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  He was said to have pledged to 'get rid of the posh girls' when he tookover editorship at Vogue magazine last year.  据说去年他接管《Vogue》杂志主


  Donald Trump posed for a photo with Kim Kardashian?in the Oval Office aftera 'great meeting' discussing prison reform and clemency for an imprisoned


  A lot of fine detail went into the Duchess of Sussex's royal wedding look,from the handpicked flowers of her bridal bouquet to the tiara that the Queenl

凯特王妃带孩子郊游 兄妹俩有点萌(图)

  The family outing on Sunday was the first time that Kate, George andCharlotte have been seen in public since the royal wedding on May 19.  自5月19日的皇家


  Facebook Inc. is close to announcing a first crop of news shows for itsvideo platform Watch that will likely include content from Fox News and CNN,capping m


  A crayfish desperate to remove itself from the menu sacrificed one of itsown claws to escape a boiling pot of spicy soup at a restaurant in China.  在中国


  Google says it will not extend a contract into next year to help the U.S.  military analyze drone videos following complaints from company employees.  

世界大学声誉榜出炉 清华北大上榜(双语)

  Two Chinese universities have been placed in the top 20 of this year'sTimes Higher Education World Reputation Rankings, according to data released onThu


  Next time you're in Sweden, you can grab a bottle of beer made from sewage.  Nya Carnegiebryggeriet brewery, Carlsberg and the Swedish Environmental R


  A pilot whale has died off southern Thailand after swallowing 80 plasticbags, Thai marine officials say.  泰国海军官员说,一条领航鲸在吞下了80个塑料袋后在

21岁坦桑连体双胞胎姐妹花去世 已完成高中学历!(双语)

  Tanzanian conjoined twins Maria and Consolata Mwakikuti have died at theage 21 after suffering respiratory complications at a local hospital.  坦桑尼亚连

双语:奥地利数学家算出世界杯冠军 曾成功预测西班牙获胜!


害怕蜘蛛就叫外卖小哥来抓 老外脑洞真大!

  A woman terrified of spiders called for a takeaway so the delivery drivercould help get rid of one.  一名女性因害怕蜘蛛而点了外卖让快递师傅帮他赶走蜘蛛. 


  With thousands of life-sized soldiers, horses and chariots lined up inunderground tunnels, the Terracotta Warriors in Xi'an City, northwest China'sS


  About 9.75 million Chinese students started to take the annual nationalcollege entrance examinations, commonly known as gaokao, from Thursday.  从周四开始

继Facebook后 美国国会又将矛头指向谷歌与华为的关系

  Members of Congress have begun scrutinizing Google's relationship withChina's Huawei Technologies Co.-roping another Silicon Valley giant intoWashin


  The Miss America beauty pageant is scrapping its swimwear segment and willno longer judge competitors on physical appearance.  美国小姐选美大赛正在取消其

女王的起居室 “惊现”梅根夫妇私照(双语)

  Proud grandma alert: The Queen has a never-before-seen picture of PrinceHarry and Meghan Markle sitting in her living room at Buckingham Palace.  请注意这


  The Duchess of Cambridge has one of the most enviable wardrobes in theRoyal family, and it seems Princess Charlotte is taking after her mother.  剑桥公爵


  The World Cup gets underway this week, with all eyes on Russia as thecountry readies to stage the greatest show on earth.  世界杯将于本周开始,所有人都将目


  In the lead up to the summit between US president Donald Trump and NorthKorean leader Kim Jong Un, Singapore has been hailed as the Geneva of Asia afterplay


  After a session between the delegations from the two countries, USPresident Donald Trump and DPRK leader Kim Jong Un are sitting down for aworking lunch. 


  A new World Trade Center skyscraper in New York City opened for business onMonday, after years of delay and a lack of funding.  周一,在多年的延误和资金短

爱因斯坦日记曝光 有种族歧视嫌疑(双语)

  Written between October 1922 and March 1923, the diaries track hisexperiences in Asia and the Middle East.  一本写于1922年10月到1923年3月之间的爱因斯坦日

乔治小王子玩玩具枪 结果网友却炸开了锅!

  Prince George was pictured playing alongside Princess Charlotte and TheDuchess of Cambridge yesterday, but not everyone was happy about thefour-year-old&#39