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  Were Beyoncéand Jay-Z making a political statement when they sat during the national anthem?Was Jennifer Lopez alluding to President Trump’s immigration practices by having children sitting in cage-like orbs?What about that Puerto Rican flag?

  碧昂丝和杰伊-Z在奏国歌时坐着是否发表了政治声明?珍妮弗·洛佩兹(Jennifer Lopez)是否通过让孩子坐在笼子状的球体中来暗示特朗普总统的移民做法?那波多黎各人的国旗呢?

  At the Super Bowl,the most widely viewed television event of the year,political statements from international superstars can be only so overt.And since representatives for the three celebrities didn’t respond to questions about the meaning,if any,behind the gestures,viewers rushed in to fill the void with speculation.


  Jay-Z and Beyoncéwere not part of the televised presentation during Demi Lovato’s singing of“The Star-Spangled Banner.”The celebrity news website TMZ obtained a video of the two of them,along with their daughter Blue Ivy,seated during the song while most everyone else around them was standing.The royal couple of hip-hop were not ignoring the song;both appeared to be swaying to it.But given the circumstances of Jay-Z’s partnership with the National Football League,many readers wondered whether their attachment to their seats was part of some message.One conservative author and pundit,Nick Adams,called it a“disgusting act of shame"on Twitter;others wondered whether it was all a manufactured fuss.The N.F.L.entered a partnership with Jay-Z as a way to smooth over the rough edges left by the league's battle with Colin Kaepernick,the former quarterback whose kneeling during the national anthem touched off a nationwide debate over free speech,patriotism and the treatment of black Americans.The deal called for Jay-Z and his company,Roc Nation,to consult on live entertainment,including the halftime show,and for the music impresario to contribute to a league social-justice campaign called“Inspire Change.”

  在黛咪·洛瓦托(Demi Lovato)演唱的《星条旗》中,Jay-Z和Beyoncé不在电视转播中。名人新闻网站TMZ获得了他们两个人以及他们的女儿Blue Ivy的视频,歌曲演奏时,他们坐着而周围的大多数人都站着。嘻哈皇室夫妇并没有忽略这首歌,两人都伴着歌摇动。但是考虑到Jay-Z与美国国家橄榄球联盟(National Football League)建立合作伙伴关系的情况,许多读者想知道他们对座位的依附是否是某些信息的一部分。一位保守派作家和专家尼克·亚当斯(Nick Adams)在推特上称其为“令人作呕的耻辱”;其他人则怀疑这是否全是虚假的大惊小怪。N.F.L.与Jay-Z建立了伙伴关系,以消除联盟与前四分卫Colin Kaepernick的战斗所留下的糟糕局面,后者在国歌期间跪下引发了一场关于言论自由,爱国主义和对黑人美国人待遇的全国性辩论。该协议要求Jay-Z和他的公司Roc Nation就包括半场表演在内的现场娱乐节目进行咨询,并呼吁音乐经纪人为一项名为“激发变革”的联盟社会正义运动做出贡献。

  Jay-Z had supported Kaepernick’s protest,but received some flak from those who saw his cooperation with the N.F.L.as betraying Kaepernick’s cause.In a recent interview with The New York Times,Jay-Z said that he“can take a couple rounds of negative press”if it meant the deal could help convince white football fans that they should be concerned with police treatment of African-Americans.


  Beyoncéherself used the Super Bowl platform to make a statement even before Kaepernick began kneeling.In 2016,her performance of“Formation”during the halftime show in New Orleans was replete with black pride imagery—featuring costumes reminiscent of Black Panther attire—and carried an implicit message about police shootings.David M.Carter,an associate professor of sports business at the University of Southern California,said that entertainers see the Super Bowl as a platform to communicate—but any political messages tend to be toned down because of the multitude of corporate interests involved.But many hard-core football fans have gotten used to the injections of political messaging in the games,he said.Their reactions tend to be“somewhere between fatigue and an eye roll,”Carter said.

