了世界上正在发生的事情。

  Classic blue is a "beautiful color at the end of the day" for blueberries, Pepsi cans and the sky, said Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone color Institute, which researches and advises companies on how humans react to color. In choosing classic blue, the agency says it first studied what was happening in the world.

  “我们生活的这个时代,世界各地的情况似乎有一点……我不想用‘动荡’来形容,但还是可以说有一点不稳定,”潘通色彩研究所副所长劳里·普莱斯曼(Laurie Pressman)说。“从这一刻到下一刻,没什么事情是绝对确定的。”

  We live in an era where there seems to be a little bit of... I don't want to call it 'turbulent,' but it's a little unstable, said Laurie Pressman, deputy director of the pantone color institute. "Nothing is absolutely certain from one moment to the next."


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  Pantone isn't too specific about why people feel "unstable." Political turmoil may be the obvious cause of these tremors, but pressman said, "we don't see it as a political message." Pantone's decision had nothing to do with impeachment, the election or brexit, nor was it an implicit endorsement of the blue Democrats.


  Instead, pantone blames a more general enemy for the world's anxiety and stress: technology.


  It speeds things up, and we just can't handle all the stuff coming in, eiseman said.


  Classic blue "provides a refuge," pantone says, to satisfy people's "desire for a solid, stable foundation." Classic blue stands for "not aggressive," "easy to resonate," and "honest."


  Classic blue doesn't mean sad. Although blue has been associated with melancholy by artists and writers for centuries, young people no longer associate it with sadness, eiseman said. "I think that's what the older generation thinks."

  这是潘通第一次在通告中附带多感官彩蛋。他们还准备发布以经典蓝为灵感的音乐——一首名叫《生动怀旧》(Vivid Nostalgia)的电子流行歌曲——同时还有一款浆果茶和柔软面料。(这首歌是免费的;浆果茶可供购买;使用该面料制作的定制家具可以预订。)一些网红和记者也收到了蜡烛和果酱。

  This is the first time pantone has included a multi-sensory egg in its announcement. They are also releasing music inspired by classic blues -- an electronic pop song called "Vivid Nostalgia" -- as well as a berry tea and soft fabric. (the song is free; Berry tea is available for purchase; Bespoke furniture made from the fabric can be ordered. Some web celebrity and journalists also received candles and jam.

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  Pantone's annual campaign, already strong, has been upgraded. Each December, their announcement is widely reported (including in opposition) in national media and trade publications.

  利兹大学(University of Leeds)历史学教授、《色彩革命》(The Color Revolution)一书的作者雷吉娜·李·布拉什奇克(Regina Lee Blaszczyk)表示,外界的关注帮助潘通成为色彩预测领域——这一职业可追溯到20世纪初——最具影响力的机构之一。

  Regina Lee Blaszczyk, a professor of history at The University of Leeds and author of "The Color Revolution," says The attention has helped make pantone one of The most influential institutions in Color forecasting, a profession that dates back to The early 20th century.


  Color of the year is really a marketing device for pantone to get media attention, she said. "One of the things that pantone has done very well is that they have found a way to leverage celebrity culture. "Color of the year is essentially making a color a celebrity."


  Mr. Blashchik said pantone wanted to stir up excitement about the pantone brand, and reporters under deadline pressure were willing to cooperate. "They need something to write about that's a little exciting. Celebrities are very exciting."


  Still, pantone has a reputation for accuracy.

  奢侈品电子商务平台Moda Operandi分析并定期发布消费者行为数据。(这些数据基于其内部展卖会的购买情况,或是直接在T台上销售的设计师系列产品。)

  Luxury e-commerce platform Moda Operandi analyzes and regularly publishes consumer behavior data. (the data are based on purchases at its in-house trade shows or on designer collections sold directly on the runway.)

  潘通预测2018年的流行色为紫外光色。从2017年到2018年,Moda Operandi称他们的紫色商品订单增长了28%。去年,潘通选择了珊瑚橙作为流行色。而从2018年到2019年,Moda Operandi的粉色商品销售量增长了62%。

  Pantone predicts the color of 2018 will be ultraviolet. From 2017 to 2018, Moda Operandi reported a 28 percent increase in purple merchandise orders. Last year, pantone chose coral orange. From 2018 to 2019, sales of Moda Operandi's pink merchandise grew 62 percent.


  But Mr Brashchik does not believe anyone outside the visual industry CARES about pantone's annual announcement.


  People who are interested in clothes and fashion pay attention, but I don't think ordinary people pay attention to it, she said.

  话虽如此,布拉什奇克还是注意到,在她的慧俪轻体(Weight Watchers)Facebook群组里,有人会根据潘通选出的颜色组织各种挑战和活动。例如,“让我们这周都穿潘通粉吧!”她说。

  Still, Ms. Blashchik has noticed that on her Weight Watchers Facebook group, there are people who organize challenges and events based on the colors chosen by pantone. For example, "let's all wear pantone this week!" She said.



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