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最受国人青睐的6大手提包品牌 香奈儿位居第一!(双语)

  China's handbag market is nearly three times as lucrative as its nextlargest global counterpart-a whopping $37,571 million volume as compared to the$13,


  Crocs might just be the indestructible cockroaches of the fashionindustry.  Crocs洞洞鞋可能是时尚界打不倒的小强.  They've been relentlessly mocked,


  近期大热的清宫剧《延禧攻略》不光带火了一段清朝史,也让剧中嫔妃们的"咬唇妆"上了热搜.但其实,"咬唇妆"的历史可比你想的要久远的多……Not only the plot

Vero Moda 的翻译是“真时尚”?这些外文牌子起名太随便了!

  现在好多知名的大众品牌的名字都不好深究,因为你一旦把它直译了,那个画风真的就全变了哈哈哈.我们今天就来盘点10个吧:  No. 1Vero Moda维莎曼直译:真时尚Vero 这个词


  We've seen an abundance of bizarre fashion trends crop up of late.  最近我们见多了千奇百怪的流行趋势.  From see-through trousers to high heeled Croc


  Nasa and Vans have created a new collection, inspired by space suits andborrowing from the patches for the agency's most famous missions.  受宇航服的


  Victioria's Secret Angel Romee Strijd's workout routine is about to pay offbig time.  维秘天使Romee Strijd的常规锻炼就会得到巨大回报.  The Dutch


  说起来,最近奢侈品的大新闻还真不少.  先是有D&G闹出个辱华风波,之后Gucci又疑似爆出了天大的逃税丑闻.  于是广大群众突然对谈论奢侈品有了空前的热情,许多人在谴


  Individuals are rarely called by name during China's Ministry of National Defense, yet 10 Chinese netizens were "summoned" at its monthly press conferen

近四成大学生关注网红 游戏美妆类最受青睐(双语)

  Nearly 40 percent of college students in China have followed internet celebrities on social media platforms, according to a blue book review regarding China



粉红色也能重拳出击。曾经属于纤巧芭蕾舞女演员、泡泡糖和马里布芭比娃娃的这种嬉戏色调,最近显示出了某种实力,披上了社会与政治抗议、越轨,以及纯色情的寓意。这个信息以让人意想不到的力量在纽约时装技术学院(Fashion Institute of Technology)的一个博物馆展览中显现出来,展览探索了几个世纪里,这种颜色从腼腆到大胆颠覆,从高贵到无聊,再反回来的多次变化。



韩国首尔——金志妍(Kim Ji-yeon,音)7岁时就知道她要做整形手术。在接下来的13年里,她不断毁掉自己的照片,直到她的父母出钱让她做了双颌手术,这是一种需要将颌骨切断然后调整位置的手术。





  Throughout her career, Cira Robinson-like many ballet dancers of color-has followed a tradition of painting her toe shoes with the same color as her skin ton


  Karl Lagerfeld, the designer with the most outstanding creative achievements in the 20th and 21st century, who shaped the prototype of the modern luxury fashion industry in his career, died at the a


  PARIS-They wore tweed and pearls, camellia, and a glittering double-C logo to attend Karl Lagerfeld's last Chanel show-his last grand performance. They wore Chanel sneakers and sci-fi silver Chanel


  The Kardashians can make money even if they encounter bad thing


  Since when did the tights change from a costume to a cultural one? This elastic non-sock tights with countless patterns and colors has become an unexpected source of controvers

红毯之外,一个你从未见过的Met Gala

  At some point before the sundial, six people with naked upper body and muscular men were shouldering a suede sofa bed, watching the people across the street across the roadblock. Lady Gaga performed

红毯之外,一个你从未见过的Met Gala

  At one point before sunset, six bare-chested, muscular men shouldered a suede sofa bed as the crowd across the street watched from the barricades. Lady Gaga performed some kind of high-art version o


  Few leaders on the world stage have topped the perennial image-making contest in the new social media world like President trum


  Paris -- something unexpected has happened to the top of Europe's fashion pyramid and its beating heart. Quietly, quietly, as if overnight (though clearly not), it has been defined by women: not jus


  On Wednesday and Thursday, 20 Democrats vying for the nomination of the party’s president boarded the stage of the first primary debate. Authoritative experts said that everyone should realize their


  Spring Fashion Week 2020 re-lights New York. Marc Jacobs brings a retro visual feast, Carolina Herrera romantic bloom, Oscar de la Renta youth opening... The photographer's shots record the best mom


  Imagine what a world that can't wear black clothes would look lik