  碧昂斯甚至在凯珀尼克开始下跪之前就利用超级碗的平台发表了声明。2016年,她在新奥尔良中场秀上表演的“Formation”充满了黑人骄傲的形象——服装让人联想到黑豹的服装——并隐含着警察开枪的信息。南加州大学体育事务副教授戴维·M·卡特(David M.Carter)表示,演艺人员将超级碗视为交流的平台,但由于涉及到众多公司利益,任何政治信息都趋于淡化。但是许多铁杆足球迷已经习惯了在比赛中注入政治信息。卡特说,他们的反应倾向于“介于疲劳和视线之间。”

  It would also have been easy to miss the possible political symbolism in J.Lo and Shakira’s halftime show with its explosion of hip gyrations,pole dancing and Latin rhythms.But more than 10 minutes into the show,the cameras pulled back to reveal a more tranquil scene:children,dressed in white,sitting beneath lit-up structures that looked a bit like tulips with their petals closed.Some viewers interpreted the structures as representing children in cages,a reference to the Trump’s administration’s practice of detaining migrant children separately from their parents.Then,as the music transitioned to a brief sampling from Bruce Springsteen’s“Born in the U.S.A.,”Lopez reappeared wearing a feathery floor-length jacket bearing the Puerto Rican flag on one side and the American flag on the other.Lopez shouted“Latinos!”before sharing a moment with a young vocalist(who happened to be her daughter,Emme Maribel Muñiz)and breaking out a salsa step. 纽约时报中英文网 http://www.qqenglish.com

  J.Lo和夏奇拉(Shakira)的中场秀充满了嘻哈旋转、钢管舞和拉丁节奏,很容易让人忽略其中可能蕴含的政治象征意义。但在节目进行了10多分钟后,镜头拉回,呈现出一个更加平静的场景:孩子们穿着白色的衣服,坐在一堆看起来有点像郁金香、花瓣紧闭的建筑下面。一些观众认为这些代表了关在笼子里的孩子,这是对特朗普政府将移民儿童与父母分开拘留的做法的提法。然后,随着音乐过渡到布鲁斯·斯普林斯汀(Bruce Springsteen)的《生于美国》(Born in the U.S.A.)中的一小段片段洛佩兹再次露面时穿着一件长及地面的羽毛夹克,一边是波多黎各国旗,另一边是美国国旗。洛佩兹大喊“拉丁裔!”然后与一位年轻歌手(恰好是她的女儿Emme Maribel Muñiz)分享了片刻,然后展开了莎莎舞步。

  Lopez,who was born in the Bronx to Puerto Rican parents and has family on the Caribbean island,has been an outspoken advocate for Puerto Ricans since the island was devastated by Hurricanes Irma and Maria in 2017.The pop star donated$1 million to the relief effort and visited the island a few months later,saying that Puerto Ricans“just want to be treated equally”as Americans.The Puerto Rican flag lasted only a few seconds on the Super Bowl stage:J.Lo quickly shed the dual-flag jacket and strutted forward to finish the show in her sparkling silver jumpsuit.A representative for Lopez declined to comment on whether the symbols were intended to be political statements.


  Twitter users did not decline to comment.


  One moment during the Super Bowl package was more intentional in its messaging.In a commercial from the“Inspire Change”initiative,the retired football player Anquan Boldin recounted the night that his cousin,Corey Jones,who is black,was fatally shot by a plainclothes police officer while awaiting help along a highway in Florida.(The officer was convicted of manslaughter and sentenced to 25 years in prison.)The minute-long commercial touched on some of the causes that“Inspire Change"promotes:economic advancement,police relations with the community and criminal justice reform.

  在“超级碗”比赛中,有一刻是在传达信息。在“激发变化”倡议的商业广告中,退休的足球运动员安泉·博尔丁(Anquan Boldin)讲述了当晚,他的堂兄,黑人的表哥科里·琼斯(Corey Jones)在等待佛罗里达州高速公路上的帮助时被便衣警察开枪打死。(该官员被判犯有过失杀人罪,并被判处25年徒刑。)长达一分钟的商业广告涉及“激发变化”促进的一些原因:经济发展,警察与社区的关系以及刑事司法改革。


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